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Christmas Past

I was sitting here thinking about my mother. God, she loved Christmas. Tears started to fill my eyes. I was about to get sad, then I remembered something that made me laugh so hard.

I remembered the day my mother bought this artificial tree. I was about 10. She was complaining about the price. She said, "Damn this tree is high [expensive]... this gone last." I heard her but I was so excited about the tree that I didn't pay her any attention. I just kept on decorating the tree. Putting lights and ornaments on it. Then, she said, "And these damn lights and ornaments were high too." I just kept on smiling.

So after Christmas had passed, I saw her put the entire artificial tree back in the box that it came in, with the lights and decorations and all still attached to the tree. She just threw it in the box and the next year, you guessed it, she just pulled it out and plugged it in and said, "Don't it still look good?" I didn't have the heart to tell her that the Christmas tree looked like a Christmas shrub. LOL. Most of the lights had burned out, but she didn't care. All she remembered was the $17.95 that she paid for it. I was so glad when I made some money to buy her another tree... You think Charlie Brown had a horrible looking tree? I wish I had a picture of that branch she called a tree.

Merry Christmas y'all. If your mother is alive, savor every precious moment.

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  • Nerissa Caribbean

    Thank God life changes and gets better as we trust Jesus. Merry Christmas Tyler P.

  • Roxanna New Jersey

    Tyler : Your stories always make me smile, reflect on days of old & inspire me that even when that little voice says this project is too big for you. I hear your voice say, " Oh , yes you " Your life is a testimony of what determination & talent will achieve. Thank you for all your posts . Keep them coming. Please take the time to check out my dear friend Robin Crespo's dream which I support 100% CodePurpleEvent.com We would love to have you be a part . Tell Robin I sent you. God Bless. Roxanna Rockin The Pascana Mngt. LLC

  • Melissa United States

    Thank you for sharing this with us. God bless you.

  • Jamila Young Connecticut

    Haha. That is funny. $17.95 is cheap now lol. I would've loved to see the tree. ...Glad you can find happiness through the sorrow :). Your memories will keep her alive :) ...I've always been a fan of yours & Madea's haha. Hope you have a fun holiday :)

  • Munsie United States

    Merry Christmas Tyler. It is memories like this that gets you thru this season. That had to be an ugly tree because Charlie Brown's tree was not appealing to the eyes. :)

  • B A.D. everywhere and anywhere

    this is beautiful. Happy Holidays !

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