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Couple of Things

Worked 7 days a week since March 1. I'm tired as hell. LOL. I know some of y'all saying, "shut up, I do it all the time." I hear you, God bless you for that. I like to at least have a day off here and there.  

Couple of things. The DVD taping for Madea Gets A Job will be June 6-7, and The Haves And The Have Nots DVD taping is June 8-9. Tickets are only $27, so come hang with me :-). The plays are in Atlanta at the Cobb Energy Center.

Also, did you check out the trailer for Madea's Witness Protection? Is that thing funny or what?! Click here if you missed it.

Talk to you soon,



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  • Anita Anderson Sunflower, Ms

    I just wanted to respond to a comment that was made about Sunflower County Progress. The program would be a great asset to the local communities in this area if it were handle in a professional way. I am so tired of getting stopped at the door, talked to in any way some see fit, and brush to the side. I have tried getting help on numerous occasions and this one particular worker keeps throwing me to the side. It is a outrage that "We" as black people get in positions and let it go to our heads. That government money does not belong to anyone there and should not be assigned to certain people of their choice. I am not the only person that feels this way but I will be the first to make a stand!There are people out there that really need this help and constantly getting denied. What is really going on? If I did not need the help I sure would not go.

  • Audrey White (Cofield) CALIFORNIA

    Seriously... give God the glory, brother Tyler. lol :)) Hard work pays off. I agree everybody needs regular respites, especially once we reach a certain age. I love your work and hope to participate on one of your future projects. Your work is healing, Tyler. Laughter is great medicine. Proverbs 17:22; A merry heart does good like medicine... Thanks for the laughter. Just in case your scouts are out there: I'm comfortable on-set, in front and behind camera (production), extra, hair and make-up application, no nonsense , do it right. Praise the Lord. :)) Stay blessed. AC

  • Gail Sunrise

    Tyler omg!!! loved Aunt Bam's Place very funny and inspirational we laughed we really enjoyed it keep up the good work

  • Rayshawn Brewington United States

    hey Tyler i like all your movies and plays i have a good idea for a movie a real life a story if interested email me

  • Diana Gamble St. Louis, Mo

    Hi Terry, may God bless your day. I am a CEO and I understand the meaning of rest. What God has given me to do will be completed. I have decided to enjoy life along the way! Take my lead rest.

  • Leatha Tukes Missouri City, TX

    I read some of the other comments as I typically do and I have a few words: HOOKED ON PHONICS! Lawd today!!! Anywho... LOVE what you're doing Mr. Perry and encouraged by your work ethic, tenacity and your ability to bring life to stories in a humorous way. Laughter is good for the soul and you've done a lot of souls good! Keep doing you boo! LOL XOXOXO, Leatha

  • pamela Texas

    Can't wait to buy the two plays!!!!!! Were do you get those songs you write? What are you going through i know ALOT! Why isn't Why did i get married the (play) not in stores, if it is not where i live. GREAT JOB TYLER!

  • Forgiveness orlando,fl

    hi tyler perry, we have met in the up coming timing. don't know when it is. but it's coming. glory to god that it is to come. i was just browsing twitter and can across your page and the thought came up so hi my name is forgiveness and courtesy to you. i know my pet peas is laughing so i hope i know i seen it so i'm good........good luck to you aswell #ididntnamemyselfhedid

  • Helen Simmons

    Hey Tyler, are you interested in mentoring or giving back to the community by hiring high school graduates that are trying to work to pay for college, my son and his friends in Cobb County is desparately seeking employment. He is tall, strong and smart...I hope you consider this for him and his friends...

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    The view(the sunset) was amazing, thanks for sharing it with us. So, how are you now doing? Meaning, how are you.? In your email today u said, u hope we are GETTING excited about Madea's WitnessProtection, I'm here to inform u we are beyond excited June 29th can't get here quick enough. Lol... I read today that waiting is a form of worship. :) If someone is truly important, they are worth the wait. We only wait for what we value. When it is all said & done , waiting is worship. How was your time in the Bahamas, were u in His Presence? I have a question what made u choose the Bahamas, what is it about the Bahamas that u like the most? I must tell u as u already know, the view was amazingly beautiful by photo so I can only imagine what its like in person. Lol.. :-) So, you're ready to get back at it June 6th the taping? Don't ever think u have to work yourself silly tired to please us. We would prefer u any day over what u do. Just in these few years u have given us more than enough & we appreciate you, the man, you. :) You seem to be beautiful inside & out, well that's what I believe. And I think u are One-of-a-kind. Good night, its been good. :) Thanks for listening. AND THANKS FOR BEING YOU -SPECIAL, like no other. ;-) Respect!

  • annette ashley

    Hi mr. Perry, I would like to know if you take suggestions for titles or movies for your incredible character Madea. My 14 year old grandson came to me with an idea he thinkss would be an excellent show.

  • Brenda Houston

    Tyler, the h*** with those that don't like the all white cast. I would bet they are going to see your movie regardless of who or what the cast are,I know I am. Keep up the good work.

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