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Christmas Past

I was sitting here thinking about my mother. God, she loved Christmas. Tears started to fill my eyes. I was about to get sad, then I remembered something that made me laugh so hard.

I remembered the day my mother bought this artificial tree. I was about 10. She was complaining about the price. She said, "Damn this tree is high [expensive]... this gone last." I heard her but I was so excited about the tree that I didn't pay her any attention. I just kept on decorating the tree. Putting lights and ornaments on it. Then, she said, "And these damn lights and ornaments were high too." I just kept on smiling.

So after Christmas had passed, I saw her put the entire artificial tree back in the box that it came in, with the lights and decorations and all still attached to the tree. She just threw it in the box and the next year, you guessed it, she just pulled it out and plugged it in and said, "Don't it still look good?" I didn't have the heart to tell her that the Christmas tree looked like a Christmas shrub. LOL. Most of the lights had burned out, but she didn't care. All she remembered was the $17.95 that she paid for it. I was so glad when I made some money to buy her another tree... You think Charlie Brown had a horrible looking tree? I wish I had a picture of that branch she called a tree.

Merry Christmas y'all. If your mother is alive, savor every precious moment.

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  • Temi Lagos

    Happy Boxing day.. hope you got lots of boxes..... AM positive that you gave lots of boxes...Christmas was cozy and homely... i chose to spend it at home with my parents...cooked what my mama wanted.. and gave my dad some home spa treatment... Boy.. i savor the moments....*******************Let me be the first to wish you a very happy.. Dream fulfilling 2013.... Agape mou

  • Deon Denver, CO

    I've been reflecting on my favorite Christmas memories, feeling a little blue. I lost my father a few years ago, and things have never been the same. We are showered with gifts from family, but somehow that makes it even harder. I've been without work for so long. I feel guilty because I am not raising my daughter in traditional family with 2 working parents in a beautiful home where money wasn't really an object. I never dreamed I would struggle for so long. It's as if I am living someone else's life. Still I know that we can create our own simple holiday traditions...if I could just stop focusing on what we don't have. I ask God to lead both of us to the true, sacred meaning of the holiday season. And I pray for a job.

  • Welile Swaziland

    Merry Christmas Tyler

  • Jill orlando, FL

    And forgive me....I am truly humbled when I hear a beautiful story as the one you shared with us about your Mother. BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS...THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT MR. PERRY.

  • JILL orlando, FL

    I just read your Christmas story about your Mother. I want to first start by saying I AM A LOVER OF BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS. I cherish them. I recently started tweeting so forgive me cause im just not a pro. I want to share something i recently remembered. I was sitting in my bedroom cant remember what i was doing and you know how sometimes you go into a daze, like a daydream? Well i saw this little girl being tied to a chair with electrical chords. Her mother was yelling at her for a chore not being done. The little girl's mother was pregnant so this was her solution to imposing a punishment without hurting the unborn child. She tied the little girl's arms and feet to the chair and began beating her with an extension chord. The little girl mustve been somewhere between 10-11. As the daydream furthered...i realized something...THAT LITTLE GIRL TIED TO THE CHAIR WAS ME! I'm still in shock of the memory. I have heard of people suppressing painful things but i never really understood that until my very own began to unfold.



  • Sparkle United States

    That was a great story... "I know your mom is smiling down at you wishing she can heal your pain and tell you this is the fact of life please don't be sad son... I love you from up here as I did on earth you have made me so happy and glad that your MY son keep making the world smile" I had a story some what like that, My Mother bought this little artificial tree that I call the Charlie Brown it was so small with not much ornaments on it. My mom smiled but I know she felt so bad about the tree because we called the charlie brown tree. Then I looked at my mom face and started to think to myself what give me the right to make fun of this tree when my mom work hard just to give us a tree with gift under it and some kid would love to have this. So I stop making fun of the tree then and hugged my mother and thank her for that tree... but now we look at the pictures and just laugh... I wish you and everyone a bless and self holiday. Best wishes Sparkle...


    Merry Christmas to you Tyler,and GOD BLESS you.(LOVE YA)


    Why do u have all of these post Tyler Perry. Do u need re assurance 4 your low self esteem? You only care about you. You can save all of this b*** s*** for Oprah f** as. If you cared anything about us. You wouldnt put out so much garbage. Blind people hate your work. Your movies suck so bad that I suck. You get no symphathy from me. Who told your d*** a** you was a writer? Satan? I am sick & tired of your trash. Do the world a favor & stop making movies. You only care about your success and you want these a** holes to worship you. My God you are pathetic. Your sitcoms, movies, everything u create sucks and all of these idiots on line kissing your flat ass. You are a sell out tyler buffoon perry. You make all blacks look like clowns. You suck Tyler Perry. Im not hating. You made money off of blacks with ur garbage & i am sick of it . Enough. Go away uncle tom tyler perry.

    • I pray for you United States #1777323

      That not nice ... Bless you child... I hope you find peace in your heart and joy in your life

    • Temi Lagos #1777985

      You crazy or something?

  • Carolyn Hodge Las Vegas, Neveda 89147

    Tyler, I just read the story about the Xmas tree that your mom was talking about the price of the Xmas tree it really touch my heart that was a beautiful story. I know that you love and miss your mom I know the feeling because my mom just past Oct 16 2012. My heart is so heavy and the pain is deep but I keep praying to God to help me and he is sustaining me and I thank him daily. But there is a part missing in my heart and I miss my mom so much not to hear her voice anymore or see her is so hard you know what I mean. This is a rough first Xmas now I tell everyone I meet along this journey in life to love and cherish your mom because you never know, and you only get one mom who loves you pass what ever pain you have love, and tell her how much she means to you each and every day. Merry Xmas to you Tyler and the whole world.

  • Jodi Whatley Alabama USA

    God said to you today during fasting and Prayer God said to Prophetess Pam Diane that you not just a man serving God but a servent of God! Today 12/23/12 Prophetess Pam Diane and Jodiwhatley ! Ps. Hope you enjoy the Christmas CARD with love.

  • stephanie s ontario ca

    I was reminded of a christmas when my dad brought home a christmas tree from his work. he was a school custodian and the school would give their employees christmas trees so it was not something unusual, dad did this for several years but this year was different. My father brought home a tree the was every bit 10 tall,it was a redwood!the sight of my father trying to get that tree in the house was comical. All my mom could do was shake her head. but us kids we laughed so hard we cried,what in the world are we going to do with a 10 foot tree with 8 foot ceiling. well we figured it out and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful trees we ever had. this year is the first christmas without dad,he passed earlier this year and we miss him so much. but we have wonderful memories of him and our mother who are both in heaven together. Merry christmas tyler

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