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If you've ever cheated, if you've ever thought about cheating, if you've ever wanted to cheat or if you've been cheated on...YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! TEMPTATION! The most powerful movie I've ever done.

Have you ever had the feeling that something was missing in your relationship? Have you ever wondered if you could feel something more than what you have in your relationship? 

Be careful with those thoughts... we covet through what we see! What are you looking at?!

When seduction becomes obsession, the last person you can trust is yourself. 

TEMPTATION! My new movie!

Tell me what you think!

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  • tehhbaby killeen tx

    I will love to see this movie. Can't wait until it comes out. I have been cheated on multiple of timed. But the I have will not let me turn down. I have faith ever thing will turn around for the better. Your movies are do inspirational (: ♡♡♥♥

  • Amanda Boutwell Baker,Louisiana

    I have cheated you right temptation will be there I let it get to me I wish I could rewind time and start over Where I would not have cheated I also been cheated on

  • Ialana Rhea-Butler

    I cannot wait to see it, Tyler! We all have been through it at some point, cheated, been cheated on, whatever, LOL it is something that happens in life, no one is perfect. We just have to learn from our mistakes is all. Thoughts can get you in trouble, LOL, sad but true huh? I love you and all that you do Mr. Perry!

  • Dee New Orleans

    Wow... You've done it again! You've managed to write the story of my life, I just wish u would have done it 7 years ago!

  • William James 9100 so Drexel

    Come on Tyler now you know that this is my script, you suppose to be a God fearing man, why would you just take my script and call it yours, I have a wife and 8 kids, I was raise with no mother or father, I been on my own since I was 16 years old, God sees everything we do, the only time I feel good is when I'm writing, don't no sin go unpunished, why would you take something I work hard on. I really thought I knew you, how you be talking about God, I guess that was just talk, I have sent you a letter and you haven't responded to the letter, now I must take it a step higher, my wife ask me, why haven't you called, I told her that you were a busy man and that you will, so now I'm asking you why haven't you call, I keep defending you to all my family and friends, when they read the intro and seen the trailer they thought we have talked, my attorney told me not to contact you, I think this should be between me, you and God, if you don't contact me, I guess I will see you in court some time very soon then, this is a little personal, I really hope that we can have a business relationship after this.

    • viola Nigeria #1793805

      Wow! What is this I am reading? William, Tyler Perry stole your script from you? Okay...obviously, I am a fan of Tyler. But I also know Tyler is not perfect. However, without bias, William...I just read your post and sorry to say, but with the way you use your punctuation signs...I wonder how you would actually write a script! If you want to stir doubt on this site, please do a good job! I am sure many others(including you) will agree with me. Tyler, I can't wait to watch Temptation! God bless you immensely!



  • Lady from Africa South Africa

    I am currently in a relationship that seemingly appears good. However, I feel a strong conviction that it not God's choice for me. Strange thing is that the more I watch your movies, the more I feel this conviction....... The messages portrayed in your movies are so powerful and it speaks directly to my heart. After being out with my partner and then he drops me at home and I return to the quiet space of my bedroom, I lie awake, thinking ...... There must be more..... Why do I feel so empty? Then I find myself reading through your messages and the conviction grows.... God bless Tyler Perry - thank you for being the voice of conviction and now I pray that God will strengthen me to make the right decisions. Best wishes from South Africa

  • Stella Nairobi, Kenya

    I can't wait to watch it!

  • Raxine TX

    March 29th is not getting here fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uggghhhh!!!! Luv the trailer so far and I luv the way we can take you, as a person/human being (and STILL Man of God), out of the "box". Art does indeed imitate life. And I have a great appreciation for the Arts. Thank you for stretching your skills and I am encouraging you to continue to do so, as long as you promise to be authentically you! ;-) P.S. PREPARE TO ACCEPT YOUR AWARD(S) DURING THE 44TH NAACP IMAGE AWARDS!!!!!!! I VOTED!!!!!!!!! :-) Oh yeah, and P.S.S. I made sure to vote for the Phylicia Rashad for Best Supporting Actress as well. She is the one who made me want to "Act" (as a dreaming child) in the first place. And although I am so-ooooooo in love with her style and refined presentation, that Thandie Newton did an AWESOME job also! (I wish that you would pull these two together for some acting lesson sessions for the rest of us----I would be so there!) ;-) TTYL. With Kindest Regards, DeAnn Raxine

  • TAFT GADDY detroit


  • Alicia college park . ga.

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  • Darryl Johnson San Diego

    Hello Mr. Perry, Love your work, plays , movies just wish I could get them all back due to the fact that they were stolen from my apartment . Mr. Perry please.... please put House of pain back on...... and meet the Browns.. I miss them so much..

    • April Ft. Smith, AR #1796814

      I cant wait 2 see this movie. I have been a fan of Mr.Tyler Perry for years. I too had all of his movies and stage plays on DVD. Like Darryl they were ALL stolen. I was in the process of moving and left them at a "friends" house. It was around the time when Why did I get married 2 came out. Needless to say I am longer friends with that person. Because where we live - Tyler's movies and stage plays are hard 2 find.

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