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Don't Let Anybody Define You!

I live my life outside of the box because when I die they're going to put me into one!

Many times in this life, people will try to tell you what you can and cannot do. They will also try to tell you who you are and who you are not. DON’T LET ANYBODY DEFINE YOU! When I was a kid, I had a teacher tell me that I would never be a millionaire because I was black and the system was set up to keep me down. This was a TEACHER! Can you believe that? I’m so glad that my little boy mind didn’t accept that. I have often been told that I wouldn’t make it because I was poor or because of the color of my skin. I had family members tell me I would never make it and my dreams would never come true for one reason or another... boy were they wrong. If I had listened to any of those voices I wouldn’t be here writing this to you. Hear me when I say this to you: no matter what anyone says to you, LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Follow that still small voice inside of you. That is GOD’s Holy Spirit and I think we all have the capacity to hear that voice. We just need to still ourselves to hear it. You must silence all the outside voices in order to hear THE voice. I try to stay as clear as I can so that I can hear it. It’s not always easy, but necessary.
This is your life. Make decisions based on your own path. Let no one define it for you!

If you live the life everyone else wants you to live and you never live the life you want to live, then are you really living??
Life is so short... Live it to the fullest!!
Tell me what your life’s dreams are. Talk to me on the message board at tylerperry.com/talk

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  • Angie Indiana

    If I had know this, I wouldn't have spent the past hour trying to figure out how to tweet!! Just finished my "Madea Marathon." I want you to know you are the best, the best, the best! The part where you are telling Byron in the play, Madea's Big Happy Family, about being a man is working and putting on a dress on the stage to support your family made me roll out of my bed. The dog done think I went crazy. Have a bad day, make it a Madea day and all is good. I love you!!!

  • gloria decatur

    Hi Tyler; A great day; hear this but wait hope your day is a great day; yes going to the house of God; off the bus going up the hill, did not feel, like how i dress, pants and turn around and did not go,carzy is it?, just bust the move; lol....not funny..

  • shaza elarabi KSA

    Hi,Tyler my name is Shaza Iam 33 african woman from Sudan Ilive in Saudi Arabia mother of two children their father leave me and went China when my second son was 57 days now he is ten years old leave me in abad sitution in Saudi Arabia with out legal documents for me and my children Ihave big big big big problem to join my sons to school because they have not legal documents and that is hurt me and make me crying every day.Tyler all this years Iwake up and Iam very scary because we have not legal documents and that is against the law in this country .Isent my message over 700 times to mama Oprah email and thousands time in Harpo answer machine and Isent mail in 2008 with my photo and my children photos to Harpo Prodiction and not find replay.please please please Tyler help me you and mama Oprah to live in America to find chance of work and good teaching to my children.Iknow you are busy man but Ipray every day to read my message and call me.sorry about my English Iam not very good at English Ispeak Arabic.THANK YOU.

  • Terrie Glendale, Arizona

    Hi Tyler, My dream is to write a childrens book about my early childhood. I would love to give one to each of my family members before another passes away. I just dont know where to start with illustrations getting it together and so on. My life is being a great grandparent to my grandson and teaching him about the Lord God so he will have a better life. I would love to start my own business, be it making my own jewelry or black art. I am so all over the place and just haven't found the one thing to pull me hard enough to stay committed.

  • charm maryland

    my biggest dream is just to live.....sounds easy right!!! but when u literally feel like the life has been sucked out of u...its kinda hard. so my dream would be to just Live,.the greatest gift from above.

  • Elder R.C. Jones Chicago, IL

    The greatest gift we can give each other is to help bring the spirit of God that dwells in each of us out. Even when we forget who, and whom's, we really are. Evil (separation from God...in mind) is at it's greatest in us when we forget whose image and likeness we were created in. When we look in the mirror let us look past our own reflection and see our true image and likeness. And may God give us the wisdom to show others... and ourselves, that He "is" one of us.

  • Elroy Herman Atlanta

    I just want to say that I am proud of your accomplishments! God has allowed you to bless a lot of people. There are so many people that are blessed and do not share their blessings. Thank you for being an example of how to share your blessings!

  • Shannon Jordan New Orleans, LA

    You asked what is my biggest dream - I had dreams and hope to travel but at 53 yrs old now my biggest dream is to help my mother who is 80 yrs old and is my heart besides my son. To help her pay off her home, she is on a fixed income of $736.00 per month the mortgage is $1100.00 per month. To make a long story short we left N.O. from Hurricane Katrina and she lost everything & relocated to Lafayette. I was laid off Dec 2011 couldn't find a job there and had to go back to N.O. I found a job in the hospitality industry (over 30 yrs experience) but the job is is not paying what I use to make years ago (BUT THANK GOD I HAVE A JOB) I had to leave her behind because she is afraid of going back to N.O. & I can't blame her at her age. Anyway by me leaving her I now have expenses of my own and I can't help her. She is barely trying to stay afloat with a mortgage & utilities. I am trying to hold my own in the city but my BIGGEST (DAILY) WORRY & DREAM is she doesn't lose her home When you have a mother who lost everything and the first time i heard her cry was when she going to get a house and I vowed I would do everything in my power & GOD did he blessed use with a house and I don't want her to lose it but there is little I can do. I was paying 1/2 the mortgage as I promised. I ask God all through the day, night & wee hours asking, begging, pleading with him to open the doors for her. Not for me but for her. I know by us being seperated it feels like a h*** in your heart and she is besides my son she is my world and I would do anything for her. I feel my hands are tied but I have to work & where I lived the reservation positions are limited and permanent positions there. But I do have HOPE, FAITH, & TRUST. Maybe this is our season to go through. But I thank GOD daily for everything that I have been through, going through and have to go through because he said he will never leave me nor forsake me and I continue the thank him for my daily bread. God said where there is two or three gathered in his name. All I ask is for two or three to gather with me in prayer to help her with this mortgage. Thank you for letting me share -Shannon Jordan

    • California California #1724442

      Dear Shannon, I was so touched and moved by your post. You are clearly such a good daughter with such a beautiful heart. Your faith has been a testimony and an inspiration for me. Just wanted to respond so you wouldn't feel like you put this message out in vain and no one heard you. When I read your post, I stopped where I was and prayed for/with you. All of your efforts are not in vain, please stay encouraged and continue on. The Lord works in mysterious ways but He always comes through. I thank the Lord that he has seen you through this far. I pray that His will and His grace are advanced in your life and His blessing continues to fall on you and your family.

    • A Sister who cares, feel your pain USA #1725953

      My brother, Shannon.....TO GOD BE THE GLORY! I can understand most of your pain. My aunt is over 103 years old and wants to go back to her home, but because of her age and health she unable to live alone. Her house is now with the roof needing to be replace and probably mold and mildew inside the home because of the rain. This is to let you know that you're not alone with life issues and where two or three gathered in JESUS NAME, HE IS IN THE MIST! Malachi 3:10 would be a good chapter to read. If u have (FAITH) of a mustard seed, you will obey what Malachi says to do. Try it and watch Gods word work for you and even your 80 year old mother. I encourage a woman with income of $700 and so much fear of not being able to pay her electric bill if she paid her (TITHES). God knows when your mind is made up so he blessed her with a letter three days before it was time to pay her (TITHES) that an agency was going to pay her bill. The Lord says: he would rebuke the devourer for you! Shannon....Trust the Lord! I would love to come back to Tylers message board and read how you and your mother have been BLESSED!

  • david rawlings nashville tn

    thanks tyler for the word it heip me see the way of my life in how i bin living it you in god working thur you have help me see the light and i will never turn back and if you know anyone h* need a good worker please let know ok have a wonderful and bless day love you man

  • Veronica Marshall Memphis TN

    your message really hot my core. there's something in me that will not stop hoping. I had many opportunities to pursue my dreams of being on stage in theatre, acting, writing, etc.. but when opportunities presented itself i choose my children because at that time they were very young. Instead; I completed my MBA in hope to secure a better future for us all. No, real accomplishment there because it only hurt me when seeking employment. I volunteer for theatre when time permits. Sometimes I wonder, If I missed my opportunities and if so, I have no regrets because my children are now successful and on the right path. I'm an artist of poetry and abstract painting, a lifelong passion. I still have faith and believe even at my age of 43. I have no doubt that one day all of the bad will be turned for good. For His purpose. I don't believe He brought me this far to leave me. You stay blessed!


    Heyy Tyler!, well, my life dream use to be to become a writer. I use to LOVE writing stories and poems. I wrote a manuscript about how I come to have sooo much FAITH in GOD and JESUS and sent it to Dorrance Publishing to self publish. But of course, another obstacle came my way and left me without a job for the last 6months. Iknow my manuscript needs a little work but it's really hard to find a good agent or publishing company who is willing to take chances on "unknown" authors. Now-a-days they invest in "well-known" authors or "stars" because they know that's where the money is. I remember back in the day publishers use to "give ppl a chance" but now it's all about the mighty dollar. I don't care if I see my manuscript published into ONE book lol, really I don't. That would still be an accomplishment for me! In saying all this, I now try to help my kids figure out what it is they would like to explore and I try my best to help them in anyway possible. I feel it's very important that they know they have someone that's there for them and although my mother LOVED us very dearly, I didn't have that growing up. Well, Im about to shut up and get off this computer and I will talk with you next time. Until then............*May GOD continue to BLESS you each and every day!* CRYSTAL

  • Sonia Ohio

    Tyler what a great message! I enjoyed it so much! Thank you for the uplifting word. Often times I feel something inside of me stir and I start to create things or work out an idea and some of my friends try to shoot me down. I am so inspired now to keep moving forward. My dream is to see others happy. I take small gift baskets or just gifts to one of our battered womens secret shelter in the city. Every holiday those women are hidden away so I go to spread a small token of love for the holiday it can be the 4th of July it does not matter. We come together and share a few moments of gift giving, laughing, crying and we always end in prayer. My friends say I am crazy to get stuff for those womens but my friends aren't me. I still see worth in people, even when they seem to be down on hard times. I am researching something now that is stirring in me this idea will be a great blessing military families (this venture will bring in the some revenue so I have to proceed wisely). Well just wanted to drop a word and say THANK YOU FOR INSPIRATION. I read your messages right before bed and I am back up at 5 am. So I can't respond as often as I would like. By the way I enjoyed watching Bobby Christina on your show. Keep up the great thoughts I enjoy them and NEED THEM. May success CONTINUALLY be yours.

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