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Couple of Things

Worked 7 days a week since March 1. I'm tired as hell. LOL. I know some of y'all saying, "shut up, I do it all the time." I hear you, God bless you for that. I like to at least have a day off here and there.  

Couple of things. The DVD taping for Madea Gets A Job will be June 6-7, and The Haves And The Have Nots DVD taping is June 8-9. Tickets are only $27, so come hang with me :-). The plays are in Atlanta at the Cobb Energy Center.

Also, did you check out the trailer for Madea's Witness Protection? Is that thing funny or what?! Click here if you missed it.

Talk to you soon,


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  • russell rainey kansascity missouri

    i love all of your shows keep up the good work

  • La Ronda Harris (Cares) Los Angeles

    Tyler, I'm always sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for your next project. Keep up the good work. God Bless You : - )

  • Lupe Duarte, CA

    Working 7 days a week for almost 3 months! You need to make sure you fit some rest in. :) May God renew your strength.

  • JGray Chicago

    You're Invited!! Was at your symposium in Chicago last week.. inspirational. Doing a show June 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th in Chicago. Show is titled Steppin into Love...fire up the jet and come on down --

  • Aretha Barreiro Long Beach, CA.

    God is an awesome God all the time, so great is your reward in heaven. If you trust, obey and go about doing good you will reap the benefits at your harvest. Stay positive. Love your work.

  • Wilhelmina New York

    Can't wait to purchase GOOD DEEDS on DVD June 12th! I LOVED this movie!

  • Katrina Amos Willowbrook, Il

    Love you T.P!!!! Keep up the Great Job!!! Sending Love, Peace & Strength your way

  • Angela G. Houston, TX

    Finally!! Some MADEA entertainment!!!!!


    Cant wait to buy the DVD Madea Gets A Job . Tyler Perry you are very creative, and I would love to work with you on one of your movies or plays. I have already emailed my resume for acting on TylerPerry.com (work with us). If there is a different way to sumbit or show my talent please let me know.

  • Amy Georgia

    I just got my ticket today for the show on the 7th and I am freaking out excited!!! CAN NOT WAIT!!! WOOHOO!!!! *goes dancing off

  • Cathy Las Vegas

    Tyler, I got a request, how about you cast some folks that are not already In show business , ya know someone off the street. There are a lot of talented people Out there. People that just never had the opportunity or that push and support that Is sometimes needed, like me my self, and others. I all my life have been told that I a natural. My mom died when I was 16yrs old,I barely graduated from high school, but kept pushing and I made it, and acting was always a passion for me. I am from New Orleans , and just admire your work, we all do. I hope I don't see this commentary as a self service one , just had to let u know how I felt, if it was anybody else, I wouldn't even bother, but it's you and I know u care, understand & have been there, take care, Cathy~

  • Petrina Valleystream long island

    I love you tylerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I get your emails all the time, well im just one of the peeps on your mailing list but I wanna meet you in person bad, you inspire me, and I wanna be in one of your movies some day I can bring the Jamaican flavor and plenty more I got the ability to act and sing and I won't disappoint but anyway love ya love ya love ya muahzzzzzz

    • green yellow London #1687210

      Great to hear your words. I am also inspired by Tyler Perry because he dared to do. I am an anthropolpgist and I am daring to write my stuff, Jamaican culture has a lot to offer the world and has a lot of healing to do, I am daring to write my stuff. Forthcoming book for 2012, 'Afro Caribbean life stories from 1920s to 2012', I will be taking it further, looking at film production. So the Jamaican flavour will emerge... I wish you well.

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