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Ok, with my heart and soul I will help and protect this child, just as I tried to do for Whitney. So with that said, one thing I knew that Krissi would need after Whitney's death was a safe place to grieve. So when she told me she wanted to act I said I would help. If she had said she wanted to be a doctor I would have tried to help her get into the best schools. But because she said acting, that was easy for me. I thought, "this is great". This way I could have her on the show, while at the same time be there for her and help her walk through this grief. So I wrote her into For Better Or Worse, which airs tonight on TBS. Now I wrote a very small part because I wasn't sure if she could act. She had never done it before. So needless to say I was a little cautious, but BOY WAS I WRONG! Krissi was so good in that small part that I went back and wrote major scenes for her and even one entire show around her character. I'm so proud of this kid. You have no idea. SO PROUD OF HER! I know Whitney is smiling down on her baby girl.

Here's what I'd like you to help me with if you don't mind. It is one of my heart's desires to see Krissi happy and joyous and moving through the pain of this tragedy. I know that the news media has moved on but the pain is still very real to her. What I also know is that every little bit of sunshine can help her move through. Trust me, I know. You helped me move through the grief of my mother's death. So if you will, after you watch Krissi's performance on For Better Or Worse tonight on TBS, please post a comment on my message board letting her know what you thought.

She's been through hell and to see her smile melts my heart. So I know if she reads your comments she will be even more inspired. And you better believe she'll be watching and reading...lol. You know how these teenagers are with the internet.

Lastly, if you will whisper a prayer for her and the Houston family I know that they would appreciate it. Most of you have no idea what it's like to lose a mother, especially at 19. I'm 42 and it still brings me to my knees at times.  

Be well, God bless and I'll be reading tonight.

Love ya,


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  • Lori Austin, TX

    And I realize now that I sounded like Ms. Bonita on the old "In Living Color" show when I said I don't like to say negative things, and then I brought on constructive criticism. It was like I was Ms. Bonita saying "Now, you didn't hear this from me, but...." I apologize for that. But I had to get that out constructive criticism out there. As for Bobbi Kristina...you have a talent, girl! Your mother would be proud and I'm sure your grandmother and all your family and friends are proud of you, too. God bless you as you move forward in your acting career. May He guide and bless you in all your endeavors!

  • Lori Austin, TX

    I read your message this past Friday about Bobbi Kristina "doing her thing" on your TV show "For Better or Worse" and I have to admit...SHE DID HER THING! I don't exactly know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting her to be about the most REAL character on the show--she made her lines sound real, and not like they're read from a script. She made me LAUGH, too!! And it seemed to come so naturally for her! I mean, for real, because I do not like to give negative feedback to people who are doing positive things or doing something that I can't even do, but...as constructive criticism, there is one actress in particular on the show that almost always sounds like she's reading lines from script not FEELING them. She doesn't do it ALL the time, but the times she does can be feather-ruffling to someone like me who likes to watch TV/movies/actors a LOT. Bobbi Kristina didn't do that! She was GREAT! Especially since it was her first time! I commend her for her good work and I look forward to seeing MORE of her on the show!! She brings a freshness!

  • Shawn C Washington, DC

    For the part Bobbi Kristina played last Friday, she'd done a great job. Acting is a challenging craft that requires that person to bring so much of themselves to the screen. Great job for giving this young lady a chance. I like that you are now redirecting For Better or Worse into a new direction away from the main characters and making a multi-dimensional storyline. I look forward to enjoying more of what you're sharing with the world. As a fan of your TV shows, I can't wait to add For Better of Worse to a regular part of our Friday night lineup.

  • LaVerne Chicago Illinois

    I Think Bobbi Kristina, Did Very Well On The Show!!!! I Know Her Mom Whitney Has A Big Smile on Her face!!! It's Diffidently A Blessing For Bobbi To have You in Her Life!!! That's Why God Is Continually To Bless You In So many Ways!!! Your Gift In helping people Is a Blessing!!!!

  • deidre chicago, illinois

    I really think Bobbi Kristina did very well for this being her first time acting. I'm sure Whitney is smiling down on her and very grateful that she had you as a friend that she can trust. And a ture freind.

  • Yolanda Lloyd-Flemming Columbia, SC

    Bobbi Kristina, for this to have been your first time in front of a camera, you were very natural and very good. I have been in several school performance back in the day and I think I know talent when I see it. YOU GO GIRL!:) I hink you've found your OWN nitch in this world. Both your mom and dad are probably smiling and sticking their chests out from where they are--your mom in heaven and your dad here on earth. Don't let anything or anyone turn you around. Continue to surround yourself with positive, meaningful, and healpful people: Mr. Perry, your family, etc. God will lead and guide you in your endeavors as long as you keep looking to him. He'll never leave you nor forsake you. Keep reaching and looking up. Your mother/angel will always be with you. I lost my mother at the age of 4 years old. I am now 48 years old and I always feel her presence with and watching over me as you will also. Forget the naysayers and the haters. There are just jealous.

  • Nessa Upland, CA

    Bobbi Kristina, YOU DID YO THING GIRL! You are definitely a natural in the acting department. I watched your scene several times and had to call a few of my girlfriends to say, "You have to see this baby act. She can really act. She was so good." Real Talk! You keep doing what you're doing. Believe me when I say, your Mama is smiling down on you and she is so proud. I'm sure your Father is proud of you as well. I look forward with anticipation to seeing more of you on For Better or Worse. Again, sweetheart, you did a good job.

  • Verne Queen, NY

    I thought she was very natural and did a great job for a first timer, who has never acted before. I'm honestly looking forward to seeing more of Krissi! KUDOS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I'm sure her mom would be sooo very proud of her!

  • lisa williams greenville sc

    tyler words are lost to see bobbie on ur show i loved her she fit right thanks lisa

  • Laura

    I just got around to watching For Better or Worse on my DVR last night and I thought Bobbi Kristina did a really good job!!! She seems like a natural !!! She did really well and she looked cute!!! I am so looking forward to seeing her in many other episodes!!! Keep up the good work Bobbi Kristina!!!

  • Dontania

    First and foremost, my prayers go out to Kristina and family, but Kristina did good for her first time, but she can work on her timing and once she relaxes and have a few more go arounds she'll be okay... Btw - as long as she has you by her side she will be just fine!

  • Loretta Baltimore

    Show the show. Bobbi was great! Could not tell that it was her first time acting. Please keep her on the show. This is a great outlet for her to deal with her pain. Will continue praying for her and her family.

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