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If you can count on one thing from "Madea" Mabel Simmons, star of the smash hits Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea's Family Reunion, it's that she's got something to say. Now the beloved, sharp-tongued, pistol-packing grandmother has her own book-part memoir, many parts hard-won, hilarious, straight-up in-your-face words of wisdom.

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  • Darryl G.

    I remember years ago when I read this book it is really funny but most of all it tells the truth on life. Tyler you should maybe do a 1 hour special on tv or for youtube as madea giving advice for people and she tells more on her life it can be based on the book a little.

  • SYLVIA Converse, Texas

    My Cousin Told Me To Get it from the Libary and Now I am Looking to Purchase it. SHEER DELIGHT!!!!!!! I am also interested in Purchasing your 1st PLAY I KNOW I HAVE BEEN CHANGED

  • Geraldine aka G. Dallas

    Hello! Mr. Perry, from time to time I write a few lines to say hello and just to hope you are doing well and soon will have a play comming to a city close to where I am living at this time. Last time I was in Chicago. Now I'm in Dallas and I don't want anything except to say hello and you are truly a blessed man with your talent. I truly enjoy your work and I always will do my best to track your work to see no matter if its a movie or play I will be there. Thanks for all the joy you bring to life and heart! God bless you and keep you safe. I just wanted to say hello and thank you so much! Love always your fan G.

  • Michaele R. Wilkins Alexandria

    Hi, I bought the book it was great.

  • miss.virginia.l.smith hummer

    mr.perry.the book is wow keep it go/

  • Georgia Ann Tinsley LaGrange,Ga

    My dear Mr. Perry I got a story to tell,and I will tell you no lie,it is a true story.Iwas born( 01-14-1951).If you call me you will not regreat it. I hope you and your family have a great Xmas

  • NEVA C*** United States

    I absolutely love Madea every time I take a road trip with my girls, now 17 & 19, I throw "Don't Make a Black Woman Take Her Earrings Off" into to CD player. It doesn't matter if they are pretending to sleep or listen to their own music via earphones, pretty soon one of them has a comment. We have laughed so hard I have had to pull the car over. We decided that instead of "Nanny 911", we need a "Madea 911" for the folks that wanna be real and give the right to discipline correctly back to the Madeas of the world!!!! Thank you Tyler Perry.

  • Norma Sloan Pennsylvania

    Yes,i wish some one would email me to order some books....i would like to order the book, dont make a black take off her earrings! If someone would contact me or tyler I would appreciate hearing from u...thank u!

  • Armina Collins San Jose, Ca

    I love this book I have read it two times so far and the second time was better then the first.

  • marinda NC

    I tell a lot of people how this book has helped me decide on what I wanted to do with my life. I had three degrees and still wasn't satisfied with the direction I was going. The book led me to my foundation. You said think back to when we were little and what it was we wanted to be when we grew up. I did that and remember I always used to love to play school and teach. I have since achieved my bachelors in business education and will be teaching, thanks to you, Tyler Perry.

  • marcia dundee florida

    this is the best and will always be the best may god bless you all

  • TP London

    Hi Mr Perry I really admire your talent and the way you have brought back laughter into my home from your stage plays to the movies you have been great,..... amazing! I thank God for inspiring you and thank you for following your dream and making it a blessing to people around the world. Now please im beggin you, I have been able to see most of your stage plays and with a lot of effort seen 2 of your movies plz cud u make your movies and shows available to us here in the UK or better still make it available to upload on our iPhone n other smart phones i would definately buy your movies if I could get it on iTunes through Apple. I'm here in London and I'm watching all these amazing clips n get to laugh for a few secounds and that's it so what do I do? I watch them about four times over to get a full couple of minutes of laughter. N u know wat it worth it every time. I love this book I bought it a few years ago in the states for a friend n read it all on the plane ride over it was very hard to hand it over! Please could you let this book n the new one I saw that is coming out can u sell them on amazon.com as ebooks as it takes ages to get delivery from abroad. Thank u Mr Perry Ur the best continue to do Gods work n He'l continually bless you xx

    • Greg Portis Houston .Tx #1691883

      I have a book Iam working on called daddy don't love me my Father doe's. Basically about myself growing up in a home were dad treated me more like a step child than areal son abused me and my mom for years.My mom had my little sister when I was 13 and dad loved her, my sister when she got old enough to talk asked him why you don't love buba (me)Still today he shows her affection and we dont talk.When I was a kid about 5 I DISCOVERED the word of GOD AND MY ABBA. THE ONLY FATHER I ever had.Hope maybe you could use my story.If not GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WORK!

    • ms judy heard #1778438

      I love your movie trying to get them all love u to so keep up the good work most of all god love. U to you are very blessed

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