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Don't Let Anybody Define You!

I live my life outside of the box because when I die they're going to put me into one!

Many times in this life, people will try to tell you what you can and cannot do. They will also try to tell you who you are and who you are not. DON’T LET ANYBODY DEFINE YOU! When I was a kid, I had a teacher tell me that I would never be a millionaire because I was black and the system was set up to keep me down. This was a TEACHER! Can you believe that? I’m so glad that my little boy mind didn’t accept that. I have often been told that I wouldn’t make it because I was poor or because of the color of my skin. I had family members tell me I would never make it and my dreams would never come true for one reason or another... boy were they wrong. If I had listened to any of those voices I wouldn’t be here writing this to you. Hear me when I say this to you: no matter what anyone says to you, LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Follow that still small voice inside of you. That is GOD’s Holy Spirit and I think we all have the capacity to hear that voice. We just need to still ourselves to hear it. You must silence all the outside voices in order to hear THE voice. I try to stay as clear as I can so that I can hear it. It’s not always easy, but necessary.
This is your life. Make decisions based on your own path. Let no one define it for you!

If you live the life everyone else wants you to live and you never live the life you want to live, then are you really living??
Life is so short... Live it to the fullest!!
Tell me what your life’s dreams are. Talk to me on the message board at tylerperry.com/talk

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  • Warlyne Johnson Jersey City, NJ

    Mr. Perry.you have no idea how much you have encouraged me with those words. My veryown brother was just pounding the words in my head that because I am a black woman I am not supposed to own a home, have a career, drive a nice car, be "that" smart, or live independently. That I think like a white "woman!" That I am suppose to depend on a man to take care of me, be at his mercy. I replied I have no choice but to have my own home, be a nurse, drive a practical vehicle, be the top of my class 4.0 GPA, and No!!! I don't think like a white woman. It is in my DNA. My Daddy is "GOD" the earth is the Lords and the fullness there of.... Yet these things do not define me... They are just a part of my inheritance because I believed.

  • Derek Winrow United States

    That's right Tyler I have never been one to be a follower, congrats on your success and your movies proud of you man.

  • roxanne philip trinidad

    I thought about you today and what you have accomplished, it made me realize that i need to work even harder and longer to achieve the dreams i have. Thank you for the inspiration, and as time progresses maybe you do read these mails but even if you don't i'll keep sending and using you as an outlet for my frustrations or highlights for my achievements, why because you have inspired me to this level . Thanks Roxanne

  • Courtney Kelly- Watkins United States


  • judy sc

    hey perry how are you i have this to ask you if a man walks out on you then when you text him asking if its over he texys back asking to meet you and then you go and seee him at his moms with someone else has his phone off then text me the next day saying how he loves me then i tell him i know bout her after that he will not as much look at me i have tryed to talk to him but only she will send me stuff like 13 more days till our wedding looks like you not geting him back jokes on you hahaha so what should i do i really dont beleave they are married yes he liveing with her and still will not talk to due to his family stopping him his kids and mom and dad what do i do i really love this man was with him for 13 years of my life i have had trouble with my health i got i broke jaw that will not heal i cant get teeth take alot of meds high blood heart and other meds i dont want any one else maybe you can help me out with this god blesss and i love you in all of ur movies keep em comeing my friend

  • christine thomas manchester nh

    hey mr perry i just wanted 2 say how happy an proud i am of bobbi kristina her mom would be so proud an im so glad that she has somethin 2 look forward 2 now 2 keep her busy an she has u as a role model in her life an ur right life s way 2 short i wanna share somethin with u when i was in junior high an high school i was in the choir because i loved 2 sing an dance u see i could not decide what i wanted 2 do out of these 3 things. 1sing & dance 2 work with children 3be a stay at home mom. well............ i ended up bein a stay at home mom my friends would tell me that i should try an be a singer an dancer but i got really scared when i would think about preforming in front of alot of ppl dont get me wrong there are some days i wish i had did the singing an dancein but being a stay at home mom i would not change it for anythin in the world my kids mean the world 2 me i wanna wish bobbi kristina the very best u have a really big heart mr perry u have also come along way an as long as ur happy with ur life right now then thats all that matters god has been really good 2 u an u desserve it thank u for listening i hope i made sence keep up the great work an god bless u

  • satara williams miami fla.

    hi just checking to see if you are o.k . I know that you are very b.

  • Dee-Dee Alabama

    You have truly inspired me in so many ways, especially by your message. So i'm going to listen to the still small voice. Tyler it is my DREAM to sing for you and work for you.I honestly have a work to do for the lord and besides i'm tired of not being able to sleep at night. You know how it be when you have a work to do for the lord but you aint moving fast enough and then it's like he won't let you sleep at night. LOL But let me tell you something.At the age of 17 I lost my sight and was completely BLIND. The doctors wanted to cut my head open and do a surgery. He told me that if i had the surgery he could only guarantee 5% of my sight and that if i didn't i would never see again. SO I DECIDED NOT TO HAVE THE SURGERY AND TRUST GOD....They told me i was makin a foolish mistake. But because i trusted i God i stand here at 20 yrs old with 80% of my sight. AINT GOD GOOD. But i said all that to say that i gotta do this work for the lord and share my gift with the world but i need your help. I audition for your talent search but didnt win.but if you would please take a minute to type "Tyler Perry Talent Search 2012" that's me on the first page in a purple shirt OR you can type in this link ....THANK YOU

  • Lily Omaha. Nebraska.

    Hi Tyler, I wasn't quite sure how to contact you and I hope your assistant gets this to you. I have seen your face in my dreams at least 3times wanting to cast me in your shows and each time I will get up before the end of it. Each time I had told you that acting is of no interest of mind. This was before I saw any of your shows/movies. In 2oo6 I went to blockbuster for something else and stumbled into the diary of a mad black woman. Being in the midwest, I never heard of Tyler Perry before then so seeing your face as a lawyer in that movie was a like wao I have seen this face before. Anyway, I have always enjoyed your advises during and after your shows. I like most that, you are in God. My anty came from Africa and bought all your shows and movies. She calls Madea her friend. That has become my gift to her anytime I travel. I am yet to achieve my dream. I have started with the little I have but needs sponsorship. I am very talented in designing and making fashions. I have made and sold few but, I need to hire people and buy industrial equipment. My hope is to have a line that is made here in America. Congratulations in achieving your dreams and God bless.

  • Dee-Dee Alabama

    You have truly inspired me in so many ways and especially by your message. So i'm going to listen to the still small voice. Tyler it is my DREAM

  • Vonnie Bx

    i have a dream to be happy in the next job I obtain right now I am very unhappy working for the school system it is not what it should be nor could be .i am looking for a way out.

  • Tonia Evart, MI

    Hello Tyler, I am so glad I checked my email this morning, when life gets you down it's the body of Christ that needs to s**** together. I was driving home from work this morning with my brother and we were talking about the state of the company that we work for, they are currently laying off 49 people and in the process of doing this they are doing some restructuring, so there is a possibiliy that I may have to re-adjust my whole schedule. Now I am greatful to have a job, please don't misunderstand, however I am not trying to stay there any longer than I have to, I was telling my brother that maybe I should take the voluntary layoff they are offering, and I had not yet told any of my family that I am moving when I graduate, so talking about taking the layoff was probably not the best idea. They think that pursing an acting career in a joke, and that I am never goign to make it, they say that going to school for Theatre was a waste of my time. So when my brother statred to lecture me this morning about what a good job I have and how stupid he thought I was being, I said you know we are not guaranteed a long life on earth, I was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer at the age of 34, Thank God I am today cancer free, but that put a whole lot into perspective. That is a cancer they do not even check for until you are 50, I told him I am not just going to continue to sit here and go to a job that I hate and never do the things that God has for me, Im May I will graduate with an Associate in Arts Degree: Theatre and I am moving. My whole life all I ever wanted to do was entertain, when I was little I swore that someday I was moving to New York and I was going to be on Guiding Light, we you can imagine my disappointement when the show was cancelled, however I have put my life and my dreams on hold for to long because I was doing what everyone else told me to do, never wanting anyone to be mad at me. Well enough is enough, next summer I am on my way to California, I am going to write a screen play, I am going to achieve all the dreams and goals that God has set before me, and I want to thank you for being so inspirational, your words have confirmed my thoughts, and that is how the body of Christ is supposed to be. All on one accord Thank You again. Tonia

    • Tonia Evart, MI #1722789

      I just want to clarify that the second line in my comment was supposed to say "stick together" my computer must have auto corrected, I am so sorry about that.

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