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43 Years Ago Today

43 years ago today I made my debut into the world. Who could have known? WHO COULD HAVE KNOWN!? Parents, you never know who you're raising. The child that you delivered may one day have to deliver you.

Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes!


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  • felicia sewell dallas

    Happy Birthday Tyler....Talk about someone that appreciate you more than you will ever know. Keep up the good work but mostly continue to let our Father "God' use you. Have a wonderful and bless day.

  • Karen Johnson East Hartford, CT

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

  • Michelle Los Angeles , California

    Happy Birthday! Mine was last Friday, Virgo! May God continue to Bless all you endeavors!

  • Odessa Nichols BERWYN .IL

    Happy Birthday !!!!! Thank God for your e mails they really are a blessing . M

  • Diamantina Houston, TX

    Happy Birthday and May GOD Bless you to live to see many many many more!! Enjoy your day :)

  • Sharlet Terry

    Happy belated Birthday. I sure wish you the best. I can not wait to see your latest shows on DVD. Sad to say that's the only way I can enjoy your shows. I lived in the little country of Belize. May God Bless You!

  • Paula

    Happy Birthday and many more. I have been given a son who will be 14 in a couple of days and he has helped me in a lot of ways and I thank God for the blessing.

  • Darrick Atlanta

    Happy Birthday Man!!!!!! I LOVE YOU. An inspirational and immensely STRONG BLACK MAN you are. GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Marilyn Duncanville, Texas 75137

    Mr. Perry, I wish you a very happy, joyful, beautiful and blessed day, on your day, the day of your entrance into a world that was made by our beloved Heavenly Father. While He was preparing things for this magnificent world , He was also preparing you to bless us, His children and your brothers and sisters with your wisdom and humor. I thank God for you my brother and pray that God will continue to bless you with everything that you need. Please don't be deterred by the mess you hear or read about. It is amazing that so many people are missing out on God's best by fooling around with satans mess. I love you and all that you do! God bless!

  • Ramona Flowood, MS

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Perry. May God continue to help you along this journey we call life. Blessings and Love

  • Dianne Espacia Curacao

    Hi sir, first of all happy birthday today is my first day on Twitter and the first thing I tweet is on your page I'm a big fan of yours. And I truly believes that a child who takes care of his or her parent is a blessed child. So have a nice day and enjoy it to the max with your love ones. Kisses and hugs from curacao muaaa by

  • Stephanie Trigg

    Such a beautiful baby boy! I am sure glad you had a chance to take care of your mom the way you desired to. What a wonderful feeling to have accomplished that and more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER!!!!

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