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Don't You Just Love It When...

Don't you just love it when somebody calls just to say hi, just to check in on you? Not to ask you for anything, but just to say hi.

This doesn't happen to me enough, not sure if it happens a lot to you. So...I'm just saying hello.

I hope you're well, staying strong and blessed.


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    Hello TYLER me and my daughter were talking and she was saying that your movies are great .But can you change up a little and do more happier movies .And change up the story line let it not be so dramatic and so serious more comedies .Please bring in Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold and Vanessa Williams ,Tracie E Ross ,AMANDA BYNES,BRANDON T JACKSON,QUEEN LATIFAH, NICOLE A PARKER,JACKIE HARRIET,and Kim Fields ,KIM COLES,KIM WHITLEY,CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER,EDDIE GRIFFIN,Mike EPPS, these people are so funny please bring some more comedy's out about family's.Because we need to laugh with the way gas is going up and still in the recession.Thanks we love you so much Tyler keep doing what GOD has called you to do .Love you the Miller family.

  • C.M america

    Hello Mr.TYLER PERRY I really loved your new movie Mr.DEEDS it was really good .But I really love every single play and movie god has truly blessed all your wonderful gifts.You are truly a awesome man and you are blessing so many people in every culture .We are so blessed to have you in our generation right now in 2012 we need you to keep up the great work you do for so many people young and old.I wanted to share with you that there is a cure for aids the gov. does not want people to know .But if anyone reads this tell them they can go to a health food store and get ultra colloidal silver cures hep a,b, and shingles,lots of things doctors say that can't this can .Also Braggs apple cider vinger helps with weight loss one teaspoon with 8oz water bottle three times a day .And some ginger with two apples a day keeps you regular.And vaseline if you use it after you shower it takes 10 years off if you continue to use it .Again i can not say to you please take some time off go to a spa and get pampered because you are one of the hardest working man ever .Take you some me time for TYLER we love you .Have you ever thought about getting with Debbie ALLEN to do different world a new generation starring raven symone, AMANDA BRYNES, BOWWOW ,CHRIS BROWN,KYLER PRATT,Vanessa williams, and alot of the older characters from the cast .please think about it.love you Tyler keep up the excellent work ..

  • Barbara Birmingham, Ala 35208

    Hello Mr. Perry! There is never a dull moment when you are in the house!! I had the opportunity to see you In "Madea Gets A Job" and you had me rolling as always. The best part was the Concert after the show, my sister said I didn't know Tyler Perry could sing I said you don't know Tyler he's multi-talent. Tyler on a serious note That movie "The Good Deed" have mercy!!! I don't think I ever seem you performed the way you did in that picture, you need a thousand Emmy Award!!!! Hats off to you and everytime you act in a play or movie there's a lessoning being taught, I mean you make people think, change their way of living. Keep on doing the things you do to make others happy and don't forget to treat yourself because we must love ourself first and than we can love others. Love Ya "Lady "T"

  • shearee windsor ontario canada

    Hello Tyler I have not seen Good Deeds yet because where i live in Windsor Canada they don't play any black own production movies here. Why? you ask that's a good question. I have called and every person i call claims they don't handle that and forwards me off to someone else. Let me give u a history on Windsor Canada we hold the underground railroad the one the slaves used when they escape to freedom they took the railroad and ended up here in Canada. We have a lot of black heritage and history here along with majority of Windsor is Black.If we want to see a movie that you produce we have to go to Detroit Mi and let me tell you it's not easy crossing into Michigan with the new law changes along with home land security they turn a lot of people away or some people cant cross due to minor legal issues.So i am praying and asking the lord to bless us Tyler Perry Windsor Fans to see 1 of your plays and movies in Windsor Ontario Canada lol now i don't want to sound greedy Mr Perry and my heavenly father but it cant be just a 1 time blessing we would like to have more Black own production movies played here along with plays we have the halls and theatre's to hold it along with movie theatre's so please help us get your movies here so we can enjoy them when they come out as well. Tyler i buy all you movies but i know a lot of people boot leg them because they want to see them when they come out but cant because it does not play here in Windsor. I love everything thing that you do and even if nothing comes from the millions of messages i sent i will still always be ur #1BiggestCanadianFan

  • Kat Croatia

    I just did that with a person I didn't see for 12 years.She was shocked but happy :) Be kind to one another!

  • Chantique Atlanta

    I just wanted to say hello! I hope all is well with you and I pray you continue to stay strong! Thank you for everything! Sometimes all it takes is a simple hello to help us through the day! Be blessed!

  • Jean Laguerre Sr. Queens NY

    I love your movies you possess an uncanny way of showing life"s challenges.There is sadness and happiness,love and spirituality.What you have is truly a gift and you are sharing it with the world.May God continue guide you and bless you.I was inspired by your video as described your success as planting a seed and trusting God for the water and sun.And staying focused on what you do best and nurturing it. Thankyou

  • Ann Barbados

    Just saying hello and keep the good work up. You must come relax in beautiful Barbados.

  • cruzgyal United State Virgin Islands

    hi mr perry I agree!! You definitely know who your true friends are! Those are the ones who would calll to say hi or just call to see if you are ok!! True friends look for you regardless not just when they want or need something!!

  • Joann Merritt anderson south carolina

    Just want to say that your movie dairy of a mad black woman touched me alot. At first i could not watch it with out crying but now i am proud to say i can without crying. Keep up the good work with your movies because they touch a lot of people. I dont know if you hear that a lot but it is true. I have never been able to come see one of your plays live but maybe one day. So for all the people like myself let GOD continue to us you in your work.

  • Janice Ofoh Bethany, Oklahoma

    Tyler, keep us in prayer, we are on Tornado alerts all day today. we have a lot of dry land is why we have so many. I just pray that no one is serious hurt from last night. pray that we make it okay. Only God know what he wants to do with this weather.

  • Janice Ofoh Bethany, Okahoma

    Good morning Tyler, i did see the sister on TV. There is nothing worse than a fire. it was rather funny, sister forgot her inhaler. but most people don't realize how scarey a fire is until they are in one themselves, . I have been in one and was alseep from working at night and people were knocking on my windows and i have a gown and house coat on, guess what all i could do is grab my purse which sits besides me every day or night when i am asleep. and i took off running with no shoes on. so i know exactly what the sister was talking about. oh I also seen mr. Deeds. it was very good. the picture showed a lot, it is a good example as to no matter how much money you have, if you are doing something that you are unhappy with then let it go and find your happiness. A very good movie, make more always janice

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