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Don't You Just Love It When...

Don't you just love it when somebody calls just to say hi, just to check in on you? Not to ask you for anything, but just to say hi.

This doesn't happen to me enough, not sure if it happens a lot to you. So...I'm just saying hello.

I hope you're well, staying strong and blessed.


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  • nichole

    Yes I just love when people do that, but just like you said Tyler, I don't get that enough.

  • SC CA

    Wow...this has been a really difficult week...I received your message...and wow...life isn't so bad...a good laugh is just what I needed...reminds me ...no one has died, no one's house is on fire...glad she is fine...an so am I now. Thank you Tyler.

  • Monique Netherlands

    You forgot to post your number so I can call you LOL!! PS the video you just posted is funny you can carry me away!!! MO:)))))))))))))))))

  • lisa hampton, va

    Hi Tyler just wanted to let you know how much I admire you. Have a blessed day and always keep the faith.

  • Nyams Africa

    Hi Tyler..... stay blessed....God loves you.... Nyams from Africa

  • Vincent Griggs Charlotte

    I truly appreciate the hello Mr. Perry. Doesn't happen to myself often enough either. So hello and whats up with you too. Haha

  • Jeannie Murray Rising Sun, MD

    This is so true :) I needed this ...and on the right day! My birthday! Tyler, thank you for sharing your faith through your movies/plays. Everyone needs to hear a little Jesus. :)

  • Angles Scales Baton Rouge, La

    Hi Tyler... I hope this note finds you well and Great and having a Great day.. I don't anything but to say Hello.. and be Blessed okay and here a virtual smile : ) not sure how to send a hug but here it is anyway.. a hug all the way from LOUISIANA and a virutal cup of Gumbo...lol

  • Ada Mays-Landing NJ

    Hey Tyler: How are you :) . Hope all is well with you and your family. Stay blessed and stay strong. Peace and love my brother :) Adapotata

  • Ravena Cape Town, SOuth Africa

    Hi Tyler, thanks for the pop in to say Hi!! I'm really well thanks... Yes, I must say those calls are simply the best kind and always warms the heart.. Gods continued blessings to you.. Ravena

  • Moniq4u

    It is very rare that I get a call that is not a request for, or demand of, something from me. Until I read your message, I did not realize how much I miss those kinds of calls. We should all reach out a little more, just because... Thank you, Tyler Perry. You are an inspiration.

  • Laura El Monte, CA

    I don't get thoses kinda phone calls.. So when I saw ur email I appreciated ur so much.. Thx u!

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