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Christmas Past

I was sitting here thinking about my mother. God, she loved Christmas. Tears started to fill my eyes. I was about to get sad, then I remembered something that made me laugh so hard.

I remembered the day my mother bought this artificial tree. I was about 10. She was complaining about the price. She said, "Damn this tree is high [expensive]... this gone last." I heard her but I was so excited about the tree that I didn't pay her any attention. I just kept on decorating the tree. Putting lights and ornaments on it. Then, she said, "And these damn lights and ornaments were high too." I just kept on smiling.

So after Christmas had passed, I saw her put the entire artificial tree back in the box that it came in, with the lights and decorations and all still attached to the tree. She just threw it in the box and the next year, you guessed it, she just pulled it out and plugged it in and said, "Don't it still look good?" I didn't have the heart to tell her that the Christmas tree looked like a Christmas shrub. LOL. Most of the lights had burned out, but she didn't care. All she remembered was the $17.95 that she paid for it. I was so glad when I made some money to buy her another tree... You think Charlie Brown had a horrible looking tree? I wish I had a picture of that branch she called a tree.

Merry Christmas y'all. If your mother is alive, savor every precious moment.

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  • Ada rita Nigeria

    Merry christmas Tyler,I love my mum and dad so much that at times I don't even know how to show it.

  • Wanda Horace Texas

    Tyler, I so understand. In July of 2011, my mom opened the freezer door and her ice tray fell out. She leaned down to pick it up and came back up, only to hit her head under the freezer door that migrated out. She didn't tell anyone because she didn't think it was that bad. A few days later, I picked her up to have lunch and spend a few days with me. That day, we ended up in the emergency room because she was having severe headaches. She was rushed to surgery because blood had developed between her s**** and brain. I couldn't believe this was happening to her. She was 78-years old had NEVER been hospitalized. Her surgery was successful. She rehab'd for a couple months. Then, in July of this year (2012), my mom was worked up for hip pain. It turned out to be Stage 4 Metastatic Lung Cancer. The cancer had metastasized pretty much throughout her entire body. She was given 6 month to live. I have stopped working to care for her. I wanted to make these months the happiest I possibly could. I have moved her in with me so that she has 24 hour supervision. I don't know what I'm going to do without her. She is originally from Louisiana, but lives in Houston now. At no point, I mean NO POINT, did I ever imagine that one day she would be gone. I am an only child, and it's always been just me and her. She was always like the matriarch of the family after her mom died. Everyone has always looked up to her. She sent her younger brothers and sisters to college after she finished, they come to her for advice, etc. I know they will be there for me, but there's nothing like the love of a mother! I pray and cry myself to sleep every night. I constantly ask "why her, why me"? I know the doctors don't have the last say so, only God does. It's coming up on the 6 month mark and I'm terrified!!! What do I do? I'm constantly telling her I Love You and better than that, I show her as best I can. She's my rock. I feel like I'll be lost without her. I guess I'd better go, dropping tears all over my iPad. Happy Holidays! ~ Wanda

  • Marie

    Interesting that I came across your tweet ~ I was trying to distract myself by scrolling through Twitter. Thank you for sharing. It's the first genuine smile I've had today. You see, my mom died December 19, 1996. If my tenuous hold on emotional balance wasn't already challenged, I leaned my 90 year old dad was hospitalized with cardiac issues ~ today. So your cute anecdote was much needed Thank you.

  • cshebra

    Thank you Mr. Perry for sharing that story. I was sitting here thinking about my mother. I was just telling the Lord "now that you know we can do this if we have to, would you bring her back now?" I know it does not work like that but that was my thought. Reading your story was nice and I went on to read comments from others. I lost my mom in January of this year. so this whole season is filled with memories of our last. Faith is a powerful thing and Momma made sure we knew who our savior is. We can do all things through Christ Jesus. Thanks again for sharing. Have a Very Merry Christmas, and a Blessed New Year.

  • Ann Marie Hazelhurst, MS

    Mr. Perry, I just love your stories about you and your dear mother. I am sure you had many wonderful days embracing your mother's wisdom. I have an artificial tree I paid $20 on clearance, and it is truly a keeper! When a few branches begin to fall, I can easily repair with green masking tape. My son says I should consider investing in a new one, but it hard to part from a great deal. I think in honor of your childhood memory, I will keep it at least one more year. (smile) I pray you have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS with family and friends. You are loved by so many, I pray you engage in the company of those who care about you. Please no more empty refrigerator pictures or I will be on a red eye plane to cook dinner for you personally. But anyways, Thank you for all the wonderful plays and movies, we will be enjoying many throughout the holiday season. I WISH much Joy for you! God bless!

  • vanmor VA

    Beautiful, heart felt story, Mr. Perry. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

  • Omari Nigeria

    Hey Tyler, at this season we always remember the sweet memories we had with our loved ones who gone to be with the Lord. My dad is no more and I miss him so much, but one thing is sure there are always with us in spirit. I watched one of your movies 'I can do wrong all by myself' and I was touched and broke down in tears. You have touched many lives and healed many broken relationships. God bless you real good and have a wonderful celebration.

  • Ronda Austin Williamstown NJ

    May God bless you on this Christmas Day. May the Lord continue to pour blessing upon you... Mr. Perry you are a good man. Our heavenly father is smiling upon you... You are a pleasing sight in His eyes... because He is so proud of you! Big hugs, Ronda :)

  • Dennis Ronders Brooklyn Michigan

    Thanks Tyler, I will.

  • Edith Michelle Philadelphia, PA

    Merry Christmas Tyler, I LOVE YOU. Have a happy Christmas, and keep remembering the good and fun times, and make plenty more as each day go by. Your mom is with you in spirit. You have touched so many hearts with your beautiful words, your talent, and your great big heart. Merry Christmas my brotha, with love. Michelle

  • sherry price United States

    Hey Tyler,I hope you read this. It is up to you; to ask God ,to fulfill that void place. I know it is hard to get over your mother, but God has a wife for you ( ready made family ).Just ask, and you will receive. Oh!"I'm watching, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman" . God show you everything, and I know you had meet you wife in the past, three times, but you didn't want her. Good Night.

  • Margaret Maine

    You have had hit close to home and when you share them it brings back memories. May God bless you and the lives of people you touch.

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