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Can I talk to you for a second?

I want to talk to all of you who are taking care of the kids, taking care of your husbands and wives, girlfriends or boyfriends, to those of you who are working to make ends meet, to those of you who are worried about everyone and everything else, so much so that you have taken yourself off the list. I need to tell you something.  If you're not at the top of your own list then you are doing all those people in your life a huge disservice.

My mother had diabetes.  She lost her eyesight, lost her kidneys and eventually lost her life. Sometimes I get so mad and angry that she is not here.  What I know for sure is that God does not make any mistakes. So, I accept His will.  I think the thing that makes me the angriest is Diabetes is preventable and reversible. Did you know that with diet and exercise, lots of people have prevented and even reversed it?  I kid you not. I'm serious!  Diabetes is not just "a little sugar" like the old folks say, it is a slow killer. The good news is that you don't have to have it.

You know this is hard for a man like me! I gave my mother everything she ever thought she could want, but what I could not give her was her health.  What I could not give her was the mindset to want to put herself first. I couldn't will her the strength to take care of herself. She accepted diabetes as her reality and it became her life and her death. She was only 64.Is this you? Are you putting everything and everybody before yourself? Before your health? Please, don't let your loved ones go through what my sisters, brother and I have gone through because of losing her. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

Cut back on the starches, sodas, sweets, and go for a run if you can. If you can't, go for a walk. Get active.  Commit to putting yourself on your list. You have to be first before you can help anyone else.

Celebrity trainer, Jimmy Pena, wrote a great book called "PrayFit". This is a good read to get you motivated and started.  If you want to take your life back, this book can help you. God bless!



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  • natasha oklahoma originally frm ct.

    Dear Tyler, if u don't mind i call u that? I feel as if i know you. Im going to keep this short although i have so much to say. I am a single mother of six daughters and one son. I also just turned 38 years old. For we all have a story but i am truly wanting u to Author my life in a book. Please allow me to give u my testimony. Thank You So Very Much for sharing Yours. I Love You!

  • Geraldine Kittrell

    Mr. Perry, i know you get a lot of mail but hopefully and prayfully, you pick this comment to read and act on. My friend and long time friend and hairdresser has been going thru a lot at the moment. She has this brain disease that i woulf like to discuss with you.

  • tierra mitchell Lubbock TX

    Dear Mr Perry Your movies are inspirational and I adore your work also your music. Each and everyplay and movie has a message of encouragement for me and my mom cause she is a single parent and struggles to feed me every day but the help of god we are trying to make it

  • Samella Young 1586 pintail rd Jonesboro

    Call me @ Plzzz !

  • trameishea dallas,TX

    HI tyler perry how are you doing are you having a good day i hope you are mr. hard working man . just stopping by hoping i can pop a smile on your face.. keep up the good work

    • Jade Waterloo Iowa #1796782

      Hay im a huge fan.I can't to see you'r new movie Madea gets a job.I wanted to know if you could call me or send me a message.Thank u.

  • Gerry Abuja,Nigeria

    Hello Mr Tyler, just thinking about your CNN Interview with Piers Morgan about your Childhood & growing up with a Father who beat you up. You told Mr Piers Morgan you forgave your Father in your Twenties. But I would like to advise you as someone who looks up to you as my Hero & Inspiration to not only forgive your Father but I want you to go an Extra mile to love your Father,bond with your Dad in his old age & be his good friend. Mr Tyler I know your Late Mother would be very proud of you for loving,bond & being good Friends with your Father. By God's Grace you too will be a Father & Dad too to your unborn Children. I believe if you show your Father love & be his friend it will impact positively on you in your relationship with your Children as friends & in bonding with unborn Children in Future. We sin & hurt God so many times but God forgives us and still loves us. I see your Dad as a man who grew up without love & didnt know how to show love to you his Son. PleaseI believe you should not only forgive your Dad but also show him love,bond with your Dad & be his good Friend. Mr Tyler by God's Grace youtoo will be a Father to your own Children too. Take out time from your busy schedule to spend time with your Father on a regular Basis for Breakfast,Lunch or Dinner which ever is ok for both of you . Find out what your Dad likes to do & join him in doing it . The Bible said Honour thy Father & Mother that it maybe well with You. The Bible didn't say Honour a good Father & dishonour a Bad Father. So Mr Tyler give your Dad the Honour of attending your Movie Premiers & screenings & walking the Red Carpet with you and be proud having y you. He is your Father,you only have 1 Father. Honour your Father by going on a Vacation with him,because in future u too will have take your Children on Family Vacations,which will help you to bond & have a healthy Friendship & relationship with your kids. I believe if you show your Father love & be his friend it will impact positively on you in your relationship with your Children as friends & in bonding with unborn Children in Future. Please Mr Tyler I know your Late Mother would be very proud of you for loving,bond & being good Friends with your Father.

  • Sherry Roher newark

    Hello Mr Tyler Perry, I hope my letter finds you, much love.

  • Lisa Glory Dar es Salaam

    I have a dream of being an actor.......in hollywood but i come from a strong Christian family and are not big fans of movies,i don't have any theater experience or anything but i know if i get a shoot to do it I CAN....

  • Sherry newark

    Mr. Perry, can I talk to you about somethings that has been heavy on my heart. Please give me ten minutes of you time........PLEASE......GOD BLESS ALWAYS.. sherry

  • Elizabeth Jacksonville, FL

    Hi Mr. Perry: I don't usually comment or post, thoughI love all of your shows. I, along with family members watched, For better or Worse on last night. You did not go wrong with Bobbi Kristina, I was surprised, she is a natural. May God continue to bless you, Mr Perry in all of your endeavors. Keep Him first in your life and He will do just that. Blessings!!! Elizabeth

  • frances Murrell Kenly NC

    Dear Tyler Perry I would like to talk to you about a project that I'm trying to start in my Town, I work and save up the monies to buy the building and I have been trying to get a start-up Grant for my business,but it has been very hard every where I send in for a Grant, there is a song and dance, can you get me some pointer or direction on some Grant dept, if you could contact me at . you truly Pastor Murrell- PS I love your shows.

  • shaun ohio

    hey im a little late, but I wanted to let you know your new play that came to dayton,ohio a week ago was great.great music,actors, and a powerful message. so keep up the good work!!

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