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Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

Ok, when I thought about sending you this I made myself laugh because I could hear some of y'all sounding like Sweet Brown saying, "ain't nobody got time for that!"

Ok, here's what I'm talking about. Tomorrow at 4/3c, TBS is going to run the entire first season of For Better Or Worse, then go right into two brand new episodes at 9/8c. But if you don't have 5 hours to watch the entire marathon then please don't forget to tune in to TBS at 9/8c tomorrow, Friday, July 13th, for two brand new episodes of For Better Or Worse.


I'm so glad I can reach you here to keep you informed. Other than this, I don't know how you would know. Tell somebody, OK?

Thanks for all the support. We appreciate it. We really do.

Talk soon,


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  • Beverly Pearson Riverside,R.I.

    Hi Tyler,for better or worst; my family and I will be front and center for the whole 5 hours! I got you! Much love and "God" bless you!

  • Victoria Milam Southern California

    Hello Tyler: I will be watching the last few show to get caught up...Can't wait to watch the new season!!! My family loves you for the man that you are and for the professional that you are. May the Lord continue to give you new ideas for new projects. I can't wait to see you in Alex Cross!!! Continue to be bless in Jesus name!!!

  • shaza elarabi KSA

    Hi,Tyler my name is Shaza Iam 33 african woman from Sudan Ilive in Saudi Arabia mother of two children their father leave me and went China when my second son was 57 days now he is ten years old leave me in abad sitution in Saudi Arabia with out legal documents for me and my children Ihave big big big big big problem to join my sons to school because they have not legal documents and that is hurt me and make me crying every day.Tyler all this years Iwake up and Iam very scary because we have not legal documents and that is against the law in this country.Isent my message over 700 times to mama Oprah email and thousands time in Harpo answer machine and Isent mail in 2008 with my photo and my children photos to Harpo Prodiction and not find replay.please please please Tyler help me you and mama Oprah to live in America to find chance of work and good teaching to my children.Iknow you are busy man but Ipray every day to read my message and call me.sorry about my English Iam not very good at English Ispeak Arabic.THANK YOU.

  • Ramona Cincinnati, Oh

    We love you, Tyler, and noooooooo aint nobody watching 5 hours of all that drama :), but thats cause we saw it already. Only the late folks are gonna do that. I am there for the one one fo sho!!! And as for the other mess......God is Blessing you...you KNOW you will be under attack....which means you are going in the right direction. "Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God, And the Peace of God, which surpasses all comprension, will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus" *HUG*

  • Mattie rogers St.Louis Missouri

    Hello Mr.Perry.How are you?I'm sooo excited right now!I'm off tomorrow and I plan to relax and watch my favorite show for Better or worse.I can't wait!Your work makes me fill the room with laughter.Just the sound and the energy warms my heart and makeds my world ok:-)The power of a smile God plan to heal a heart that has been smother in a cloud of pain.Don't feel any sadness for me.God may not come when you call him but he always show up on time.The storm in my life is just about over.It will soon be my season.:-)I DON'T LIKE SAYING GOOD BYE,so I will end by saying until next time my friend,smile like the sun needed your smile to shine:-)

  • Ty NC

    Hi You are absolutely right. Ain't no way I would watch 5 straight hours of any sitcom. I will tune in tomorrow at 9 pm to see brand new episodes. Tyler I need to go pray. I thought about trying to tell you how I feel about this horrific test I'm in. Tears. I know I need to talk to the Lord right about now not you. I WILL BE ok.

  • Erika Harvey Columbus, Ohio

    This will be my first time tuning in to watch For better or worst I can't wait to watch I am sure it will be very entertaining. Thanks for keeping us updsted. God bless you :)

  • Suzi Cox Halifax NS

    Awe, we don't get this here in Halifax, but I love your other shows and all your movies. Madea is my girl, lol. Thanks Tyler for all you do, many nights u have picked me up when I was feeling down, and given me hope when all is lost, hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Jervis Brown

    I will share. I'm gonna be casting for my new show once its picked up. Plez share mines.

  • Mina Washington DC

    Thank you for making this available to us. You are so far the best in the industry with such a natural and honest connexion with your fans. Keep up the good work and I'm personally still hoping for that lifetime job offer call from you as you are my favorite actor, producer and the best employer of my dream. As a matter of facts, almost every night I dream working for you. Interstingly enough, I see myself and my life in all your major movies as if they were made about my life. Thank you and may God loves you always.

  • Kevin Harris Waterbury, Ct

    Hello Sir. Congrats to you on all of your accomplishments! I'm an experienced actor and was wondering how can I get information about auditions for your shows or movies? Also is there an address to where I can send my headshot and resume?

  • Meshon Charlotte NC

    This is good; I can catch up on the shows I've missed. And you are right...aint nobody got time for that! Lol :-)

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