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Couple of Things

Worked 7 days a week since March 1. I'm tired as hell. LOL. I know some of y'all saying, "shut up, I do it all the time." I hear you, God bless you for that. I like to at least have a day off here and there.  

Couple of things. The DVD taping for Madea Gets A Job will be June 6-7, and The Haves And The Have Nots DVD taping is June 8-9. Tickets are only $27, so come hang with me :-). The plays are in Atlanta at the Cobb Energy Center.

Also, did you check out the trailer for Madea's Witness Protection? Is that thing funny or what?! Click here if you missed it.

Talk to you soon,


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  • Monica Fort worth Texas

    READY READY READY TO GO SEE IT TYLER !!! ;) love and enjoy all your movies always great positive messages to learn from ...

  • Elizabeth Diaz San Diego

    Awesome trailer.... Can't wait to go with my family & see the movie!

  • Tiffany Leiter United States

    Cannot wait to see "Madea Gets a Job!!" Also, love the trailer for "Witness Protection Program!" Glad to see you are back on your feet after the studio fire. Blessings to you and yours.

  • Joyce Hoofddorp

    Ty, Time for something new! Europe is an option.

  • green yellow London

    Tyler, Inspired and inspiring. It is great to have someone who speaks about love with love, to enable love. Talented from the soul. Best wishes.

  • blue eyes sweet home alabama

    What was that Courageous trailer I saw on youtube a few weeks ago and then it was blocked? Are you messing around w/ me again? lol What were you filming me for. Color me confused...

  • Nobuhle South Africa

    I still love the Marrige Councelour is it possible for you bring the cast to South Africa? I was watching it with my boyfriend yesterday and he also loved it, but we would realy love to watch it LIVE hope to hear from you soon Tyler

  • gift spiff nigeria

    Tyler ur movies are d bomb i wonder hw u get such inspiration. U re indeed blessed nd favouredpls i will like to be hearing frm u frm time to time thanks

  • Finkie South Africa

    Hi should u thing of taking Madea to Africa please I would love to be part of it.God bless u I treasure ur work as it always revives my soul nd gives me the best laugh to fulfill my heart

    • Peaches4 South Africa #1687168

      I agree with Finkie, It's a movie that I watch over and over again... Please Brother, do come to SA. We love you and your movies.

  • Ann Howard Montgomery, Al

    Hey Tyler, do you think that I am too old to become an actress? I am 62 years old, but don't look it, don't feel it, and don't act it. I know that I could do it, because I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.

    • green yellow London #1687204

      You are never too old to do anything. Life is not static, it is a constant flow and we are meant to grow daily. There is always a place for us, we got to find it, if you have found acting, your acting will find a place. Best wishes.


    hey long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol got the head up message tp hve a good day

  • Wesanda Arlington,TX

    Hey, Tyler... I was always wondering how you were doing play tours and coming out with a movie in the span of a couple months.... Keep up the hard word, but get some rest too.... Always praying for the best for you... God Bless

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