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Christmas Past

I was sitting here thinking about my mother. God, she loved Christmas. Tears started to fill my eyes. I was about to get sad, then I remembered something that made me laugh so hard.

I remembered the day my mother bought this artificial tree. I was about 10. She was complaining about the price. She said, "Damn this tree is high [expensive]... this gone last." I heard her but I was so excited about the tree that I didn't pay her any attention. I just kept on decorating the tree. Putting lights and ornaments on it. Then, she said, "And these damn lights and ornaments were high too." I just kept on smiling.

So after Christmas had passed, I saw her put the entire artificial tree back in the box that it came in, with the lights and decorations and all still attached to the tree. She just threw it in the box and the next year, you guessed it, she just pulled it out and plugged it in and said, "Don't it still look good?" I didn't have the heart to tell her that the Christmas tree looked like a Christmas shrub. LOL. Most of the lights had burned out, but she didn't care. All she remembered was the $17.95 that she paid for it. I was so glad when I made some money to buy her another tree... You think Charlie Brown had a horrible looking tree? I wish I had a picture of that branch she called a tree.

Merry Christmas y'all. If your mother is alive, savor every precious moment.

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  • Stella Nairobi, Kenya

    Precious memories Tyler.

  • tyler montique salters kingstree south carolina

    Hi tyler , it's me tyler ( hahaha same name) just wanted to say that I am having a little trouble with this play that I toldyou about yesterday ( breaking point) the passion isnt their at the moment and the inspiration has ' left the building'. maybe if i's not too much trouble or anything you could write another inspiration letter or message on your sitepertaining to motivation for the youth....( NOT SURE IF YOU HAVE OR NOT)... tyler montique salters senior 2 attending private school in kinsgtree

  • Ashlyn North Carolina

    This story touched my heart as I am very close to my mom and Christmas is our favorite time of the year because of the lights, music, decorations & spirit behind the season. I have so many fond memories of my Christmas past that it always puts a smile on my face regardless of the time of year. Just the thought of not having this bond anymore puts a lump in my throat & an emptiness in my heart that I can't imagine ever being filled again. Always keep those memories close at heart Mr. Perry as that helps make you the amazing person you are. Thank you for putting stuff out there like this so it reminds us of what really matters.

  • ShaNee duluth, ga

    :-) that was very sweet and touching...I hope you had a wonderful holiday...Happy New Years!

  • Tae' ATL, GA

    Love you TP, I'm so happy for you and your accomplishments. I pray that I will be able to greet you on day here in ATL. May God continue to bless you. Your mother is always with you in the spirit, so she know how you feel about the tree (LOL). I hope that your auntie is doing well. Stay blessed, I claim and pray to see you soon.

  • Sherene Robinson

    I lost my Mother 4/3/10 4 1/2 months after my father. It was your stage play- Madea's Bug Happy Family that helped me heal. I treasure every moment that we had. The guilds and the bad. She showed me God and how to trust only God! I'm sorry for your loss as well.i thank God for you and how you continue to allow God to use you to help sol many lives. Keep listening to God-for man will fail you everytime! Also can you please put "The Have and Nots" & "I know I've been changed" on video PLEASE! I want to have a complete collection of all your work. I have a movie stand just for your plays and movies, and my family knows not to touch without permission LOL! None of them are boot-legged! God Bless, Sherene Robinson

  • satara williams miami fla


  • Maya Thomas Gainesville Fl

    Mr. Perry I had no idea that you lost your mother. I am so sorry for her passing, but she is with God now and away from the struggles of the physical world. I know for a fact that she is very proud of you and the good deeds you are doing to inspire people. You inspired me and I pray that someday I can thank you in person :)

  • Tasha

    I love you!

  • Terry Garrett Columbia SC

    I am an advocate for combatting obesity and inner city college graduates. I lost a cousin to diabetes because of being overweight at the very young age of 30 and it was heartbreaking and traumatic seeing him suffer and not being able to help him. One of my lifelong goals is to help as many obese and overweight people as I can to lose weight, eat healthier to live healthier lives. I have a faith based fitness challenge reality tv show idea that will truly inspire and uplift america. There are great motivation incentives for the winner(s) and the opportunity will allow low income inner city kids throughout america the chance to attend college who otherwise would not be able to attend college because of insufficient funds, and this would help pave the way for a better life. Also people would lose weight and reclaim their lives. About three years ago I lost a little more than 50 lbs and I want to help others feel alive again as well. Most importantly souls will be saved. God is the foundation. He is the rock. I truly believe that God will supernaturally change and transform lives on this show. The purpose is to provide spiritual nourishment as well as physical development. What steps should I take to pitch you and your representatives the idea for the faith based fitness challenge reality tv show. Your response will be appreciated. Happy New Year, Sincerely Terry Garrett

  • Patina Wisconsin

    Happy New Year 2013

  • Monae Chesterfield, VA

    Hey, Tyler I know its hard sometimes when you miss the person you love and looked up too. I did cry because I miss my mom. I lost her when I was 14 years of old and I still have my ruff days. But I just wanted to tell you I am proud of you and keep doing what you doing. Happy New Year to you!!! I missed telling you Merry Christmas because I been working long hours. Well take care of yourself and know I am praying for you daily.

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