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Do you know?

Hey there, DO YOU KNOW?

I'm shooting I, ALEX CROSS. It's a James Patterson book that we're making into a movie. I can't remember if I shared that with you or not.

On to the reason I'm writing. A few days ago, I was in the car on my way to set when we stopped at a red light.  I looked up from my script and saw a father walking across the street holding his son's hand.  The child couldn't have been more then 2 or 3years old, this kid was giddy with joy.  I watched this man and his son go into the park and start running and playing. The light changed and as we drove away, I turned around in the back seat to watch them until they were out of sight. My eyes filled with water, I thought to myself, this is really a strange reaction. I was thinking, why did I have such a strong emotional reaction to this father and son? It didn't take long for me to realize that it was because I never had those kind of experiences, never knew that kind of unconditional joy, never knew what it felt like to be wanted and adored as a child.

Which made me think of this question. I wonder if the man I called 'Daddy' as a child, knew then what he knows now, would he have treated me any differently? If he had known, the little boy that depended on him for food and shelter would grow up to be a man that he would have to depend on for food and shelter, would he have made different choices? I realized that my emotion to that moment was about this man loving his child in the purest sense. No matter what the future holds for that little boy, he will always have that moment with his daddy loving him, for him.

There is an old song written by the Gaither's called, MARY, DID YOU KNOW? It's a beautiful song asking Mary, the mother of Jesus, the question, "Did you know that her baby boy would come to save the world?" The lyrics go on to ask, "Mary did you know that when you kissed the little baby, you kissed the face of God?"  My favorite lyric is this one, "Mary, did you know that the child that you delivered will soon deliver you?" That last line makes me think of my own mother. Before she died she often said to me that she had no idea that her little baby boy would be able to take care of her the way I did. I get so much joy knowing that I could and I did. That lets me sleep at night.   Mom, I thank you! You helped me be able to do that.  God bless you!

I want to leave you with these questions. It's for every parent, the good and the bad. DO YOU KNOW who is in your house? DO YOU KNOW whom you're raising, and will the child that you delivered, have to deliver you in your old age? Think about it, and know that when you kiss that innocent face of your child, you kiss the face of God.

God Bless, talk soon.

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  • Allison Dartmouth, NS, Canada

    Reading this post really hit home for me. I am a single adoptive mother of a special needs little boy and I also care for my ailing mother. We are all huge fans of yours and watching all your films a plays make the struggles a tad bit easier! Thank you Mr. Perry!

  • Mike Raleigh, NC

    Reading this post brought tears to my eyes. I never had the opportunity to know that feeling as well. My parents divorced when I was 7 years old and really didn't have a chance to develop a relationship with my father until after I graduated from High School. I often ask myself if my life would have been different if I had a relationship with him while I was young. I thank God for his protection and providing for me and my mother. Tyler you are an inspiration keep up the good work. Whenever, I need a good laugh I can depend on Tyler.

  • Charlotte Los Angeles, Ca. 90047

    I would like to simply say that I enjoy your movies and stage plays, but most of all I enjoy your life story and how you picked yourself up and shared your talent with the world. It was all of GOD's plan. We have to go through something sometime to get to something or become something. Keep doing what you do. Love, Laughter and Life is a very important combination and you have them all.

  • lynda Greene Daytona Beach, Fl 32114

    Mr. Perry, You are so inspiring to everyone. You never forget us little people, and make us feel so special. With 4 generations of my family, proudly state we ALL love you. My 89 yr old mother loves watching the movies I give her. This summer my 7 yr old grand-daughter spent the summer with me, watching over and over House of Payne and Meet the Browns, you rated higher to her then Spongebob and Carly! I would wake up hearing little Vanessa cracking up, she would be watching one of your shows we recorded. Putting laughter into a little grumpy girl so early in the morning, made my day. Couple of episodes she refused to let me erase, watching over and over. She learnt to love you as much as I do. Now her Christmas list includes her wanting me to copy the shows onto a CD so she can have her very own Tyler shows. My childhood was sad like yours. Went thru a very troubled childhood and even as an adult, never knew why I was different or what was the matter with me. Just a bad person. Felt like if people knew me they would hate me. Did manage to raise my 18 yr old grand-daughter. Her parents were going to abort her. My late hubby and I talked, decided we would help the parents all we could if they would let the baby live. Today she's an honor role student doing her last year in High school, very loving and kind hearted, looking forward to college next year, marine biology, we had her from birth. Saving herself for marriage, going down the walk with the Lord. She loves you also. Reading how you overcome your pain, makes me want to learn to overcome mine. Can't get there yet as I can't forgive myself..hopefully someday.. We love you Mr. Perry, stay being you

    • Marie texas #1559151

      Hi I think and pray for your continued success. I love your movies and tv shows. Am missing Are we there yet?

  • Ronda Suffolk, VA

    Tyler, Thank you for touching so many lives. By allowing God to use you, and putting your gifts into action, you not only inspire yourself to strive further along your God-given paths, but you set a tremendous example for others to see that it starts with starting small...step by step you can accomplish your goals and dreams in life with self determination and not allowing negativity to hold you down. You have inspired me, indeed. I am in a crossroad in my life....yet, I have stepped out of "self" and placed my focus on my mother (who is sickly) and my niece (whom I obtained legal guardianship when she was 8 years old). I rarely place attention on my own desires for my life because I feel God has wonderfully blessed me with a second chance at life. You see, when I was 18 years old and in college, I was stricken with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. I became comatosed, and almost died. Yet my mother prayed day and night, never leaving my side at the hospital. She even went to the college to re-enroll me into my second year courses all when I was still hospitalized. I count myself blessed everyday...it has been over 20 years now and I am all healed. The doctors have declared the lupus healed...but my God above deserves all the Glory and Honor because He has given me a second chance at life. So today, my inspiration and goals are to live to touch the lives of others. If God doesn't do another thing for me, I count myself truly blessed. You have inspired me so much, Tyler. Your Inspirational Corner link is a blessing to many, including myself. Please, whatever you do, continue to do what you are doing so that we can continue to be blessed by your life; your movies, plays, websites, etc. Amongst my favorites are: "Madea's Family Reunion," "The Tyler Perry Show," "Why Did I Get Married 1 and 2, to include the Play," and then all the others. I head a group of Junior Missionaries at my church. I try to make our meetings very interesting, adding a little humor, by introducing them to various activities that will keep them interested in this helping ministry. I just love it! Your creativity has inspired me to be creative during our teach and learning sessions. Again, you have truly inspired me and I look forward to more of the Inspirational Corner...and more movies and plays! Take care and God Bless!

  • Ida Washington, DC

    So heart warming. It reminds me so much of how God loves us Unconditionally. The love between a parent and child is that way. In your remembering that time in your life, how do you reconcile it today? Keep up the good work Mr. Perry.

  • Cynthia LeMelle Louisiana

    Dear Tyler, The Inspirational Corner is a wonderful idea. As I remember each and every bad decision I've ever made, I also realize I survived for a reason. For many years I dedicated my every waking moment to working hard, but I didn't work smart. At the end of that journey,all that remained was a sense of disappointment and failure.The desire to live free, to be happy, has brought me to a place of renewed vitality. Like you, I feel my best life is just around the next corner. Your 'truisms' hold a special place in my heart, because I know they are real. But for the Grace of God, I'm still here to dream. As you said, 'there is an appointed time for everything'. My project is real, it is good, and it is possible. One of my favorite truisms: you never know which path life's roads will lead you'. So, you just got to keep moving.

  • Christa Crump VA

    Hi, Tyler. Just reading your message about being hidden. I use to sing but lost the passion. Need help on rekindling the gift & how it would make room for me. Thanks & much love!

  • Brenda Michigan

    Thank you so much for shearing, Tyler you thank your Mon for letting you know how much you took care of her I want too thank her for molding a man.

  • Tina Virginia

    Tyler Perry, I am sitting here tonight thinking about what you said about being a parent. I left my son's football practice this evening with a groin pull thinking I must be the craziest mom in the world for coaching football for my son. But when we got to the car and he told me to get a bath, motrin and the heating pad so matter of factly that I just had to burst out laughing. Not because he was giving me direction, but out of love that my son is able to take care of his mom! He has had a long year of taking care of me because of medical issues (they did not keep me down for long) and has without a doubt delivered me through some rough times when he was the only thing keeping me going. He is only eleven.... I am only 47.... I am a single mom and am so glad that God blessed me with him. I am sorry for your pain, but admire your preserverance.... to run the whole race..... You are an inspiration and without a doubt understand love at it purest state.... thank you Tyler for all you have given of yourself. You are keeping me company on this Friday evening while my son enjoys time with his friends. God's blessing and smile have found a home with you!!! Tina

  • Karla Baltimore

    Dear Mr. Perry, Thank you for the mission of your foundation ...empowering families to overcome adversity by achieving a better quality of life. Well here is an empowering piece of information that many have been praying for and some are dying for. In 2009 the FDA confirmed the CURE for cancer is at 9432 Katy Freeway in Houston, TX. I know it is difficult to get the meaning of this, especially since this month many of us are "racing for the CURE." BUT MR. PERRY THE CURE FOR CANCER IS HERE!!! The FDA acknowledges this CURE is "safe and efficacious" and that it also CURES otherwise incurable cancers like diffuse intrinsic childhood brain stem gliomas as well as 50 other malignancies in cancer patients (yes, including breast cancer) 27-66% of the time!!! Mr. Perry, vet my statement at BurzynskiClinic.com; BurzynskiResearch.com; BurzynskiMovie.com; as well as at cancer.gov. Mr. Perry please. I pray you get an understanding of this non-toxic CURE then get involved. Many powerful people know about this CURE but no one wants to "upset the apple cart" even knowing adults and children are suffering and dying and women are maiming their bodies for lack of a real CURE. Mr. Perry please. Mr. Perry are you listening? Please Mr. Perry, help this FDA confirmed cancer CURE reach the general public. Thank you for the warmth and caring you exude and the difference they make. Karla

  • Marcella usa

    Good evening my brother and friend, Blessed be the day of the LORD... I recall a short, yet special moment during high school. Some illegal substance was planted in the school locker, and of course it happen to be my locker. Well, due to this, I was called into the office, also to wait for my father's arrival. Afterward just about the time to open the car door entering in, my father said,"why are you doing this and acting this way? Do you know I love you? The answer was, "No I didnt" From this time on, I began a journey seeking why dont people just say how much you care for them and, or just say, "I Love YOU (if you do) Joey or Darlene, what ever your child name is. I am another sister who never had the pleasure of hearing the words between my parents. I have long understood a generational situation. From that time until the presence, I speak the word,"I love you" and activate the work of showing indeeds. Gods blessings

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