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Don't Think I'm Crazy...

Don't think I'm crazy, lol. Have you ever turned off all the lights in your house and used the light from your cell to lead you to the room you were trying to get to (and no my lights are not cut off..lol)? I turn the cell phone light toward my feet and walk to where I'm going in the dark all the time.  I was doing that tonight and something made me smile. Ok, tell me if you've ever done it before and then I'll tell you what moved me about it tomorrow. I'll tell you by noon!  :-) Hit me up on the message board…

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  • DeShon United States

    I thought I was the only one that did that :-).

  • T Chicago

    Lol.... never used my cell phone to direct my foot steps but I always use it to find something that I dropped/lost.

  • Reginald Simpson Montgomery, AL

    Times is rough these days, so i do it to keep that lectric bill under control...lol

  • Lindsey Washington, DC

    I knew you were going to refer to Psalm 119:105, I feel asleep before I could post my comment :D. That's the first thing that popped in my head when I read your message.

  • Cathy Houston,Tx

    Hey TP, Hppy New Year ,may the Lord continu to guide you and give more inspiration in all you doing.Just to let you that I would like to be in your next casting ,I speack French and English. Have a bless one. Cathy

  • Stephanie Southfield, MI

    No, didn't use the light from the phone. However, years ago I had a bad habit of walking through the house in the dark ....and....BAM ran right into the door. Had a black eye LOL. Now you know somebody had to ask the stupid question.....Who hit you? Love you always Mr. Perry. Keep up the good work and thank you for being REAL!!

  • Regina Los Angeles, CA

    That happened to me on two different occasions when I was trying to navigate my way around a home where I was staying for the weekend in Malibu. I needed to be there to write without being distracted. The only thing between me and the rush and crash of waves on sand were floor to ceiling windows. Could not find the light panels at 3 in the morning, or the panels that lifted the screens from the windows! Lamps did not turn on easily, because I needed something else for that, bumped into walls and doors to get back to my bedroom to the phone, grabbed the phone, then prayed I had enough battery life because I didn't know where the charger was, which would have been another session of bumping into all kinds of things! Yes. Been there. Laughed at myself! Regina! :o)

  • Michele Hearring Cullman Al

    I have did this same very thing. I cut all the lights out then to get where I am going I have used my cell phone light to get me there. I have been thinking about this since I read it and I wonder if I know where you are going with this or not. I am excited to read what your point is. Thank you for who you are.

  • Travella Johnson Asheville N.C.

    Hello Trler I just read your post and i was funny cause i do that most of the time i come in from work the house be pitch dark so instead of turning on a light i will use my cell phone to find my way to the bed room,i even sometimes laugh at myself.

  • Jayne kariuki germantown md

    hi they word is a light unto my and a light unto my soul,i will not for get what he done for me ,your head is bent watching your feet a sigh of humility,now just give us the revelation you got!!!!!!

    • Kim Lewis San Jose, Ca #1615187

      Tyler, yes I have also used the light from my cell phone. But reading your story I know that I can make it as long as I let God lead me. All I need is little faith and it will come to pass.

  • linda jackson Los Angeles ca

    Yep!! The things we do sometimes lol

  • Laquita Martinez, GA

    Your are not crazy. Cell phones are just the new flashlight. Some even come with a flashlight setting. I find myself using the light on my cell phone in the dark because turning on the light wakes everyone up.

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