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Do you know?

Hey there, DO YOU KNOW?

I'm shooting I, ALEX CROSS. It's a James Patterson book that we're making into a movie. I can't remember if I shared that with you or not.

On to the reason I'm writing. A few days ago, I was in the car on my way to set when we stopped at a red light.  I looked up from my script and saw a father walking across the street holding his son's hand.  The child couldn't have been more then 2 or 3years old, this kid was giddy with joy.  I watched this man and his son go into the park and start running and playing. The light changed and as we drove away, I turned around in the back seat to watch them until they were out of sight. My eyes filled with water, I thought to myself, this is really a strange reaction. I was thinking, why did I have such a strong emotional reaction to this father and son? It didn't take long for me to realize that it was because I never had those kind of experiences, never knew that kind of unconditional joy, never knew what it felt like to be wanted and adored as a child.

Which made me think of this question. I wonder if the man I called 'Daddy' as a child, knew then what he knows now, would he have treated me any differently? If he had known, the little boy that depended on him for food and shelter would grow up to be a man that he would have to depend on for food and shelter, would he have made different choices? I realized that my emotion to that moment was about this man loving his child in the purest sense. No matter what the future holds for that little boy, he will always have that moment with his daddy loving him, for him.

There is an old song written by the Gaither's called, MARY, DID YOU KNOW? It's a beautiful song asking Mary, the mother of Jesus, the question, "Did you know that her baby boy would come to save the world?" The lyrics go on to ask, "Mary did you know that when you kissed the little baby, you kissed the face of God?"  My favorite lyric is this one, "Mary, did you know that the child that you delivered will soon deliver you?" That last line makes me think of my own mother. Before she died she often said to me that she had no idea that her little baby boy would be able to take care of her the way I did. I get so much joy knowing that I could and I did. That lets me sleep at night.   Mom, I thank you! You helped me be able to do that.  God bless you!

I want to leave you with these questions. It's for every parent, the good and the bad. DO YOU KNOW who is in your house? DO YOU KNOW whom you're raising, and will the child that you delivered, have to deliver you in your old age? Think about it, and know that when you kiss that innocent face of your child, you kiss the face of God.

God Bless, talk soon.

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  • D'Anne Nelson Philadelphia PA

    Tears welled in my eyes as bumps raised on my skin. I have often felt this exact same emotion when I watch my husband with my daughter. I never knew the feeling of a father who loved me or wanted to be with me. BTW, I also cry every time I hear that beautiful song!

  • Rebecca Pace Benton, KY

    Tyler, thank you so much for all your video's, letters, and ALL that you do. God has spoken to me through you, by something you say in the videos and movies, which goes back to something I had asked Him about. I am 52 , disabled and very obese. Your message about deserving good things and being hidden for a time really touched my heart...I have asked God for some things and He has promised that I will have them. Every time I go to Him and talk to him about these things, telling Him that I don't deserve them and just to let Him hold me up to make it through each day, I receive messages from different places...something someone says, a book, someone else's conversation and even a child...that He has not forgotten and it will come. I am hoping to have lap band surgery to help me lose the weight and be able to do what I can't do right now. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you - I so appreciate you and would love to meet you! Many hugs and much thanks, Rebecca

  • Naomi Malden, MA 02148

    Thank you Lord for sending a self-less man into MY life! Thank you Tyler Perry for being patient and obedient to the will that the Lord had in store for you! You are truly something else and i have to say, I just listened to a message in your Inspirational Corner regarding being HIDDEN and it brought tears of joy into my eyes...I'm always whining about the fact that my job doesn't honor me nor the work that I give and the selflessness i've given since starting over 5 years ago...promises, after promises were made for over 2 years for me to receive an upgrade (monetary) my new director indicated that he couldn't "justify" giving me a raise - which he then added upper level duties to my position (meaning i am now to not only do my "2 - person" position but that also of a higher up who left the company) and still not only expects me to do my "jobs" thoroughly but also expects me to wait until January to be reassessed to see if then i will receive the promotion promised in March, 2009. I have been scorned ever since - until now - although a few co-workers received promotions because "they have been doing this positon for the past 2 months now and it's time to get a promotion" (yes this memo/wording was sent to everyone in the company so we could congradulate them!) - I guess it doesn't matter that I haven't albeit a promised made over 2 years prior...yes i was bitter, scorned, angry but most of all hurt (the thought still brings tears to my eyes) but after listening to your message about being hidden, I am determined to look at it as such...I am going to hold onto God's unchanging hand and know that this is where I am supposed to be...remove all the hurt and angry feelings from inside and begin to shine FOR the Lord because it's not about me and that ugliness i was carrying NEEDED to be hidden! =) So even though you may not have intended for it to take this particular effect upon your readers...this reader feels grateful in the way I have received it and i THANK YOU for always giving of yourself - forever stay true to your calling and stay on the course the Lord has chosen for you! For people like me, it's a necessity for you to continue...it keeps me focused...did you ever ask your mom did SHE know her baby boy would be so giving of his talents that would change the world, one person at time?? =)

  • Cheryl Dennis Mansfield, Ga

    Tyler I just read your letter about your up bringing and I guess some times I can relate when I was little about all I can remember of my birth father is going to Atlanta and paying bills or crawling under a car and holding a flashlight for him, then my parents divorced after my older sister died at 26 and by that time I was married, had 3 children and then divorced their father because he wouldn't work all my children had for the most part was me. I'm not proud but I remarried several times trying my best to find a father for my children bad mistake, married one guy and he their father talked my husband at that time into adopting them and he did only to turn his back on them also. I think I did pretty good though raising my kids only one got into trouble with drugs but I think after 40 he decided he better stop and grow up because he's got children watching him and now has 2 grandchildren to watch him so all in all God has been good just wish I could take better care of my family now but things don't always turn out the way we want them to. Tyler I lost my Mother to back in 1997 she was 80 and I miss her even to this day.

  • TC LosAngeles

    Tyler, I subscribe to your readings and I have to admit as a busy mom of two boys I dont have lots of time. But I thought I would take this early Sunday morning while the house is quiet to catch up on your inspirational corner and your readings. I think I was called to this story this morning. I grew up in a divorced home with my mom working 7am-11pm ...me and my sister raising ourselves at 7 years old. "latchkey" kids is the term used in the 80's. The affection and love was missing in our childhood. Im proud to say that the pain that haunts my heart to this day I have turned into love for my two boys. I look them in the eyes multiple times in the day and tell them how much they mean to me and how much I love them. I have a 12 year old and a 4 yr old boy healthy in heart and loved. "Cycle Broken".

  • Nina illinois

    I am so glad you emailed me about up coming movie. I read your very touching story and it made me realize that I grew up without fatherly love. I wonder do you think that families can be cursed? Why I wonder is cause it seems that abusive men just seem to keep following down into each of the generations! My children had to grow up without the love of their father. I wanted to write to you to let you know I came across you during one of my famous abusive relationships and brought laughter through my tears and you gave me a humor during my time of crisis! I had been beaten so badly I am sure I had internal injuries in my stomach, ribs, my head, neck, arms, legs and my faith and trust in men! I like to laugh and be easy going its been a long road to healing my mind, body, & soul since 2008 when my worse nightmare happened! I just want to tell you thank you for being out there writing to me, and praying for me! I love all the movies and the actors and actresses who play in your movies, you all make my whole world a much better place to live in! God Bless You and Keep You!! :)


    Hi I am so thankful, that I have tried my best to operate in Honor and Integrity! Not all my life but since becoming a parent over 22 years ago. I did not want my children to know some of the bad choices made in my past! Especially my daughters! I often prayed that they would not find out about these choices, and God would help them to make different ones. I see them all grown up and one is married the other one getting married next year and I believe God has honored my prayers!


    Everybody have a story,what I'am saying that I have not been at my best.

  • Darica Williams Tulsa

    You are a special person. I can relate to almost all of your stories/life experiences. I was molested and raped by several people throughout my life, some were relatives and some were people my family allowed in without knowing the real person. I just want to thank you for sharing your life with us. So many people want to act as if it never happened or that it shouldn't affect you later in life. As a man I feel you had it harder because society teaches men to not express themselves and to be strong no matter what. You are truly a man of God called to be set apart and raising the standard of excellence. Please continue to be the man that God has called you to be and stay encouraged. Your life is a testimony to other.

  • queen caliifornia

    OMG thats so sweet and sad but true>> peace and blessing>> Queen

  • Melinda Ordonez New York

    Hi, Tyler I've been trying to contact you and it's hard but hopefully you will get this, I am one of those people that's hidden doors won't open, in one of your emails I was fufilled with joy, because you said. It's not your time and you must go through these things to learn, So I've been working on doing my own show and inviting the people, I'm enjoying putting it together hopefully I will open my own door, but one of my wishes is to work with you one day, acting it's my passion I will even do it for free, I love your work and I use some of your pieces on my audditions. Please grant my wish of working with you, if not come see me perform key club Newark Nj November 13 2011, would lovvvve to see you there be safe I'm Melinda ordonez, actress, designer, take care

  • Kimberly Evansville, Indiana

    I wanted to say when my daughter was younger I was always searching for a man to fill the void in my heart due to the lack of parental nurturing from either Father or Mother. The person that really loved me was right in front of me..my daughter. I couldn't see that then, too bad we aren't born with the wisdom age brings, it sure would make life easier. I am white and attended an all black church back in about 2. My daughter was living my life, imagine my horror. She was only with one fella, but still I saw she was repeating my mistakes. I heard a sermon and went and sat in a red velvet chair in the front of the church, they asked me what I needed prayer for. I told them that I was a terrible Mother and my daughter was living my life over and I took responsibility for her actions since I felt I caused her to make these choices. I believe the fact that they I sat in that chair in front of everyone and which made me take the blame that was mine and with their heart felt prayers as well as mine my prayers for her to come to Christ was honored by God. She started going to church with my husband and myself and even though there have been some controversial issues with Mel Gibson, well when he did Passion Of The Christ, it changed my daughters thinking when she attended the movie with us. Then God gave her a dream. He sent this young man to her and he gave her a verse, Isiah 3:16. He told her your heart is good but your actions don't show it. Well she had seem that young fella at church before the dream, came to my house and told me she couldn't get the dream out of her head. I got the bible and we read it..she said "I'm gonna go to hell", she also said that she would lose all her friends (party buddies) at the time if she changed, well she was right. End of the story, she lost those friends, the man in the dream that gave her the verse (by the way she didn't know there was a book in the bible called Isiah) is now her husband since 2005. She has many wonderful friends and her husband runs an inner city ministry (The Dream Center). She gave her heart to Jesus and never looked back, she has a happy life now. They have had struggle's, 3 miscarriages (one almost took her life), one failed adoption. Now she has a 3yr old adopted daughter and then God blessed them with the birth of their son in Feb. 2011. They both share passion for the ministry...what a long story and what a long way from the past. I am now a very good M0ther and an awesome Nana..Peace to you Mr. Perry

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