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Due To Circumstances That I Can't Control...

Unfortunately, due to circumstances that I can't control, we've had to cancel this leg of the Madea Gets A Job tour.

Here's why. I set a ticket price for the show starting at $25. The reason I set the price so low is so that everyone could get a chance to come out and see the show. I know how tight things are right now. I GET IT! I do not tour to make a living, I tour because I love staying connected to all of you. I love seeing your faces, hearing you laugh and seeing you enjoy yourselves. It gives me great joy. Even though it's a lot of work, I really don't mind doing it. Because of that, what I do is make sure that the promoter sets a reasonable ticket price and the prices are $25, $45 and $65. Even though I set these prices so that they are affordable, fees are added that are out of my control and the price of the tickets can almost double. Add to that, when you go online looking for tickets, IN LOTS OF CASES, you are being led to a bootlegger and you don't even know it. There are a lot of ticket bootleggers and scalpers that buy lots of shows and sell them to the public for double, sometimes triple the price. I've been dealing with this for years but now with the internet I've never seen it this bad.

Also, there are some horrible people who are pretending to be me or representing me on Facebook and charging people money to do a meet and greet on the tour. They are telling people that they are me or working for me and charging them $150 for a meet and greet after the play.  DON'T FALL FOR THIS!! That's not me.

This is so frustrating! Why are people so evil? Why can't people just get legitimate jobs and stop trying to do the wrong thing all the time? If they put the same amount of energy into doing the right thing as they do in doing the wrong thing they could make it. It's so sad.

To all of you who have bought tickets and made plans to be there I am so sorry. I really am but my hands are tied.

This was the last live Madea tour and I'm super sorry that you won't get to see it live. All refunds should be given back to you.

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  • CeCe Greensboro, NC

    This is completly unfair, this was going to be a chance for my family to bond!!! My mother was so excited (who is about to get a kidney transplant and wanted to get a good laugh before her surgury), this is a huge dissappointment and I feel you should reconsider for Greensboro NC. This is not our fault, we went to the box office as you asked on the youtube commercial and others that are too lazy to go to the box office deserve to pay higher prices if they didnt do their research, that is their fault. The coliseum had the prices set, ITS NOT ABOUT GETTING

  • EJ Va.

    There are those people that are always looking for a fast buck and taking advantage of others is their way of doing it. If it be promoters, ticket scalpers, or whoever, if they think they can get away with this, or have gotten away with doing this then they will do it.

    • Rasheen SAVANNAH GA #1745049


  • Tasha belle glade,fl

    Have u ever thought about, handing tickets sale in house. Put water maker on all tickets.

  • Mona South Dakota

    Tyler, Ya know I love you dearly; the way you use your gifts from Father God I feel truly blessed to be a part of your audience... I get what you are saying about the conniving ways of some folks and it breaks my heart that there will not be any more Madea plays...that character is so out there with wisdom, humor and craziness that it just can not be the end of the plays especially since I have been praying you will head to the mid-west...take your break Tyler and pray on your decision about ending Madea's traveling around the country love...blessings to you

  • Fee fee Texas

    Sorry to hear that. God is telling you som ething. Sit down!!!!! You had some competition huh? I'm going to see my other baby daddies, brian mcknight and joe. I would like to see cede, and r kelly.... And a few others! Its going down in texas! Its always something to do! Get some rest! I paid $75 a ticket a few years ago when you said it was madeas last play. You owe me $400 or something! Now I can get the scsi for $7.50 at walmart on sale!! 7 really??? I have nothing is playing by whitney as I type last time it was donny hathaway. I'll dedicate this song to you also big country! :) I just had to throw some silly in my message. I have a ?. 1800 choke that hoe! Why? Why you make that song? I was watching the movie the other day and that song didn't sound anointed by god. The devil may have chosen it but god ain't nowhere in that's! A woman is being choked now and she's not laughing neither are her children.

    • Fee fee Texas #1744785

      So next time please be careful about that big country. There was a picture of a woman beaten on facebook and right above it said 1 800 choke dat hoe!!! That song might be changing lives for all the wrong reasons so with that said take a break and take a looooooong break. We will miss you, but god is more important. Why would you put that on the end of a film that was to honor your mother??? She was beaten by your father so I know she would not have found that funny. You have changed tyler. I know you are not perfect, but man!!! You gotta do better. Emotions going wild don't mean anointing!!! You think that because we come out and laugh at stuff that ain't funny, means that it is anointed. I'm not saying you are not anointed. Just write better songs, then you got the nerve to talk about new age religionhitting a few scriptures and it not really being god. You do the same thing! You got cussing and fighting mixed with a little bible so you ain't no better. I read a new age book about gratitude and not one word about choking somebody, but we have a man of god writing and rapping about it. Be careful when you judge folks tyler. You know I love you and I would lay down my life for you, I just had to tell you how I felt.

    • Norma sloan Pennsylvania #1745039

      Fee fee.....tyler must be doing something right the billion dollar man.....since you are so much smarter then he is how come u are not where he is.....tyler makes movies to show us how people actually live, not that how he live tyler is the greatest and people are invious of that....leave tyler alone......we love u tyler

    • fee fee Texas #1745174

      Norma tyler is not better than me because he hAs money and fans. Money and game is not the sign that you are better than. Hitler, sudden, osama all had money and several followers. They were not better than you or me. People think that just because you have many fans, that you must be chosen by god football and basketball arenas are packed with wild fans. Thousands of people...that don't mean that the owners or players are better than me. P*** stars have more money than I do. Does that mean that they are doing something right. Anointing, if it meant the more money and material things the more anointed you are! Please! The open industry makes billions too. Money and game is not all of that. If its such a blessing why do most rich and famous die of drug overdoses? Michael and whitney????? People crowned ten

    • fee fee Texas #1745179

      King and queen, of what???? Tyler has a lot of followers now. When you have kids rapping that song, it bothers me. Tyler is better than that. He touched many hearts but that stupid stuff is going to end. Tyler needs a break!!!! People think its anointing when you go to church and have an emotional experience. That is not anointing. Tyler sit down!!! Please take a break! How does god feel about choking hoes. God didn't create tyler for that mess! He has people around him afraid to tell the truth because he has so much money. We need to fear the one who sends us to heaven or hell, not the one with money. I am not envious of tyler. I want him to prosper in wisdom, love and the fruit of the spirit. I hope you get it. I usually don't read responses to my messages to tyler but you really need to know that money don't equal better than. Lmao!!! I'd rather have jesus than silver and gold. Peace and righteousness is what I want. Wisdom is what I want. Tyler can have all the money in the world, but without love he's nothing. That song is far from love. Drop the mic....

    • fee fee texas #1745189

      Don't people get emotional at games?? I figured out why people get so excited about these games. Its pride! It makes people feel better than when their team wins! God hates pride. People decided to go to tyler movie to show white hollywood what??? That we are here? Thatwe are better than? Tyler, please sit down. Hollywood is the enemy, black folks love to fight and most of us love to prove a point. I don't have to go to his movie to prove nothing to hollywood!!!!! I knew before the movies and sitcoms that tyler is special!!I knew it back then!!!! Before I knew he had money, he was a star to me! Tyler is better than choking hoes!!!! He need to get back to his center, me too and focus on what god intended for him to do. God charissa his children and the ones he loves I will chastise tyler when he's wrong. He can throw money in my face. I'll throw it back take my belt off and beat his ass!!!

    • patricia arkansas #1747082

      Frist of all Tylers plays and movies, all have something to do with what's going on in everyday life, and you have to have the good with the bad, we forget that if in the begining there was only god, that's all there can be now. Maybe Tyler knows that god lives on the inside of everyone of us, living and experience life through us, and that he/she is not waiting to throw you in some kind of hell, but instead walks out this life with and through us. day/night, high/low, right/left, meaing you can't have good without bad, IF WE SEE SOMETHING THAT WE DON'T LIKE IN SOMEONE, IT'S BECAUSE WE SAW IT IN OURSELVES FRIST.

    • patricia arkansas #1747090

      You were Never given a sprit of fear, that was programed into you, let me be the frist to tell you there is no HELL, you make your own heaven or hell, you were given dominion, this means that you have supreme authority, on this planet, everything that you see around you is the result of the way WE think and speak, GOD said let there be light, In the begining was the WORD the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was GOD, now you can say that this is talking about Jesus, but that frist you have to get the name right, because the letter J is 500 years old or less, but you have been told that this is the ONLY name that you can be saved by, so you got work to do, find out who or what you have been worshiping, Jesus 6000 years old, the letter J 500 years old or less, something is wrong, in this programing. happy trails.

    • patricia arkansas #1747093

      So you think god is one, or that source of everything is a he? do you even read the bible or do you use it for some sort of coffee table decor? Tyler had a vision, and he spoke it into being, we all have the ability to do this, because we are made in the image of our creator/creators, and all we do is create, with the words that we speak, and what we speak we produce wether it be good or bad, as a man think so is he/she.

    • Me'a Grand Rapids, MI #1763693

      Whoa!! I 100% Agree With Patricia.... Good Stuff!!

    • whats real Texas #1771617

      I don't understand people like you who don't believe in H*** but I wonder do you think everyone goes to Heaven? That's if you really believe in Heaven beyond what your mind has made up, but okay since you have your little ''history'' about letters and years and such, let me give you some science. Fact: When a women is pregnant it takes both parents blood to produce a child but Marry was a virgin she never known Joseph meaning Jesus is nothing but the blood of God think on that. And I pray for the ones who get influenced by what people think they discovered to try to go against Jesus being real when Gods blood is proof where is your faith what do you believe in? I will keep you in my prayers God bless.

    • jennifer shreveport,la #1810689

      Fee Fee there is help for dyslexia please get some help that is. Your opinion is your right however, I have no idea what point you are trying to make so it is a waste of time for anyone who is " logically" sound to even try to dispute or support what you have sad. Have a good day. I hope you get some help.

    • Sandra Atlanta #1882336

      I so agree with you! sometimes people have a self rigteous spirit they are so busy being judgemental never ever taking a look at there own flaws and sometimes they don't even believe they have any but Spirtually they can't seem how God uses people in the natural as well as spirtually there is a balance in God...Tyler Perry has been a blessing in a lot of peoples lives he knows that he's been blessed to be a blessing which is why he's so quick to sew seeds into other people lives so I applaud you for being bold with your comment!

    • Katrina georgia #1899111

      I've never seen anyone reason that the name of Jesus could not be the name above all names cannot be correct because j is 500 years old...wow that's your logic? something is wrong alright..Why don't you get on your knee and ask Jesus yourself.

    • Katrina georgia #1899112

      I have bought every play Tyler has created, but recently I've lost interest in his movies cause I'm getting the impression that Tyler is changing into his buddy Oprah. I know that she has helped him to get where he is, but he is now being seen at churches with her. She has lost her mind in some psychobabble religion. She gave up Jesus for a man. I'm now wondering if Tyler will fall in love with money and go from God too. I pray that he won't. what the love of money will do. Oh by the way Oprah isn't in churches for good. She has a spirit in her and it's obvious. She was so great until she hooked up with Mr. NEW earth. POOR THING.

  • Lakeisha North South Carolina

    OMG, I was sooooo looking forward to the play. I have even picked out my cloths for the show but I can truly understand where you are coming from. People can be so stupid at times but I still love me some Tyler and Madea. I am a big fan and always go for what's right. Take care and God Bless You.

  • Tam Bay Area, CA

    Tyler, I, too am disappointed to know that my mother that lives in Fayetteville, NC and myself, living in the Bay Area, CA will not get to see you up close and personal this one last time. My mom, age 59, doesn't have a life full of social activities or money to match, but every since Fayetteville was added to your playlist, I make sure I get a ticket for her and surprise her with it in the mail. I try to 'give back' to the lady that raised me. I'm not sure how many people have gotten sucked into bogus tickets, backstage meet & greets (thousands I'm sure), but I'm sure that you feel equally as bad for them when they've lost hard earned money. At the end of the show, we all know you have to pack up and move on to the next city. I think I speak for everyone here-we don't only want to see you on the big movie screen or on our home tv's. It sure was a beautiful thing to have you in our hometown, interjecting little things in the play that only a native of the city could have told you about. Madea once said, "God can take care of folks far better than you can". So, don't worry, all those people doing all those evil things will have to answer for their wrongdoings. ONCE THE DUST HAS SETTLED, AND YOUR SOUL IS MORE AT EASE WITH IT ALL, PLEASE CONSIDER TOURING YOUR INSPIRATIONAL PLAYS AGAIN, THAT ALWAYS SEEMED TO DELIVER A TAKE-AWAY MESSAGE!

    • Tanya Adkisson swainboro Ga #1744931

      have you ever thought about doing a play some where else besides in a arena there are plenty of places that you could do this play maybe on a football field or in a gymnasium at a local high scholl just think abut it i would love to see on of your plays i have seen all your movies that you have done and i live all of them espically madea goes to jail and madeas big happy family well keep up the good work hope to see a new movie real soon.

  • Rissa Columbia, SC

    I support the cancellation. I am very glad that Tyler Perry has made a stand against those who have tried to steal from the pockets of others by taking advantage of them. I personally paid $274 for 8 tickets for my family and friends which is being refunded by Colonial Arena. I am willing to pay a fair price for tickets. I believe the amount I paid was fair. It is disconcerting to see the level of greed that causes people to charge excessively for tickets. Thank you again Tyler for doing what others would not have done. This is truly commendable. -----Rissa D.

  • Nicole Virginia

    Okay, so I have posted so many times and yes, I am "that" parent that when her children are let down I am willing to try anything ! ! ! I am just trying to get our voices heard, if you are let down in some way by Mr. Perry's choice to cancel his show then please let your voice be heard by signing this petition. www.change.org/petitions/mr-tyler-perry-please-re-think-his-decision-to-cancel-the-last-leg-of-his-tour#

  • KosherGumboNola Dallas, GA

    Shalom, To God be the glory for His mercies towards you Tyler! Deuteronomy 22:5 is real no matter what folk attempt to ignore. God bless you from your NOLA family. Shalom

  • Anon Texas

    ***walks in and looks around at all the angry people. Turns and looks at you...*** :) LOVE U! Oh, and the munchkin says "Happy Birthday" Lol! ***quietly walks back out*****

  • Morgan Lexington, SC

    H*** to the no!! Now Tyler, you better put on your wig, put on your support hose, and put on your big girl panties, because your b*** needs to be in Columbia on October 13th. Now baby, we love you too much to let the troubles and tiresome, trifling people of the world get in our way. Now, recall the cancellation and make us all laugh. Lord knows we need it! ps - I love you, I think you're medicine for the soul.

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