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Can You Believe It's Only Been A Year?

I just realized that it was almost 1 year ago to the day that The Haves and the Have Nots premiered on OWN. I thank God for you all. We're so grateful. Thanks for watching The Haves and The Have Nots. On now on OWN.

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  • Amelia Lawson

    Hello Tyler, How are you doing? Do you have auditioning for the public? If so, how can I get information on locations, dates, as well as the process of it?

  • Carol

    Will not go anywhere on Tuesday night...?Love to have/have not! Beyond great. Thanks..

  • Leonor Maryland

    Hi Tyler: The show last night was fantastic. I watch it with a group of friends. We couldn't wait for it to come on. Like I told you, James should have an affair with Maggie. That would p*** that no good Veronica off. Don't leave Wyatt in jail. They will make him someones girlfriend on the first day. He's a whimp. Where is crazy Amanda? The girl is wacked. Good show, can't wait til next week. Contact me, I've got wonderful ideas for the show.

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Tyler, How are you doing? Hope your day is going great!! GOD IS SO GOOD..OH YES HE IS!! (I'm smiling) He always blows our minds in "A BIG WAY" all the time. Tyler, I'm so hurt because I missed the episode of the HAHNS the other night...I will make sure to catch up next week okkkk I love that show It's sooo good to me....LOL! Oh Yes by the way have you allowed the Lord to touch your heart regarding my bold question? My family and I are patiently waiting. Tyler ain't no telling what you are thinking in your mind right now regarding this...LOL! Lawd have mercy You are something else though just too much...I know that I can be something else sometimes I believe that you don't mind at all :-) :-) After All I just have to "Be Me" :-) :-) Have A Bless and Wonderful Day Sir with your Tall and Handsome Self" Ms. Proverbs

  • Virtuous Faith Philadelphia

    Yes it has been one year. How the time fly. I am excited about it; still feels like yesterday to me. Can't wait for next week's episode.

  • Stephanie Justice Las Vegas

    A year is a short time; for the prosperity you've received. This is continuous confirmation of God's gift of success! Congratulations! ;0)

  • Pamela Cromer Baltimore MD

    Hello Tyler I think your terrific I was upset with you because you were suppose to bring the Haves and the Have nots on after I got my cable back on lol! But I did go up my Son's house to see it. Keep writing like you're writing and keep us on the edge of our seats! Love you Tyler! God Bless You!

  • Pamela Ft Hood Texas

    I love this show and I LOVE YOU!!!! What I wouldnt give to meet you if even for 5 mins!!

  • Mary T

    Wow how awesome is that. And Look at how much Gods One yes has multiply too!!!! There more to come. Question? is are you ready? Brace yourself

  • Traci Dionne Wells The United States of America

    Well, you know its been a year since I have had my first apartment and I thank my god that I was able to survive my first year in my apartment. I watched both of your t.v. shows back then. I watched the have and the have nots back then. I am from South Africa I was not born in America and I go to the zoo to watch my South African lions a lot. I guess the have and the have nots was just as avertized back then as my lions was.

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