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Don't Think I'm Crazy...

Don't think I'm crazy, lol. Have you ever turned off all the lights in your house and used the light from your cell to lead you to the room you were trying to get to (and no my lights are not cut off..lol)? I turn the cell phone light toward my feet and walk to where I'm going in the dark all the time.  I was doing that tonight and something made me smile. Ok, tell me if you've ever done it before and then I'll tell you what moved me about it tomorrow. I'll tell you by noon!  :-) Hit me up on the message board…

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  • JB Rock Hill, SC

    Happy New Year Tyler, Yes, I've even done it outside! Can't wait for your insight!... Now is that 12 noon east or west coast? lol!

  • Erica Arrington Slidell,La

    The first thing that comes to mind is the Psalm. "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. God will give you a lil light. When you move He will give you a lil more light. We just have to move and obedient.

  • Ron M. Houston Texas

    Mr. perry that was a very weird, crazy, and out of nowhere Story. When I read it last night I was in a very depressed mood sitting there playing the game, Call of Duty btw lol......and when i stopped and checked my email I came across your story and just started dying of laughter out of nowhere so.....I thank you for that for always somehow knowing when I need good laugh but the thing with some new cells phone you can use your "Flashlight" works even better lol....Have a Great day....

  • Myrtle SC

    I use my cell phone light all the time to get around my house at night LOL. It's fun to me, don't think I'm CRAZY.

  • Gary Black Las Vegas, NV

    Hello Tyler, yes I often walk through home using cell phone rather then run to flip light switches on and off. You become familiar with the surroundings, so you pretty much know where you are going. Therefore that extra light shines your path of confirmation. Speaking of confirmation; will you confirm that you received my letter/card on thoughts of missing Mom at this time of year. Lastly, if you have checked my movie website, www.nomorelovemovie.com and will consider doing a remake like I wrote to you about using named stars. All the Best

  • Wynetta Belton,SC

    Yes, I have done that before, so I definently don't think you are crazy.

  • Beverly Silver Springs.FL

    First off your power will never cut off (lol) and I feel we all have done that sometime in our life, you keep on letting the lord use you ok. That could be a new play "smile."We would never think you was crazy ok.

  • Patty Boston, MA

    I have walked around the house using only the light on my cell phone but not by choice. =) being in the dark scares me lol, afraid of what's lurking around the corner

  • Sheila McCaster Chicago Il

    I use my cell light every morning @ 5:30 to get of my house for work I also point towards my feet

  • Joan Jacksonville , NC

    I do it all the time... Especially now since an incident I went through. So you are not alone. ; )

  • james w rushin memphis,tenn

    lol yes u could do it with out the cell phone light..... by memory of your house,,,, it tripped me out when i did that ..... i said was that what Ray charles was talking about feeling your way without touching!!!!! an brother Tyler my grandmother was madeas other sister...lol 6ft tall an my dad said she would knock a man out,,, an carried a piece of steel...lol Ms Bopeep...... an she loved some fried chicken,,, i remember she told me u should work at KFC so i could bring her some chicken ....lol ........ i got much love for u brother tyler,,,,, Jah Bless

  • Lynnette El Paso, TX

    lol.....I do it all the time. I was telling a friend of mine the other day that "Crazy" attracts eachother that why we are best friends. Her answer to me was that," Great Minds Think Alike" and in my book you have a great mind!!!

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