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Do you know?

Hey there, DO YOU KNOW?

I'm shooting I, ALEX CROSS. It's a James Patterson book that we're making into a movie. I can't remember if I shared that with you or not.

On to the reason I'm writing. A few days ago, I was in the car on my way to set when we stopped at a red light.  I looked up from my script and saw a father walking across the street holding his son's hand.  The child couldn't have been more then 2 or 3years old, this kid was giddy with joy.  I watched this man and his son go into the park and start running and playing. The light changed and as we drove away, I turned around in the back seat to watch them until they were out of sight. My eyes filled with water, I thought to myself, this is really a strange reaction. I was thinking, why did I have such a strong emotional reaction to this father and son? It didn't take long for me to realize that it was because I never had those kind of experiences, never knew that kind of unconditional joy, never knew what it felt like to be wanted and adored as a child.

Which made me think of this question. I wonder if the man I called 'Daddy' as a child, knew then what he knows now, would he have treated me any differently? If he had known, the little boy that depended on him for food and shelter would grow up to be a man that he would have to depend on for food and shelter, would he have made different choices? I realized that my emotion to that moment was about this man loving his child in the purest sense. No matter what the future holds for that little boy, he will always have that moment with his daddy loving him, for him.

There is an old song written by the Gaither's called, MARY, DID YOU KNOW? It's a beautiful song asking Mary, the mother of Jesus, the question, "Did you know that her baby boy would come to save the world?" The lyrics go on to ask, "Mary did you know that when you kissed the little baby, you kissed the face of God?"  My favorite lyric is this one, "Mary, did you know that the child that you delivered will soon deliver you?" That last line makes me think of my own mother. Before she died she often said to me that she had no idea that her little baby boy would be able to take care of her the way I did. I get so much joy knowing that I could and I did. That lets me sleep at night.   Mom, I thank you! You helped me be able to do that.  God bless you!

I want to leave you with these questions. It's for every parent, the good and the bad. DO YOU KNOW who is in your house? DO YOU KNOW whom you're raising, and will the child that you delivered, have to deliver you in your old age? Think about it, and know that when you kiss that innocent face of your child, you kiss the face of God.

God Bless, talk soon.

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  • Beatrice Toronto/Canada

    Hey Tyler, I can't stop reading this letter, with tears in my eyes. Could you please, resend it to me. I didn't get it and I would like to get your permission to use it in my book. Take care and be blessed.

  • Anika Sterling lorena,tx

    Thank you Tyler for all you do. You are a blessing to the world. Again thank-you.

  • Alicia Bowie Smyrna, GA

    That was absolutely beautiful. I think of the child lost years ago and the one given to me in my humblest moment afterward. I can't even write because that was so profound for me...until next time. Stay Blessed.

  • Sheila Nichols Raccoon, Kentucky

    I thank you Mr. Perry, for this post and for the messages in your movies, the way you get your point across with laughter and tears is beautiful and very real, my husband and I have been blessed to be able to adopt 4 beautiful and precious children, we could never have any of our own, but I often watch them play or watch them sleep and wonder who they will be, my prayer is that they will grow up and make this world a better place, that they use their talents to praise God the creator of all. May God continue to bless you Mr. Perry and thank you again.

  • Katrina M Mitchell United States

    Very powerful...thank you for putting a new perspective on such a beautiful song.

    • Caris Brown-Davis Hamden, CT #1610180

      Hey Tyler, when can I buy all 5weeks/episodes of FOR BETTER OR WORSE. This is something I have to have in my case with all your other movies and plays that I have. Stay blessed and keep do what you are doing. Gods Bless Caris Brown-Davis

  • paula ohio

    wow thanks for sharing, love the song also, lost a child every in my life and was taught quickly how precious children are and what a blessing they are. Look forward to all your weekly shows and all your movies. especially madea! love you for your special heart, spirit, and talent you have to reach this crazy world we live in. Be blessed!

  • Tonya D. Thomas Oklahoma City, OK

    Dear Mr. Perry I am such a huge fan of yours. I am so inspired by your story and it let's me know the Jesus is TRULY real (not that I have doubts). I am a 38 year old mother of 2 boys (ages 3 and 2), I was told that I could not conceive but I prayed and BELIEVED God and now I have my babies. I must add not drugs just pure FAITH! The road has not been easy however, I lost everything (my job, my house, my car) but my Faith is still intact. I sing and people are always telling me I should do something with my talent (I have no desire to be a star, I sing at church). I am soooo PROUD of you and despite what people try to say negative about you(your character MaDear) the messages are postive and real. My mom had me when she was almost 40 and she alradey had grandchildren and they called her MaDear. Sadly sshe is gone on to heaven now, but we laugh

  • KB Sacramento, Ca

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your work with us. I can relate to your feelings about the little boy with his father and your mother because that is how I feel about my grandmother. She passed away in 2006 but I remember all of the things that she used to do with all of her grandchildren that made us so happy. One of my favorite memories is when we used to all sit around and play "Pitty Pat" (People from New Orleans should remember this game. LOL!!) for cookies, candy or change. It was such a simple act but loving memories were created that will last forever. This year because of these memories and the memories of my daughters and friends of their grandmothers, we decided to do what they always did... GIVE something simple!!! There are so many individuals in need due to the economy and they only need "something simple" to help keep them warm. What is more simple then....... socks, a knit cap (beanie), a scarf and gloves. If even a small amount of individuals did this no matter how big or small the contribution....... WOW what a "simple" impact we could make. May God continue to wrap his wings around all of us to love, guide and protect us!! Best wishes to you Tyler!!!

    • COWGIRL DEE #1586627

      KB, you and I are on the same page. Recently I spoke with one of those ministers of what some might call a "mega church" in a small town. I reminded him of the many members of our towns' churches have reared their children, their grandchildren, and even their great-grandchildren while bringing them to the same church generation after generation. I asked him why the churches don't seem to support their elder members? Like you, I suggested that several members get together monthly to "donate" $10 to $20 to an "Adopted Elder Angel" that would help that elder with living needs. Why should these elderly have to continue to choose between buying groceries or paying their utility bill; paying their utility bill or purchasing their medications?? WHY???? Why can't these elderly wake up to their lawns having been cut / manicured by YOUTH or other church members; their cars having been washed by the same????? One response I received from one of the members of his church who was listening to my questions responded,"Why don't they let us know they need help? Why should we take care of those who only come when they need help?". It was a sad moment for me. My response was, "Why don't you know that these elderly will probably NEVER ask for your help. They are proud of their ability to have made it this long in their lives without your assistance. They should not HAVE to ask you or inform you of their challenges. You should KNOW and you should DO!!". Please forgive my passion here but I don't see why its such a challenge for churches to take care of their elders. I mean the REAL elders.....those who've supported the churches and generation after generation. Thanks for listening.

  • Tanya Atlanta

    Thank you for sharing your story. It reminded of several situations that I have experienced in my life. My mother told me I was supposed to be an aboration but she did not have enough money. So I am here. As she watched me grow into woman, she often tells me how proud she is of me. When I look at my three children from birth too thiet tweenties I am the one standing on amazment at the precious gifts God blessed me with. Moments are what we have in life that we can reflect on. Some makes us smile, some laugh, some frowns and some overwhelmed. The beautful thing about them is they are our moments. Although you have yet to experience fatherhood or the experience of walking across the street with your Daddy, you had for a few minutes a special moment to feel and see what it was like to be a young boy pure and free with his Daddy. That is awesome.

  • Tyeisha Davis-Ryder Collingdale, Pa.

    Amazing how God works, only He could give you that in just that way! Wonderful and sooo touching I think we can all relate in some way, I know I can.

  • Stacy Edwards Chicago

    This was a powerful post to say the least. I hope that you don't mind me incorporating it into a sermon or a part of a workshop that I will be doing soon with some women who have some addiction issues. I will be sure to give proper credit to you as it is inspiring and some of the women that I work with need to hear it. It also brought back memories for me from my own childhood which is very similar. I reflected back to a teacher that I had in second grade who hated me for no reason. This woman said that I would never be anything and she would lie on me and get me in trouble with my mother for no reason at all. I don't know if I reminded her of someone she knew or if I did something that triggered something in her, that remains a mystery. But I took that negative energy she gave out to me once I found out I didn't have to be what others said I had to be and became a person sometimes I can't believe I have become. As adults I think we should look at all children that we have influence with and ask the question, Do you know who they really are or who they will become? Thanks so much I really needed this on today. I too have been blessed to care for those who loved me and those who didn't know how to love me properly.

  • Sophia Arnold Baker Jamaica

    Tyler as I read ur experience it brought me back to a phone call I received last night from my son.He is 17 yrs n he is in 5 th form. He said mom I know u r not working but the class is going on a educational trip to the petrolium company. I have saved my lunch money for this week n reach half of the cost for the trip. He did not have to complete the statement Tears ran down my eyes.This is 2 days away.Tyler I reached deep down in my faith bucket n mustard seed faith came up. I threw it back in I said mustard seed aint doing it today.I placed both hands in this time n up came Daniels faith in the lions den then in the other hand came the three hebrew boys in the firey furnance. I started singing my God is able to do the impossible.I went to bed and I dream that I had written the book that I wanted to write since I was a child.The message I receiced is if I can not get a job then I need to creat the job. So now I have a new project.I start writing my stories today.I am staying with my neice n her family in the city n she over heard the conversation with my son n she helped out without me asking. God is able all the time. Thats enough for seriousness.Tyler Kimberly was being so patient n nice to you . It was bad of you not to let her know when the power came back. You pressured her. It was fun. You should have been left talking to the computer.Your work is fun. You have fun working n evary body around you enjoy the fun. Hats off to you bro for employing the young lady that they all want to boycott.They just dont know that you are completely human. Hypocrites are part human. LOL.We dont need to get into the reality of the hypocrites ( PUBLIC SHAME N PRIVATE FUN). LOL again. All the best my bro life goes on. God bless.

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