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Ok, with my heart and soul I will help and protect this child, just as I tried to do for Whitney. So with that said, one thing I knew that Krissi would need after Whitney's death was a safe place to grieve. So when she told me she wanted to act I said I would help. If she had said she wanted to be a doctor I would have tried to help her get into the best schools. But because she said acting, that was easy for me. I thought, "this is great". This way I could have her on the show, while at the same time be there for her and help her walk through this grief. So I wrote her into For Better Or Worse, which airs tonight on TBS. Now I wrote a very small part because I wasn't sure if she could act. She had never done it before. So needless to say I was a little cautious, but BOY WAS I WRONG! Krissi was so good in that small part that I went back and wrote major scenes for her and even one entire show around her character. I'm so proud of this kid. You have no idea. SO PROUD OF HER! I know Whitney is smiling down on her baby girl.

Here's what I'd like you to help me with if you don't mind. It is one of my heart's desires to see Krissi happy and joyous and moving through the pain of this tragedy. I know that the news media has moved on but the pain is still very real to her. What I also know is that every little bit of sunshine can help her move through. Trust me, I know. You helped me move through the grief of my mother's death. So if you will, after you watch Krissi's performance on For Better Or Worse tonight on TBS, please post a comment on my message board letting her know what you thought.

She's been through hell and to see her smile melts my heart. So I know if she reads your comments she will be even more inspired. And you better believe she'll be watching and reading...lol. You know how these teenagers are with the internet.

Lastly, if you will whisper a prayer for her and the Houston family I know that they would appreciate it. Most of you have no idea what it's like to lose a mother, especially at 19. I'm 42 and it still brings me to my knees at times.  

Be well, God bless and I'll be reading tonight.

Love ya,


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  • Lulu Toronto

    "Most of you have no idea what it's like to lose a mother, especially at 19. I'm 42 and it still brings me to my knees at times. " THIS! I lost my mom at 17...I'm an adult now and there are still days when it feels like my heart is literally breaking...... And for those who say because Bobbi Kris is the daughter of Whitney it’s not fair for her to steal someone’s “dream spot“ no one can “steal” your dreams but you. Just because she’s the daughter of a celebrity doesn’t mean she doesn’t have hopes and dreams which deserve to be fulfilled like the rest of us. When the Steven Spielberg cast his god-daughter Drew Barrymore (who happens to come from Hollywood royalty) in ET I don’t recall anyone complaining. If God has placed Tyler in BK’s life to help her become the woman her mom wanted her to be then who are you to say she doesn’t deserve that. Nepotism happens in white Hollywood all the time with no one batting an eyelash. But as soon as it’s one of ours black folks get pressed as heyl. Worry about your own dreams and let BK worry about hers.

  • j'nobe bankhead hwy

    Hey Tyler and Bobbi, Unfortunately i missed the performance but i AM MOST DEFINITEY GOING BACK TO WATCH. MY message is because I too recently lost my dad and my mom. Her birthday is coming up on AUG 14th and i personally know all to well the pain that lingers. But know that having a positive outlet will somehow allow you to escape and reflect peacefully. I know that music helps me sometimes along with church and friends. Greater Victory Chrisian Center was my mom's heart along with me so sometimes that's where i feel her most and get a release from the pain that i felt so go to that place where you know that you and your mom connected the most. No matter how the devil may make you feel about losing your mom, know that GOD HAD A REAL PLAN FOR HER NEXT TO HIM. (IT HELPS ME)

  • shea roanoke ,va

    bobbi kristina is a great actress she should've ben on the show a long time ago.

  • Peggy Rancho Cordova CA

    Bobbi Kristina was great. Much better than I expected. It was wonderful that you could give her this opportunity. thank you

  • Lilia Houston,TX

    We loved Bobbi Kristina ! We are all pulling for her and she did great! God bless you for supporting her. You are her blessing.

  • shaza elarabi KSA

    Hi,Tyler my name is Shaza Iam 33 african woman from Sudan Ilive in Saudi Arabia mother of two children their father leave me and went China when my second son was 57 days now he is ten years old leave me in abad sitution in Saudi Arabia with out legal documents for me and my children Ihave big big big big problem to join my sons to school because they have not legal documents and that is hurt me and make me crying every day.Tyler all this years Iwake up and Iam very scary because we have not legal documents and that is against the law in this country .Isent my message over 700 times to mama Oprah email and thousands time in Harpo answer machine and Isent mail in 2008 with my photo and my children photos to Harpo Prodiction and not find replay .PLease please please please Tyler help me you and mama Oprah to live in America to find chance of work and good teaching to my children.Iknow you are busy man but Ipray evry day to read my message and call me sorry about my English Iam not very good at English Ispeak Arabic.THANK YOU.

  • Joycee Columbia, Md

    Hello Tyler, It has been a while since I wrote you. I did watch For Better or Worse last Friday. I really enjoyed it. I thought baby girl krissi did very well for her first time. You go baby girl!!

  • cbultre decatur, ga

    Just great wonderful good Krissi! See you Friday

  • Cassandra McCullum Mississippi

    Tyler, I watched the show and I must say I was glad Jennifer was not the receptionist. She went to the extreme in that role. Bobbi Kristina was much better, she was original. The character was youthful and humorous.

  • Liz Washington, DC

    I see great promise with Bobby Kris. Just tell her we love her and to keep moving forward and upward. Whitney is now her guardian angel and she will continue to watch over her. As a mother I send hugs and kisses to her. Much love and success.

  • Janice memphis, tn

    Tyler, I watched "For Better or Worse", but really didn't think Krissi was all that. I feel certain, that with your guidance and love, she will get better.

  • Traleeta Flowers Waldor, Maryland

    I thank God that there are still people with good hearts in this world. Tyler that is so awesome how you reached out to help with the healing process with Krissi. Krissi did an AWESOME JOB on the show. This was my second time watching it and i was laughing crazy! I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see the next episode with Krissi on it. I hope she continue working with you on For Better or Worse. Love you both Krissi and Tyler! Smooches

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