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Don't Think I'm Crazy...

Don't think I'm crazy, lol. Have you ever turned off all the lights in your house and used the light from your cell to lead you to the room you were trying to get to (and no my lights are not cut off..lol)? I turn the cell phone light toward my feet and walk to where I'm going in the dark all the time.  I was doing that tonight and something made me smile. Ok, tell me if you've ever done it before and then I'll tell you what moved me about it tomorrow. I'll tell you by noon!  :-) Hit me up on the message board…

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  • Kimmi Hayes Arlington TX.

    Yes that is funny, but I have never done that. I try not to open my eyes if I have to get up in the middle of the night , so I can go back to sleep lol.

  • Tammy

    No Tyler, you are not crazy. I do that all the time. I even use my cell phone light to read excerpts from my bible. You are not alone.....

  • April Lilburn, Georgia

    Good Morning, I use my cellphone quite often to see my way through the house, going from room to room. And on New Year's I was doing just that and heard some gunshots outside and my walk with my phone became a n*** dive into the wall, lol but want be doing that anymore anytime soon.

  • Dorothy sheppardAFBtx

    Yep, all the time. I have a house full at any given time. When they leave and all is back in order, I'm tired and my house is tired. When all the lights goes off, peace settles within me and thru out the house. I sleep with my cell phone close by so its always one of the last things I grab on my way to the bedroom. So as not to disturb the settling of peace, I use the light from my cell phone as a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

  • Athena Farmerville, Louisiana

    It's good to know that I am not the only one.....LOL. I do it all the time

  • Darlene B. Chicago

    yes, I have it wasn't a good experience either...lol. Turn the the lights on Tyler!!!!

  • Taunya Curry Jacksonville,AR.

    Tyler, you are so funny. Yes, I have done that. I have led myself through the house before with my cell phone.

  • lilsissycrissy Elizabeth City, NC

    No, you are not crazy, more like genius. We purchase items in our everyday lives and only get partial usage from them (ridiculous cell phone application, lol). Keep using your cell phone light. How bout you try standing in a mirror and holding it under your chin and see how you get a kick out of that, lmbo) Remember we all did that with the flashlight back in the day. (smile). And we used the television light too. Because, Mama or grandma or even auntie would always tell you, "TURN OFF THOSE LIGHTS! YOU THINK LIGHTS ARE FREE?! MONEY DON'T GROW ON TREES! (Really lmbo!) I still use the television light. Love you Tyler! You keep me thinking AND laughing. God Bless You!

  • Marcie Moore Cleveland,Ohio

    Tyler you silly LMBO!!!! I think everybody does that. My crazy husband does it he still act like he can't see..how funny is that! When he tries to sneak to bed, he turns his cell phone on and walk up the stairs make it in the room and trip on a shoe that he left there and wake me up!! lol That is why it doesn't pay to sneak...Love Ya!! stay bless

  • Orteka Gary, IN

    Hello Tyler, yes I have used my cell phone to find my way down the hallway to my bedroom and then I would have to use the cellphone to find my way to the bathroom room about an hour later lol.

  • Jody Leavell Indianapolis

    Good Morning, That's how I make my way front the frontroom to my bedroom when I come in from work at night. That way I don't wake up my grandkids. The sister meets me at the door but she always turns out all the lights. Cell phones give off great lighting.

  • Sheridan Marie Stephens Marina, Monterey County, California, USA

    I have done this several times. I have used my cell phone light in the car ( I can hear Ms. Simmons saying, "What the hell?! Turn on the lights on. That's what they're there for, fool." or something close, maybe). Another time that I have done this is in my apartment. I have lived in this place for 11+ years. The m***** bedroom is the living room. The light switch is on the opposite wall. If I forget to leave the lamp on in my bedroom, I have used my cell phone to light the way.

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