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Don't You Just Love It When...

Don't you just love it when somebody calls just to say hi, just to check in on you? Not to ask you for anything, but just to say hi.

This doesn't happen to me enough, not sure if it happens a lot to you. So...I'm just saying hello.

I hope you're well, staying strong and blessed.


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  • Minnette Tucson AZ

    Hello Mr. Perry. Have a wonderful Easter.

  • Nicolle Session Hollis, NY

    Send me your number and I will call just to say hi and to make sure that you are okay. I do that with my friends.

  • Tyler Perry San Leandro, CA

    I will be 46 on May 12. I am a christian single female. I live my life by God's word and examples (dispute the ridicule of the other's singles in the church who are not). I have been caught up in this financial down since 2008. I have down sized and down sized and now I sleep on my mothers couch. I have always been the strong one for everything in my family, lately I feel like nothing. You seem to be a man full of strong wisdom and I am in need of some right now. If you don't mind taking the time to send me some words of encourage I would appreciate it. Warmest Regards, Ophenia R. Parker

    • Grace n Mercy Mission NE #1668549

      GOD BE THE GLORY....my sister....I read your request to Tyler for a few words of encouragement! I pray and hope you read our response also. Don't feel bad this down sizing has hit many many people. Our pray will be that you stay strong in THE LORD! In America, in Africa, Russia, China, India, Haiti, Etc...there are people don't even have a couch to sleep on. Many sleep on the bare ground where insects and creepy crawlers lay. If it's a problem with employment, we encourage everyone to pray for 'ownership' of your own company. Take time get the local phone book or go online and look at all the company owned job, many have not attended college. Do you love children? If so, think of starting your own daycare! Better yet, take in a foster child....but make sure you really want to do it, treat and love that child as if he/she is your own. A lot of businesses need a delivery service to pick up their laundry, cleaners, and or even legal documents. Churches are even looking for good help these days. You could even take in laundry from people. Ask the Lord for strength to start 'fasting and praying'.....fasting breaks the yoke of bondage, depression, suicidal thoughts, everything that's not of God. We love you, my sister....We will be praying for your delivery. Keep the Faith....Faith without works is dead!

  • parlette chisholm charlotte n.c.


  • Tim westhester,Il

    Are you/music supervisor accepting music from independant artists, if so where may I submit my material?

  • Nochelle United States

    Hello Mr.Perry, My name is Nochelle. I live in Columbia S.C.. I just want your thoughts on my situation. I am a mother of four. Two of my children have special needs. I myself suffer from a seizure disorder. Over the past seven to eight years i have tried everthing I know how to keep a job but when i think that I'm doing good something always happens. Its either with one of my kids or my transportation! I am at a serious cross road right now because I am not able to work because I am on 1000mg of seizure medication,insulin for type 1 diabetes, 100mg of zoloft, cause of so much that has happened with me I had to get some sort of help! I have prayed so much for things to work out,but I know its going to take more than just that! Please sir can u give me some insight on what can be done! Thank you so much for your listening time if u can read this.

  • donna grand cayman bwi

    what about floyd family, the sit com i am still waiting on it with palmer williams junior d.g

    • d.g grand cayman bwi #1667244

      Hi mr Perry just to say keep up the good work that you are doing, and i have all your moveis and not all of the plays as yet but going to lol. take care and god bless always. p.s hope you get married soon ha ha ha

  • Regina Thomas Duluth,Ga 30096

    Hi Mr. Perry, Thank you for the greeting and certainly it is always nice to open my e-mails and see an e-mail from you. It is always something to inspire, uplift, and/or provoke thought. Thanks again. Ihad an opportunity to see Good Deeds. Definitely your best work on film. Before this my all time favorite was Why Did I Get Married Too. There are not many movies that I can watch repeatedly, however, yours are different. Continue to Be Blessed and have a safe and Happy Resurrection Day. Not seeing much of The Browns I miss them.

  • Logan Brooklyn, New York

    Hey Big Buy, I get I just called to say hello calls all the time, sometimes it can be overwhelmimg cause we can talk forever. Mostly it's my family members, some of us are very close and a weekly checkup is a must, just to make sure they are or I am in good spirit. Sorry, if it doesn't happen for you enough. Hey, you have my number call me if you need a concerned friend or just that friendly " hey you, how's life treating you." But you know I don't wait for those I want to hear from to call me. If I want to hear from that concerned individual, I'll call them...I understand we all get caught up in our lives as even I do. I'm even that forward that I'll call you on my b'day and remind you to sing happy b'day to me :) An when that someone only call for something, there's two things I do... call you out on it or shut you down. Any who, thanks big guy for the friendly hello, right back at you with lots of hugs. BIG SMILES.

  • Pat GA

    Hi Tyler hope everthing is going great. Yes we do be surprise when someone call without wanting anything. I call my cousin just the other day and they thought I was calling with bad news but it was just to say Hi. I have to live with myself now for not taking a call from my cousin because she only call to check in on us. She would say it's your cousin. Well I had to travel to Fla. for her funeral service and it broke my heart knowing I did not take or return her call and it was all about the love she had for people not just family. So I don't want to go through that again. No matter what I am going through I will never take it out on someone just calling to say hello and show love. It hurt to hear about the incident with the police. You could have easily been another Trayvon Martin. I give God the Praise for taking care of you. Also I saw on the news where the Hikers got lost near at your house in CA. All of the other homes near they had to make sure they put a glance of your home on the news. That did not set to good with me. You just continue to be careful it is some bad people out there. I was already hurt about the loss of Whitney and now the Trayvon Martin case is really getting next to me. To know that child was on that ground dead and then they show that on Tv is always been a nightmare I am scared about happening to my son. It is something I know my son get tired of me getting on to him about not answering his cell phone when he is away from home. Yes he is 23 yrs old but to think about Trayvon parents heart hurting about their child killing but the law is not supporting the Martin family just as some other families is this type of situation. I am signing everything I can to support The Trayvon Martin Movement. But you take care and God Bless you in all that you do. OHHHH will you be stopping in Albany GA at The Civic Center on your tour Madea Gets A Job? Please pretty please. I know I am wrong for asking but I did say (Hi) first. LOL Love you Tyler and God Bless you and your goals and achievements.

  • Steve Hegwood ATLANTA

    Tyler , Man I totally agree with you people can always call you or text you and ask for something! But never just hit you to just Hello or check on how you are doin SMH! BTW - Proud of you big man!

  • Charessa atlanta, GA

    Yes! What a good feeling. Thanks for the smile before i hit the gym! And Mr. Perry you are blessing to many. Hello to you and I pray comfort in your life today. Smile!!

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