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Do you know?

Hey there, DO YOU KNOW?

I'm shooting I, ALEX CROSS. It's a James Patterson book that we're making into a movie. I can't remember if I shared that with you or not.

On to the reason I'm writing. A few days ago, I was in the car on my way to set when we stopped at a red light.  I looked up from my script and saw a father walking across the street holding his son's hand.  The child couldn't have been more then 2 or 3years old, this kid was giddy with joy.  I watched this man and his son go into the park and start running and playing. The light changed and as we drove away, I turned around in the back seat to watch them until they were out of sight. My eyes filled with water, I thought to myself, this is really a strange reaction. I was thinking, why did I have such a strong emotional reaction to this father and son? It didn't take long for me to realize that it was because I never had those kind of experiences, never knew that kind of unconditional joy, never knew what it felt like to be wanted and adored as a child.

Which made me think of this question. I wonder if the man I called 'Daddy' as a child, knew then what he knows now, would he have treated me any differently? If he had known, the little boy that depended on him for food and shelter would grow up to be a man that he would have to depend on for food and shelter, would he have made different choices? I realized that my emotion to that moment was about this man loving his child in the purest sense. No matter what the future holds for that little boy, he will always have that moment with his daddy loving him, for him.

There is an old song written by the Gaither's called, MARY, DID YOU KNOW? It's a beautiful song asking Mary, the mother of Jesus, the question, "Did you know that her baby boy would come to save the world?" The lyrics go on to ask, "Mary did you know that when you kissed the little baby, you kissed the face of God?"  My favorite lyric is this one, "Mary, did you know that the child that you delivered will soon deliver you?" That last line makes me think of my own mother. Before she died she often said to me that she had no idea that her little baby boy would be able to take care of her the way I did. I get so much joy knowing that I could and I did. That lets me sleep at night.   Mom, I thank you! You helped me be able to do that.  God bless you!

I want to leave you with these questions. It's for every parent, the good and the bad. DO YOU KNOW who is in your house? DO YOU KNOW whom you're raising, and will the child that you delivered, have to deliver you in your old age? Think about it, and know that when you kiss that innocent face of your child, you kiss the face of God.

God Bless, talk soon.

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  • DOREEN Ghana

    hi Tyler, i always pray to God to give you long life because you are my source of inspiration. am also running a program known as the fearless group. is to help they little ones to have hope for the future despite their situation. i use your movies and lyrics to guide me as i educate them and surprisingly i learn a lot from them. i hope this experience of yours will be changed to a movie so i could show it to them. i believe this will put smiles on peoples face after they have read this. am in Ghana so can't get access to your new movies but will ry to get it when it gets here. may God bless you, family, crew,dreams and even your enemies so they can see you shine.hi to ma mum, Madea ; )

  • linda colstrom belleville ,michigan

    You are an INSPERATION !I know there are so many people in horrible situations ,maybe just maybe your voice will help them cope and rise above.Just thought a little note frm a mom and grandma was appropriate.Thank you Mr perry

  • Tess Las Vegas

    I have often wondered what it would feel like to know that I mattered or if I was loved by my parents. The youngest of 6 and an "oops baby", I lived through verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. both of my parents have passed on. In their final years, it was me who took care of them. I was briefly married and have been raising my daughter as a single parent for the past 17 years. I know she is God's blessing to me and I promised God that I would love this child as best as I could. She is the love of my life. She walks into a room and the room lights up with God's light. Each word she speaks, I listen with my heart and soul. My child knows love. My child knows she is loved. My child knows she is capable of making great changes in the world. I have devoted the last 17 years to being the best Mom I could possibly be. I don't feel I have sacrificed, but others tell me I have. I often wonder what or who I would have become if I had only known what it felt like to be loved by my parents or to even know that I was important to them. When my daughter tells me she loves me and how much she loves me, it is difficult to comprehend what she is feeling because I never felt those feelings towards my parents. I learned how to love, give love and be loved from the one and only person who truly matters in my life....My daughter! Next year she will go off to college and my nest will be empty, but I am hoping that this next journey of my life will help other children reach their full potential and to help bring an end to childhood abuses. The system is broken and the children are suffering out there. God Bless our children and may God continue to bless you Mr. Perry as you spread love and laughter throughout the world.

  • Barbara truitt Baltimore, Md

    I can relate to Tyler feelings about what his mother said. My aunt and uncle adopted me when I was a baby. My mother (aunt) was abusive though not quite as bad as his father. She abandoned me at 17 y.o. My father (uncle by marriage) watched over me and my children.He was an excellent, fun loving and kind man. As he got older he got colon-rectal cancer. Though I could not give him much materially I did the best I could. One day at a cook-out he looked up from the grill and said to me in the presence of a group of people. "I just never though that thing(endearment term) would have been so good to me!! On his death bed about year and a half later he said to me.."Baby you take care of yourself." I often think of him and his care of me 21 years later. I know I will see him again!!!

  • Leslie Colorado

    I often have the vision of who I would I wanted to raise, a perfect child of course! But the Lord in his infinite wisdom shows me the child he wanted me to raise, in the things I watch my 4 children (18, 16,10, and 5) do on a daily basis. I marvel at the people who bless my life everyday. I watched my older children grow from that 2 year little boy, into grown young men who still have that exuberance when we "hang out." I love and appreciate how they still love being with their father and I. It never really goes away, it just gets better and better everyday! I know that God is good, he shows me everyday in the miracles he made just for me.

  • Lenora Killeen, Texas

    Thank you for sharing that story i could see what you were saying and just seeing that picture was very moving. My son is 17yrs old right now and every day i see a new him coming into his own, i thank God for him, i am a single mom and he is so respectful i praise God for that. Seeing the man and his son in my minds eye makes me feel sad, because my ex-husband didn't take the time to get to know his son in that way, but my son is so well rounded inspite of the lack of attention from his father. Thank you Mr perry for what you do and for letting God use you in the way He do. I thank you for always taking the time to think about your fans and letting us into your world be blessed and no matter what always know that God has you in His hand and in His plan your success has yet begun to take shape, you think at some point when will this end? it want, God got so much more for you to give us and to teach us about real life since you have come on the scene people have looked at relationships differently(THANK YOU)

  • Lisa Kozak

    Awesome story you shared there! We all get so caught up in our daily lives being busy with our jobs, relationships and and taking care of our kids. What we need to remember daily is that the decisions we make every minute of every day directly impact the people around us that we are closest to, especially our precious children! God gave the ultimate sacrifice by giving us his Son to save us! We should remember that more than just Sunday's. It needs to be a daily presence in us. I'm encouraged by your sharing. Thank you!

  • Eufayba Fort Stewart

    Dear Mr Perry, The look that you had when when looking back at the father and son is a look I know all too well. I am the daugher of a man who loved and cherished me and a mother who didn't want me. I've had MANY "Step-Mothers" who were always really nice until "mad day" when the relationship was over and I was left all alone... again. My womanhood lessons came from filtred questions to my friends to their mothers and trial and error. Many, many errors. Even though I'm all grown up now, I still have times when I am lonley for the mother that I never had. I'm still angry at being cheated out of having a mother. I still look at other women and mentally pick and chose the characteristics about them that I like and add them to my mental mother. As a Mom, I have tried to be the kind of mother that I wanted to my children and yes God is good. I have four children whom I have a very good relationship with. Of course they know that I will 'act a fool" if they get out of line (which is one of the reasons we find your madea movies so funny, they say I act like that when I'm mad) . My oldest child has just been accepted to Georgia Southern and the next one in line is on her way. The other two have a few more years to go. I have included a link to a peom I wrote about my mother. I hope that you will have time to read it one day. I wrote it one while reflecting on the time that my mother and I met after 18 years of separation. It's called, you found me, I didn't find you. Virtually Yours, Eufayba T.

    • Freida Washington DC #1561165

      I'm waiting for the movie with Angela The Haves and Haves not to appear @ the movies. So, keep doing what you do best. A little life of experience to express on the blog is exceptionally rewarding and funny. Faith2Faithu Thanks, Living outside of the box

  • Karen Lucas Atlanta

    Very touching. I can also identify with your story. I was raised by a mother who didn't want me. One day I sat down to start writing a story about my life. I tried and I tried to come up with some happy childhood memories. Sad to say, I couldn't. I came up with a lot of sad ones that hit me like a gale force wind. Recently, I brought a box of crayons for the lady I take care of. When I opened the box of crayons, the smell of the crayons immediately brought back happy memories of endless hours of coloring and drawing. I spent a lot of time alone as a child. As a result, I learned to do a lot of creative things when other children were outside running and playing. I learned to live in a fantasy world and to make my life anything I wanted it to be through my crayons. When I had children of my own, I made sure they had lots of paper and crayons. I encouraged them to be creative. My oldest son learned to draw quite well at an early age and my middle son is as creative as I am with re-purposing furniture. My youngest son is 28 years old and just a few years ago, I got rid of all his old broken crayons. I still create, but through my writing. I started writing a novel though one of the worse times of my life. I find that when I am going through some trying time, I can write very well. I look forward to making a living as a writer.

  • felicia quincy,fla

    when i read the story about the father and son, i thought about my situation, im unemployed now and my son and daughter are taking care of me now. I never thought this would happen so soon, i thought maybe when i was very much older. I thank god for making me the strong black female that iam today and for giving me two wonderful loving kids, because i ve always taking care of them. its their time now..

  • Danielle Bailey New Castle, DE.

    Tyler, This was touching because little girls need their fathers too but I never knew my father. The only thing I knew about my father was his name. As a young child, I soon realized that God was the ultimate father. Because my mother was a single mother and minister, she taught us at an early age to have a personal relationship with God for ourselves because she could not answer for our sins. Furthermore, some of the experiences that I have heard you talk about in most recent times about childhood violations has happened to myself and all of my siblings girls and boys. It took courage for you to tell that dark part of your life. To God be the Glory because that testimony helped someone having a problem forgiving that one who violated them. I feel, if you don't forgive that person it will destroy you slowly, so I did. One day I am going to write a book also. I have lot's to share and not enough time but I think that book will one day set someone free. Thanks for the post and continue to be blessed and don't forget God.

  • vernetral foster alma ga

    Yes I have a gift God has given me my life was notthat great so I am trying my best to allow her to florish. I don't have all the finances and she wants to be a dr. Itell her to stdy hard and shewill be a dr if I have to work four jobs an let my dreams go for a while I am taking care of this gift so he will provide I am a witness. U be blessed..u r awesome

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