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Couple of Things

Worked 7 days a week since March 1. I'm tired as hell. LOL. I know some of y'all saying, "shut up, I do it all the time." I hear you, God bless you for that. I like to at least have a day off here and there.  

Couple of things. The DVD taping for Madea Gets A Job will be June 6-7, and The Haves And The Have Nots DVD taping is June 8-9. Tickets are only $27, so come hang with me :-). The plays are in Atlanta at the Cobb Energy Center.

Also, did you check out the trailer for Madea's Witness Protection? Is that thing funny or what?! Click here if you missed it.

Talk to you soon,


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  • Sherri Hegwood St Louis, MO

    I was Madea last year for Holloween. I was really in character everyone laughed so hard. I was thinking maybe Madea could have a sister. I really look like her when in costume. If you would like to see I could send a photo, or do a little video. I know this idea could make some money and keep Madea alive. I am not saying she is dying but I think this would give her a great kick. Tyler Perry can keep Madea running forever I love her. Please contact me if interested.

  • Chandra Los Angeles, Ca.

    Tyler, let me first say that you are a very "Blessed" man. I have followed your career for quite some time now. You have inspired me to go to school and be a Film Maker as well as television. You are my "role model" because you are a man of God, and I say that because of your struggles, and being able to hold on to Faith and your dreams. I thank him for you, and I keep prayer over you constantly. I want to be the female version of Tyler Perry. Thank you for all that you give us. I love the content of all that you bring to the big screen, television and to the stage. Keep giving us what God has given you. Stay inspired, and much love to you.

  • DEBRA atlanta

    Great is the glory our god if we keep Him first.

  • Angela United States

    Glad you're good...

  • ohjay newyork

    stop working so hard tyler. take some time to enjoy your success, id have stopped after the first few hundred million

  • Jacqueline Fort Pierce, Florida

    Hello Mr. Perry, I wanted so long to thank you for the making of Madea and bringing the meaning of Family back, you make me, laugh, cry, all at the same time even but most Importantly you open my eyes up to the true meaning of Family, Love, and Friendship. Now I know you are a busy man However busy you are, You have to take time off for your self. I can not come to see your new play because I live so far away and funds are low, However I can and do get myself into the theater to see your movies. Good Luck and best Wishes going out to you and the whole csat of the cast in upcoming and future Shows and Movies I Love all of you over there..... Stay Bless Mr. Perry

  • Gwen Williams Compton Ca

    Can't wait for Witness Protection. Everything you touch is gold because you are blessed by God. Keep reaping your blessing.

  • Bonita Denver

    Hahahaha it is so good to hear from you. Your projects are in progress!! I know you are having the fun and joy of your life!! God bless you AGAIN:) Hhahaha

  • Nora WV

    Great, seeing the show will be great for us girls to see.

  • Yakita king Sacramento,ca

    Congrats Mr.Tyler Perry,wat a blessing I pray someday I have a chance like u,,God bless u,I cant wait to see it

  • Ala'na Miller Spartanburg, SC

    Thanks for the update! You're doing a wonderful job! Thanks for the laughter & inspiration! Stay blessed!

  • Marina Puerto Rico

    Your amazing Tyler , and we all love you! Thanks for everything you do and are, for the arts and the entertainment industry . You are a unique and beautiful gift to this earth. Lots of Love Marina xoxox

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