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43 Years Ago Today

43 years ago today I made my debut into the world. Who could have known? WHO COULD HAVE KNOWN!? Parents, you never know who you're raising. The child that you delivered may one day have to deliver you.

Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes!


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  • Roxanne Fresno CA


  • CYNTHIA Dayton Ohio

    Happy Birthday my friend. May God Bless You With Many More. Your movies has been a blessing to me and my family. And we thank you so much. May God keep blessing you and you keep us laughing now in forever. From, Cynthia D Johnson Much love to you Tyler Perry.......

  • Angela Stroble Newport News,Va

    Happy Happy birthday Tyler may God bless you with many more.

  • Allen Jones Dale City, VA

    May you have many happy birthdays. Your work has been a blessing to so many. You said in one of your tweets, if you don't follow through, you don't deserve it. I ask you to look at the story plot at I'm not a writer but I believe God wants this message to go forth. I believe this plot could be built upon to make a great movie. I won't give up until you give me a yay or nay.

  • sonya florida

    happy birthday!!!!!! have the best birthday that you possibly can. you do so much for so many that i hope that not only on this day, but everyday of your life you get so much of what you so richly deserve. look back laugh cry but always remember to enjoy. Take Care Cece

  • Day Dreamer Cloud Nine, USA

    Mommies and Daddies always believe That their little angels are special indeed And you could grow up to be anything But who would imagine a KING? A shepherd or teacher is what you could be Or maybe a fisherman out on the sea Or maybe a carpenter building things But who would imagine a KING? It was so clear when the wise men arrived And the angels were singing your name That the world would be different 'cause you were alive That's what Heaven stood still to proclaim One day an angel said quietly That soon he would bring something special to me And of all of the wonderful gifts he could bring Who would imagine, who could imagine, Who would imagine a KING? Martin Luther KING, Jr. Barack Obama Tyler Perry The person who is reading this...The world is different 'cause you are alive. Steve Jobs (Apple Computers) was born out of wedlock, Put up for adoption at birth, Dropped out of college...then changed the world. Jesus was born of a virgin, born in a manger and He is still changing the world. You may not be perfect, but Jesus thinks YOU am to die for. :-) I LOVE YOU TYLER!!

  • Morgan Columbus, OH

    Happy Birthday Mr. Perry!!!!!! I love you soooooooo much!!!! God Bless you and i hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!! xoxo

  • Latisha New York, NY

    Happy Birthday Mr. Tyler Perry!!!! God Bless!

  • Beverly Hall Savannah

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Tyler! I hope you enjoy.

  • Cecilia Atlanta, Georgia

    Happy Birthday! : )


    Happy Birthday, Mr. Perry! Continued blessings to you on your Earthday. Know wonder you're so driven, you Virgo! You are one of the 'peculiar people'. That is very special even when it smites a little bit. Continue enjoying life! Peace my fellow Virgoan, LL (9-2)

  • cookie Louisville Kentucky

    Happy belated birthday.

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