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Don't Let Anybody Define You!

I live my life outside of the box because when I die they're going to put me into one!

Many times in this life, people will try to tell you what you can and cannot do. They will also try to tell you who you are and who you are not. DON’T LET ANYBODY DEFINE YOU! When I was a kid, I had a teacher tell me that I would never be a millionaire because I was black and the system was set up to keep me down. This was a TEACHER! Can you believe that? I’m so glad that my little boy mind didn’t accept that. I have often been told that I wouldn’t make it because I was poor or because of the color of my skin. I had family members tell me I would never make it and my dreams would never come true for one reason or another... boy were they wrong. If I had listened to any of those voices I wouldn’t be here writing this to you. Hear me when I say this to you: no matter what anyone says to you, LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Follow that still small voice inside of you. That is GOD’s Holy Spirit and I think we all have the capacity to hear that voice. We just need to still ourselves to hear it. You must silence all the outside voices in order to hear THE voice. I try to stay as clear as I can so that I can hear it. It’s not always easy, but necessary.
This is your life. Make decisions based on your own path. Let no one define it for you!

If you live the life everyone else wants you to live and you never live the life you want to live, then are you really living??
Life is so short... Live it to the fullest!!
Tell me what your life’s dreams are. Talk to me on the message board at tylerperry.com/talk

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  • Yvette Strong Jackson,Ms

    Tyler, Just a synopsis of my life story, I always wanted to be a Nurse (RN) and own an Assisted living home. At the age of thirty five, I am on my way to accomplish these goals so, I thought. After being married for eleven years, now im going thought a sepration. I have big dreams. I know that God is able to bring me through all of this, but it's very hard when you have three girls, no job and in school. My story goes on... it helps just telling you that much. Thanks, Yvette Strong

  • Pattie Yanceyville,NC

    At 40 years old .... I am defining who I am so sad that it has taken this long for me to do it.....

  • jackie marino 99 Albion st. apt a, Wakefield Ma, 01880

    I been a listener all my life! you are soooo right and I have a ache in my heart who dont...

  • andre boulware washington dc

    Thanks for the encouragement and Godly reminder

  • Geraldine Iquo Okon Abuja,Nigeria

    Mr Tyler, this is so True! I am who God says I am & no one has a right to define me. Thanks the Wonderful message. You are my Hero because your messages give me so much hope & inspiration that keeps me always looking forward to read your messages. God bless u.

  • OnlyOneMe Arizona

    All I can say is this is a great post and at a perfect time in life. Hearing that voice is like drinking water when you are not thirsty only to find out you have been dehydrated for a while. Anyway, it seems as though the best way to be positive about the direction is to struggle through the process, but most want the instant gratification. The ability to be blessed is to be a blessing yourself and not always in a charitable form. You can only imagine a situation when you have become so overwhelmed that nothing else is worth doing. Some people go a whole lifetime living within the path of what is safe. Only to find that what was once was safe is now hard because the bar for satisfaction is no longer defined from within. Since you now have this external influence of media, shows and blog, and so forth to define prospective happiness. Where is the true measure of accomplishment born? Keeping a solid listen to what is within and allowing it to grow from what has been placed inside most of the time from external influence is key. You may have had an impression of what you thought would be presented in this post Mr. Perry, but the revelation of it was probably more profound then even you imagined. I think it was for that purpose that being truly influenced is not always well planned or in order or even intelligent, but it's life changing and that means more to a true viewer participant.

  • Wyvonnia Newnan, Ga

    My dream is to have my book published. It is now being edited. My other dream is to fulfill my father's dream of a Scholarship Fund in his name for his grandchildren, and proceeds from the book will do that. My father's dream was for all of his grandchildren to be educated and most of them are, but this is for the ones who are not so well off. I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! That's what faith is about!!!

  • Anne Kamukazi Kampala, Uganda.

    My dream is to build something that will last even when i am gone. i want to be like you, shut out everyone who wants to define me and press on. i want to fulfill what my father in heaven put me here to be and do. we are all here for a purpose and my dream is to fulfill mine through Christ who strengthens me.

  • Teresa Renae Taylorsville, Paradise in Ga.

    Tyler had a thought to share... have you thought about doing something with the opposite of what the usuall is... add a side kick that is white.. maybe a southern older Bff or a executive assistant or neighbor, etc.. on any of your shows.. just a suggestion... would be diff and interesting how you blend it and let it flow.. could be really awesome show...:))

  • Teresa Renae Taylorsville, Paradise in Ga.

    Just wanted to say ... cant wait for the Alex Cross to come out. One of my favorite reads. I can already say I do hope there is a Alex Cross series that you will deliver...thank you for all you do... herd about the lady and the van and have to say ...I know it had to be a blessing to her and her familiy. .. keep paying it forward.. were not living if were not giving.. "He adds to what is given " keep the faith ... have a wonderful week. much <3 always.

  • Jodi TX

    Mr. Perry, I am a Substance Abuse Counselor in a prison setting. I sometimes reference your stories and your characters in my group sessions as examples of faith and submitting to God. I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom that you could provide me to pass on to my clients...they are hungry for inspiration.

  • Margarita Williamson cape town

    WoW! what more could be said you are blessed Tyler Thankyou for you being just you x My Biggest Dream is to see that my/our children grow to be God Fearing Adults for them to be happy and content in their lifes. and My Dream for myself I want to come even closer to God!

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