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Don't Think I'm Crazy...

Don't think I'm crazy, lol. Have you ever turned off all the lights in your house and used the light from your cell to lead you to the room you were trying to get to (and no my lights are not cut off..lol)? I turn the cell phone light toward my feet and walk to where I'm going in the dark all the time.  I was doing that tonight and something made me smile. Ok, tell me if you've ever done it before and then I'll tell you what moved me about it tomorrow. I'll tell you by noon!  :-) Hit me up on the message board…

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  • SunShine Chattanooga, Tennessee

    No, but I have used my cell phone light to show the buttons on the pause button on the remote. LOL!! That little light really comes in handy.

  • Billie North Carolina

    Sorry I have not , i can't see that good with very good light with these old eyes. "lol"

  • Joanne Haley-Selvon Trinidad and Tobago

    i doh use my cell phone light but my 10 year old use it all d time cause he is always looking 4 something but i can relate 2 what u'r talking about

  • mariska paramaribo suriname

    i also let my cellphone light guide me. just because the switch is to far to turn it back on haha. thought i was also the only one hahaha.... great 1 tyler.

  • Carman Valdosta, GA

    I turn out the lights and use the light from my cell phone to guide me all the time. LOL! I didn't know if anyone else did that. I usually do that to avoid waking my children up from the glare of the light. That way I can have some quiet time up to myself.

  • Stacy Waldrop United States

    Yes...I use my cell as a "flashlight" too...LOL...;O) Much Love~ Stac

  • Queen Mitchem Cincinnati, Ohio

    I do all the time so that I don't wake my daughter up.

  • Deborah Johnson Biloxi,MS.

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry. Thank you for the questions. No, I have not experienced what you have in your message"Don't Think I'm Crazy." Because, I see evil spirits and, more so in the dark than in the daytime. I feel evil when its already there or just show up. It's best I don't try because, as a child and an adult, I experienced evil.

  • Leslie St Petersburg, Florida

    Good day Mr. Perry, You made me laugh at my work desk cause I use the flashlight app. that I put on my phone. i use it to walk to the bathroom and read in bed. if your crazy then we are in the same boat......... Be blessed Leslie

  • Rosy Ortiz Chicago, IL

    Hhahhah! Tyler, this just CRACKED me up because I do this every single morning. I wake up at 4:15 to go to the gym and it's DARK in my house... so I use my cell phone light to guide me to the bathroom. I've bumped into chairs, stubbed my toes and even knocked over a few things in the process! LOL :O) Too funny! Thanks for sharing, thanks for being SOOOO real and I LOVE ALL OF YOUR MOVIES. Your amazing! I'm a HUGE fan! Many blessings you to my brother... God bless Rosy Ortiz

  • Dr. Small Houston

    Hello Tyler. Yes, I am one that uses my cell phone as a light. After reading your second post to this one, I was dumbfounded. Yes, "the Word is a lamp unto my feet" and I thank God that He constantly gives me people as a reminder to how wonderful He is even when it seems very dark for me. Thank you for your encouraging words and for being a blessing in my life. Happy New Year and many blessings to you.

  • Michelle Miami,fl

    LOL i "always" do that nd no not cuz my lights are cut off, just because I just don't feel like turning on the light so why not just use the light on my phn its bright enough and hey it saves electricity ;)

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