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If you've ever cheated, if you've ever thought about cheating, if you've ever wanted to cheat or if you've been cheated on...YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! TEMPTATION! The most powerful movie I've ever done.

Have you ever had the feeling that something was missing in your relationship? Have you ever wondered if you could feel something more than what you have in your relationship? 

Be careful with those thoughts... we covet through what we see! What are you looking at?!

When seduction becomes obsession, the last person you can trust is yourself. 

TEMPTATION! My new movie!

Tell me what you think!

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  • evelen mcdonald

    Sound llike a pretty good movie, can't wait until I see it

  • Whitney mable U.s

    I wish their were somebody that looked n acted like madea.... I love her!!!!!! I watch all her plays n movies

  • susan falmouth

    im a pretty loyal woman so if my marriage was going bad iwouldlove to sit with tmy partner and talk how i feel

  • Leah Curry-Williams Atlanta, GA

    Tyler, This subject is so relevant for today. Even though I know what the Bible says about the last days, I just didn't think that I would see infidelity being so open and expected. God help us! I can hardly wait to see this movie! I can tell that it's going to be powerful! Thank you for always keeping it real and giving us something to think about. Love you to life.

    • Divine Consulting Chi-Town #1783861

      All that means is the devil is being exposed and will help make married couples work all the more harder to save their marriage like the couples use to do around Madea's days!! Divorce was un heard of and things were worked through...I am a very big advocate for marriage counseling, family, individual and group counseling (It "helps others empower themselves" to do right) with God in the midst...not only are we hearers, readers but we must be doers of the Word!! Jesus was tempted!! If we keep seeing things like this movie, it will help those people doing the cheating and being cheated on to be a little more empathetic and may be think twice and not put themselves in situations and places that will allow them to be tempted beyond measure....I am hearing a song "beyond measure!"

  • Carla Warren Hyde Park MA

    I have not seen the movie but I did see the trailer park reviews and the movie reviews seem wonderful and I just cannot wait to see the movie TEMPTATION.

  • Krista NC

    You had me reflecting this morning. If the truth be known, looking back it was the lesser of two evils that I endured affliction from someone else rather than cause that affliction in someone else's life. I am not innocent of causing offense to others, but infidelity, betrayal & deception...the breaking of a heart & one's spirit is of the deepest affliction of man's soul. One of these offenses speaks of the humility of being a part of this fallen world (in the world you will have afflictions...), the other speaks of having the da.m.n.ed vices of base man: that self-centered, never satisfied, pleasure seeking, greed filled, lust demanding, un-redeemed state that does damage to others through it's selfish acts of secret (even Wide Open!) fulfilment. It proves man is sick in our unregenerate state; the hurt, tragedy, pain, destruction....does one need more proof? Unfortunately, the consequences spare neither the victim nor perpetrator; it's scope & ramifications far reaching in time and space. There are going to be offenses in this world: woe to them that bring them! Of this TEMPTATION: I will be the reciever, again, before I ever become the giver, the first time; if I must even drink from the cup as I have before. My hope is to never pass that way again. Thanks for the reflection...the facts of life.

  • Marletta Priscilla Fomby flowery Branch Georgia a long way away from Michigan, right, but i like it, God is working on my...........

    Hey Tyler I got your message and no I am not a cheater, my loyality is to strong to mustard the thought. No I have not looked at the snapshot of your up coming movie that you have laid forth for me to view and give my very keen eye from my father. I will get to this in my next email to you, right now I want to talk about something different! Can you believe that it is the 3rd of Jan already? 11, what does that mean to you? Until next time yours truely Marletta

  • Quencella Achan humble, texas

    First off Happy New Year!!!!! It is a New Year for new beginnings. I thank you for the wonderful birthday gift U shared with the upcoming film trailer for your new movie TEMPTATION!!! It looks like it is going to be a trail of trouble, but I was glad to see the faces starring in it. Best of luck to you at the box office with this one. I will be there. God Bless You, Tyler & Pleaseeee keep doing what you do!!!!!!! MAKING GREAT MOVIES WE CAN ALL BE PROUD OF!!!!!!!! Quencella

  • Temeka M. Jones Montgomery, AL

    Mr. Perry as always your movies says something too me. It touches me in a way you can never imagine.. This movie definitely speaks and I plan too take one of my good friends who is like a sister too me too see it when it comes out.. She has been through so much in the ear of 2012 that I cannot possible began too tell you. So my prayer is that this movie will enlighten her and help her and build her back up. Before I was married I knew what it ws like to be cheated on. where you put your all into a person and all they do is shatter you. I too am a testimony in itself and I am still going through with my finances and my husband trying to maintain work because of his circumstances and ordeal he has been through. I cry at night but never give up. It is God's grace and mercy who sees us through especially with my boys. So you are an inspiration too me and you are indeed a man after God's heart. There is so much more I want too say but I am going too stop here. You are blessed to be a blessing and God has a lot in store for you. God bless and keep reaching for the high calling...

  • Roni

    T easing E xcited for M ore P assionate T ruth A cceptance T hat I nspires us to see O ur actions will N ever stop the ripple effect on all involved in temptation! loved the trailer my thoughts on temptation- confessions of a marriage counsellor. I cannot wait to see your take on relationships always a difficult topic to approach.

  • Debbie Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

    Your new movie resonated with me. It has the same surface beauty that relationships can have covering up some ugly thoughts and actions that can fester and bubble below - and of course all to often rises up and destroys that beauty. I've been cheated on and as a result cheated on that person. It's a sad and destructive choice. When the choice is made for you it's the saddest and one of the most heart wrenching things in the world. Your world as you know it falls apart. I would never have married if it wasn't forever. It felt like I was home with him - it broke me. My reaction of straying myself was to stop my pain but I was unable to continue. It has changed me and how I deal with relationships now. I'm protective and independent which belies my fear of going that deep and having it all pulled away. Now I pray for a mature, grown up , no games mate. Until then I'd rather be alone then have something beautiful destroyed. Looking forward to seeing your movie. And on a much lighter note looking forward to seeing Mr. Gross - very nice ....

  • lee South Carolina

    This movie looks like it going to be one of your best, can't wait to see it.

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