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Can I talk to you for a second?

I want to talk to all of you who are taking care of the kids, taking care of your husbands and wives, girlfriends or boyfriends, to those of you who are working to make ends meet, to those of you who are worried about everyone and everything else, so much so that you have taken yourself off the list. I need to tell you something.  If you're not at the top of your own list then you are doing all those people in your life a huge disservice.

My mother had diabetes.  She lost her eyesight, lost her kidneys and eventually lost her life. Sometimes I get so mad and angry that she is not here.  What I know for sure is that God does not make any mistakes. So, I accept His will.  I think the thing that makes me the angriest is Diabetes is preventable and reversible. Did you know that with diet and exercise, lots of people have prevented and even reversed it?  I kid you not. I'm serious!  Diabetes is not just "a little sugar" like the old folks say, it is a slow killer. The good news is that you don't have to have it.

You know this is hard for a man like me! I gave my mother everything she ever thought she could want, but what I could not give her was her health.  What I could not give her was the mindset to want to put herself first. I couldn't will her the strength to take care of herself. She accepted diabetes as her reality and it became her life and her death. She was only 64.Is this you? Are you putting everything and everybody before yourself? Before your health? Please, don't let your loved ones go through what my sisters, brother and I have gone through because of losing her. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

Cut back on the starches, sodas, sweets, and go for a run if you can. If you can't, go for a walk. Get active.  Commit to putting yourself on your list. You have to be first before you can help anyone else.

Celebrity trainer, Jimmy Pena, wrote a great book called "PrayFit". This is a good read to get you motivated and started.  If you want to take your life back, this book can help you. God bless!




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  • Nombulelo Malandula South Africa (Durban)

    I am an up and coming movie producer and writer from Durban. I do shoots for small events like weddings and parties to fund my projects. We also provide work place experiance for graduates in media related training.We have just completed a feature film that we intended to pitch in the Durban International Film Festival but we were turned down without even looking at it. I intend to launch the film in Durban on the 24th October 2014 and may be sell it on the street but due to the amount of money spent on the project I feel it is not fair to the youth we have trained. I am not asking for money from you but also would not refuse it if offered. I have tried our film offices for assistance and would really like for you to come to South Africa Durban and see our work. We do not have any qualifications for what we do but I was inspired by your work and your words " Go out there and do something instead of waiting for someone to do something for you. Make use of your God given talent to better your life and stop expecting handouts." How ever it is hard for a black woman in South Africa to be recognized or even funded for that matter. I also like to hear your advice on this matter because I want the launch to be in ICC and I have tried to get sponsors without any luck but I have not given up hope that it will happen.

  • tiffine nashville

    hello,mr perry please help me an my four kids we have nothing no family please we have nobody to call on we lived in our truck for one year it was very hard i live in mdha houseing now but still havin a hard time cant get school clothes or shoes cant pay rent truck in the shop dont have money to get it out i really need it to get son to his football an to get kids to school everyday mr perry thats just some of the things i am goin threw i just need help dont want be homeless again i get 185 dollar for four kids i cant live on that but try so u can pray for me an kids an help us in anyway please do please call email me cause i no u no the feelin of been without i will work an do whatever u ask for my kids if u dont help me please help my kids 4,7,9,10 year old they love your shows movie everything about u please help them thank you for listen to me they realy need i always tell my kidz god will bless us onday my 7 year old birthday is june 23 an i cant even do anything for her

  • Sheila NJ

    God bless you Tyler! I know that every post is asking for something so that includes me too. (Blushing)I want toto sing for you. I would like an opportunity to audition in something. I've wasted a lot of time with people that meant me no good including the one that I ammarried to, and you are a hope on my bucket list. I'm a college professor, administrative officer, Evangelist and I love people. I'm terribly lonely and void of love,except for the love of God which I know is everything but I keep watching your movie, diary of a Mad Black Woman and I can identify with it so much. we write because we know that you understand I was story, and that you have a real love and heart. It's not about the money even though I want no money from you, it's about the love and care that you have; if you did not have a dime you are a very rich man and I love you because I love you heart! I have never written anything l online before as a matter of fact I don't believe that is really you that responds, but I am taking this chance and I hope that one day you will reach you and you really meet me and I just want to sing to you. Just you. My bucket list wish is to sing with an orchestra before I leave this earth. That's it!God bless you.

  • Marilyn 30337

    Here we go, i was molested by my mother when i was six years old. She didn't think i'd. Would remember. I did and i hated her for it every scene. Now I've had a son out of wedlock and he is paying for it. Help me Mr. Perry, i don't want to tell all of my business on the air. My email is

  • Thanks

    I am going to do my best to TAKE CARE OF MYSELF, YOU DO THE SAME, OK. I LOVE YOU!

  • Lameco w Detroit mi.

    Hi Mr. Perry, I know u have millions of things to do but if u can plZ find the time to call me it would be greatly appreciated. I need u to here my story and it won't be long so if its in Gods will it will happen if not may god continue to bless u as I hope things will get better for me. I've never done this before but i asked God to send me an angel and this is what he asked me to do so here I am. If its meant to be it will if not I still won't loose my faith. Thank u for this opportunity and I hope to hear from u soon. God bless!!

  • Overton crowley Louisiana

    Just texting you about can I be in your plays with Madea on it if yes please call .

  • tonya lumberton nc 28358

    This anit no comment am from lumberton nc an i need some help or am be homeless in the dark cause i have no money an was wonder if u could help me so me an my daughter want be homeless or in the dark am reach out to u cause i dont have no where to turn thank u tonya

  • Tasha smith atlanta ga

    dear mr tyler. i need ur help.iI was a working lady.raised 7kids on my own.now iI been layed off thingds had got really tuff for.my lights been off for a month.iI cant cook,iI need help so bad,iI cant,put gas in my truck,iI have to sell my foodstamps for tuissue,kids had to let there sports go.can u help me my georgia p o wer account #274303_74049.thanks

  • natasha oklahoma originally frm ct.

    Dear Tyler, if u don't mind i call u that? I feel as if i know you. Im going to keep this short although i have so much to say. I am a single mother of six daughters and one son. I also just turned 38 years old. For we all have a story but i am truly wanting u to Author my life in a book. Please allow me to give u my testimony. Thank You So Very Much for sharing Yours. I Love You!

  • Geraldine Kittrell

    Mr. Perry, i know you get a lot of mail but hopefully and prayfully, you pick this comment to read and act on. My friend and long time friend and hairdresser has been going thru a lot at the moment. She has this brain disease that i woulf like to discuss with you.

  • tierra mitchell Lubbock TX

    Dear Mr Perry Your movies are inspirational and I adore your work also your music. Each and everyplay and movie has a message of encouragement for me and my mom cause she is a single parent and struggles to feed me every day but the help of god we are trying to make it