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Don't Think I'm Crazy...

Don't think I'm crazy, lol. Have you ever turned off all the lights in your house and used the light from your cell to lead you to the room you were trying to get to (and no my lights are not cut off..lol)? I turn the cell phone light toward my feet and walk to where I'm going in the dark all the time.  I was doing that tonight and something made me smile. Ok, tell me if you've ever done it before and then I'll tell you what moved me about it tomorrow. I'll tell you by noon!  :-) Hit me up on the message board…

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  • rose johnson Memphis,Tn

    Yeah i was just doing that last night to get from the bathroom to my room. Didnt want to hit my toe while i was turning so i think its actually kinda smart or just lazy. which ever way it still works

  • Yaderia Owens Phoenix, AZ

    Done it many times before and still do it. Don't know what I would do without me cell these days.

  • Teisa Indiana

    Really????........Tyler you need to go sit down somewhere...with the light off! :-)

  • j** newyork

    I do that mostof time use my cellphone as a light and its usually most of the time.

  • Donna Webster New Market, Alabama

    Ha ha, you were talking about using the light off of your cell phone to see in the dark. Here lately I take my house phone and do the same thing cause everyone's asleep by the time I get ready to go to bed, and I don't wanna wake anyone up by turning on the lights. The only thing is, is that I have a very short time to get to where I'm going cause the light on the house phone doesn't stay on long, ha ha. Hey, whatever works, huh??/ Ha ha, I have stumped my toe a time or two. :-)

  • NonnieP Mobile, AL

    Good Afternoon Tyler, YOU are not crazy at all!!! I have often used my cell phone to guide me through the house to keep from distrubing my family from sleeping. If you cell phone light is bright enough to light the way through the house, GO for It!!!

  • Crystal Nixon marietta

    You're not crazy Tyler! God works in mysterious ways and uses every day events(like a cell phone light) to guide us as well as to remind us of his presence. For example I am currently fasting and while I was driving a few days ago I started to get weak as I drove by many fast food restaurants so I turned my radio on to my favorite Christian music station and started to praise and worship God through song which had lyrics asking God to reveal himself.I then proceeded to pray for God to give me strength to fight through the hunger and to give me a sign that he was with me. Immediately after I said Amen I came to a stop sign and under the stop sign was a yard sign that said "singing lessons" I laughed and thanked God for amassing my prayer and for his humor! My point is that God will show his presence,give you strength,and guide you if you ask him! God bless!

  • Elizabeth C. Lithonia, GA

    Oh yes Mr. Perry, I have certainly done the exact with my cell phone light and I am still doing it ever so often. I guess we are all crazy, but I am anxious to hear your thoughts on it.

  • Darlene Brooklyn

    You are not crazy!! I've done that before to search for something, like trying to p*** something into a outlet and looking for something in my pocketbook. lol!

  • Marva Smith Cayman Island

    I dont think your are crazy,I think you just like ton make new discoveries,And no i had never tried it before but deffinately going to try,I'll let you know what i have discovered.

  • Audrey Fox Memphis, Tennessee

    I use my cell phone light all the time to walk through the house at night, or look for the remote versus turning the light on. I did not realize so many people did the same. Thank you Tyler for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I am going through some hard times right now and those words and scripture were very uplifting.

  • Chester Reidsville,GA

    No Tyler, you are not crazy, I have not tried it, with me I would've probably ran into the wall or a door lol.

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