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Don't You Just Love It When...

Don't you just love it when somebody calls just to say hi, just to check in on you? Not to ask you for anything, but just to say hi.

This doesn't happen to me enough, not sure if it happens a lot to you. So...I'm just saying hello.

I hope you're well, staying strong and blessed.


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  • Rosetta Jenkins United States

    Hello Mr.Tyler Perry ,it so nice to hear from you thank you for thinking about me i really enjoy hearing from you if you want to call and talk to me my number is ok you have a bless day Rosetta.

  • kathy twohig

    hey mr perry can you please come to canada

  • Bernice Andrews Atlanta, GA

    Hi Tyler, I would like to see a part two to good feeds. I would love to see out come of that relationship. I enjoyed the move a lot.

  • Terangi Tauroa Wellington (New Zealand)

    Hello Mr Perry...or as we say in New Zealand "Kia Ora" or in the Cook Islands is "Kia Orana", thank you for all the wisdom dat Madea brings, I sooo enjoy most of the Madea movies, its hard to find alot of your movies here, my whole family think you really funny, keep doing what you're doing, and hopefully one day you could come and visit our little country...bless you, your family & friends...much love Terangi from Aotearoa (Land of the long white cloud, New Zealand).

  • christine lewis detroit

    Thank you mr: perry, you are making a difference, the Bible says once you are strong strengthen your brother, you are doing a very good job of that, may God continual to bless you in all that you do.

  • brandy pennsylvania

    it is so nice to get a phone call or a knock on the door just to hear oh i just wanted to stop in and say hello its sad cause the only thing i get is can i borrow this or that than i dont see them again until they need something else i guess thats life though so i just wanted to leave a comment tyler to say hi and i hope all is well..............................

  • Shalawn TN

    Hello Mr. Perry, Let me say thank you for saying hello. I am a little late responding to this post. I take pleasure in calling others just to say, "I'm thinking of you". Whether a deed is reciprocated or not, I will always show love. I am a fan but I must apologize for not reading emails. I know that you do not personally send out emails to all of your billions of fans (Our God is Magnificent), but I am grateful that you think of enough to keep us posted on what is going on and what projects are upcoming. Please remember to REST and Walk by FAITH! Until the next time I check you out REST IN THE LORD!!!

  • Dottie Mance Travis AFB,CA.

    Hi there Tyler, just dropping into say Hello and to see how you have been doing. but by the looks of things you have been busy as always . lol I can't wait to see Madea in this witness protection. she is something else. I tell you everything you have worked on and shared with the world. has been amazing ,you bring out all the laughs and tears in me. I love your work . you are a wonderful man . why don't you take time out for yourself and get married and have little Tyler's running around.any woman would be lucky to have you as there husband. but find one that is truly in love with you and not the bank account .lol look at me sounding like a mom .well maybe because I have 4 sons. lol keep up the excellent work !Dottie

  • Sheri Dallas, TX

    Too many people think they look "dumb" just for calling to say hi. I have over 500 contacts in my cell phone (which does not match my email contact list 100%) and I make a point of calling/emailing each one at some point each year and even acquaintances every other year. Why? Just because I thought of them. If God put the thought in my head to call them, it shouldn't matter how long its been since we last spoke. Apparently they need to hear from me right now. So Tyler, here is your annual comment from me. Just sayin' "hi".

  • Elaine

    Madea is funnyas ever!

  • Veronica South Africa

    Hi Tyler Perry I thank God that he borrowed u to us because all the movies that u have made so far and the work that u do to help people is so amazing that i am so proud that u are in my life.u always make me just think and make me smile when u talk about what is really happening in these world of ours but what i love most is that u never forget to share with us that without God we are nothing and that is what i love the most in your movies and stage shows.the stage movies i love all the cast that u working with they are amazing.Please let them know that they are really a blessing . Love Veronica

  • Regina Los Angeles

    Hey Tyler, You always find a way to make my day, Halla !!!! I know this next movie will make me laugh until I cry.

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