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Ok, with my heart and soul I will help and protect this child, just as I tried to do for Whitney. So with that said, one thing I knew that Krissi would need after Whitney's death was a safe place to grieve. So when she told me she wanted to act I said I would help. If she had said she wanted to be a doctor I would have tried to help her get into the best schools. But because she said acting, that was easy for me. I thought, "this is great". This way I could have her on the show, while at the same time be there for her and help her walk through this grief. So I wrote her into For Better Or Worse, which airs tonight on TBS. Now I wrote a very small part because I wasn't sure if she could act. She had never done it before. So needless to say I was a little cautious, but BOY WAS I WRONG! Krissi was so good in that small part that I went back and wrote major scenes for her and even one entire show around her character. I'm so proud of this kid. You have no idea. SO PROUD OF HER! I know Whitney is smiling down on her baby girl.

Here's what I'd like you to help me with if you don't mind. It is one of my heart's desires to see Krissi happy and joyous and moving through the pain of this tragedy. I know that the news media has moved on but the pain is still very real to her. What I also know is that every little bit of sunshine can help her move through. Trust me, I know. You helped me move through the grief of my mother's death. So if you will, after you watch Krissi's performance on For Better Or Worse tonight on TBS, please post a comment on my message board letting her know what you thought.

She's been through hell and to see her smile melts my heart. So I know if she reads your comments she will be even more inspired. And you better believe she'll be watching and reading...lol. You know how these teenagers are with the internet.

Lastly, if you will whisper a prayer for her and the Houston family I know that they would appreciate it. Most of you have no idea what it's like to lose a mother, especially at 19. I'm 42 and it still brings me to my knees at times.  

Be well, God bless and I'll be reading tonight.

Love ya,


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  • Rosetta Parker Dallas, TX

    I had not read this portion of your messages, but I posted a comment on Bobbi Kristina on another page. I love her in every scene that she has been in. As I said before, I know her mom would be ever so proud of her, because I am and I don't even know her. Keep up the good work Krissi. Just remember, "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal". Keep your hand in His hand, let him continue to lead you. God bless.

  • Randi Tifton, Georgia

    I love all your shows..but For Better or Worse is my FAVORITE !!!! Probably because I relate so closely with Angela lol...and I have done some...if not more...and worse to my husband....then she could ever do to Marcus lol...I could probably give you some tips for scenes lol....in any event..while Angela is my favorite of all the cast...not saying they aren't great..they all are great, I enjoyed seeing a more in depth look at the other cast members and their issues...Jennifer is my second favorite cast member and you bringing Bobbi Christina in as her daughter was an excellent idea...they were a great match, Bobbi Christina...I thought you did an amazing job...and if truth be told...I'm a mother of girls your age...and JENNIFER YOU WERE WRONG lol in that last show...let that girl live her life...!!!! hahaha...had to put that in there!!!! As always...I enjoyed the show. Bobbi Christina...keep up the good work...I was impressed..and I kept saying..where do I know that girl from...took me a minute to realize who you were..!!! God Bless you all...and Tyler..while I live in Ga now...I am from NJ...and you know what that means lol...ask me about the time these southern women had me throwing canned goods at them in the grocery store about my husband lol....!!!!

  • Audrey

    Bobby Kris,you go girl. I AM PROUD OF YOU.keep up the good work.

  • brittany allen atlanta,ga

    when i saw her on the episodes i was like bobbi kristina better know how to act. I was texting, tweeting and calling everybody to watch the show. You would have thought she was my little sister. I was so proud because i want her to overcome test and trials and i lift her name up in prayer because i lost my mom too so i know it can be hard. Cant wait to see more from her...

  • Lisa new york

    Hi all...I love Bobbi Kristina part and she is so talented and goo at her role, I hope she stays on the show for a very long time and I know her mom is very proud of her god blessed her when he brought you in her life.

  • Tijuana Farmer Dallas

    Tyler I believe in God. The best way to say this to make this short and sweet, after watching Bobbi Krisitina last night. There is a God quoted by (Oprah in Color Purple). I want to tell u and her that even though her mother is no longer with us, God has placed u as her guardian angel in so many ways that u guy's probably don't even realize how much. It's so funny because me and my daughter are going through some of the same subject matter that was aired last night. And I just wished my daughter had watched the show so that she could have some insight on what our problems is. I couldn't help 2 think about when Oprah last interviewed Whitney and they discussed the song that R.Kelly "I Look 2 U" helped her how to look up 2 and how she got over. Then at the end of the interview they talked about how they both appreciated and loved each other and that God used Oprah as a vessel. Well u and Bobbi Kristin were my vessel last night. I love U and your cast and I will continue 2 pray for Bobbi Kristin for strength and hopefully me and my daughter will start over b4 we are like Whitney and Bobbi Kristini. Because at the end of the day we all need our mother's.

    • christina Baltimore,MD #1736043

      greetings,this is more of a question than a comment,but i often wonder if it were NOT for the stardom of the person being helped or the connection to stardom of the person being helped,could they and or would they be as EASILY and so FREELY helped?

    • tammy baltmore #1764011

      i lost my mommy she wasnot a big rich singer or actress.she was famous to me i understand little krissy i was a drug addict i been ten and half years clean i put a lot of stress on my mom at the time i lost my mommy 2010God called her home.yup im mad i can accept wat god allow my mom never drank drug i still cry i have good days mom talks to me to so stay strong please.drinking pain away not going to bring ur mom back just stay prayed up baby my moms memories keep me going so be peaceful and you live peaceful..

  • chender New Jersey

    THANKS, the show was GOOD and BOBBI Christine did a WONDERFUL job

  • prophet thelma francis 3312 curtis drive #103 suitlnad md. 20746

    from the desk of the prophet greetings, to the lovely kristina i looked at the show, last night. sweety you did a wonderful job. you are a born acter. i know that you can handel any thing,tyler will give you. father in the name of jesus ,i pray father that you watch over her,dispactch your holy angles around and about her, father let her know that she,s loved so much. thank you for blessing her so much. i want to take a moment tobless tyler also father, he came a long way continue to bless. tyler god sent me your way. he wants to bless you for what you are about to do in kristina,s lifei in jesus name aman. love all ways the thelma.

  • Mary Fort Worth, TX 76

    Greetings, Tyler. I am sorry I did not get a chance to comment online about Bobbi Kristina's first performance. The kid can act; she is really good. I see alot of her mother in her. Bless her heart. It has to be "hard" losing your mother when you are so young! I thank God for blessing all of my siblings and I that we did not have to go thru with that. He allowed us to have our parents up until we were married and with children. Tyler Perry, Black America applaudes & loves you for your generous heart in wanting to always be there to help others that are going thru a crisis. I remember your speech at Whitney's funeral; it touched us all. Bobbi is blessed to have you as a great associate and employer. Oh yes, please add a few more "House of Payne" shows if possible. Lance Gross is my heart. I hurt when I see his character hurt on the show. When he was shot, I was really sad not knowing the outcome. As far as Miranda is concerned, I'm not sure that character is the best "fit" for Calvin. The latino love interest, "Mercedes" might be better these days with sort of a "Modern Family" touch. Latinos are able to adapt with economic struggles very well; I noticed Miranda wanting to divorce Calvin and leave on the last episode. A member of my family has married a latino after first being married to an anglo. Seems to work better. I can just hear Curtis and Ella Payne wanting to encourage Calvin to hang in there and keep on keeping on. Love you, Tyler, and ready to see you in "Alex Cross". Take care!

  • Carmeshia Miami, FL

    Bobbi Kristina, you were amazing in playing your new character on the show. I can clearly see that you will be going far with this acting. Also I see that you are a very strong & bright young woman! I love your mother so much..... She was truly an amazing women & you were very BLESSED to have such a wonderful person in your life. Am truly sorry about your loss, but I pray to GOD that each day he be with you. I know your mom is smiling down on you & is so proud of you. Am 23 years old & I don't know the feeling of losing my Mother so I pray GOD continue to guide you. I know it's not easy @ all. But GOD is an awesome GOD. He has NEVER failed me in no ways!!!! Continue to go down the path your going, I see victory close ahead.... You are awesome & once again I truly enjoyed you on the show.. Tyler Perry your awesome!!! & one day I hope to have my 4 year old daughter Cache putting her talents to work.... There's some wonderful & amazing people in the industry & Tyler Perry, yourself & Bobbi Kristina are some of them. You guys are a great inspiration! Keep it up!!!! Love Carmeshia

  • Syreeta Chicago

    Just got home a lil while ago. I said I had to make it my business to watch For Better or Worse this week because I missed last week. So when I came home tired and all I watched it. Bobbi Kristina is for one a Beautiful and now I see a Natural Talented Actress. I knew once she said her first line. It was like Ms.Whitney Houston was there holding her hand saying,"Baby Show them what ur made of"! Ms.Kristina is in Great Hands with u Mr.Perry. Thank You for showing the people that talked about her,looked down at her and most importantly the ones that doubted her God given talent. Thank you for showing and proving them wrong! I wish Ms.Bobbi Kristina the best in all her endeavors. May God continue to Bless her an you Mr.Perry. Have a great weekend :-)

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