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Due To Circumstances That I Can't Control...

Unfortunately, due to circumstances that I can't control, we've had to cancel this leg of the Madea Gets A Job tour.

Here's why. I set a ticket price for the show starting at $25. The reason I set the price so low is so that everyone could get a chance to come out and see the show. I know how tight things are right now. I GET IT! I do not tour to make a living, I tour because I love staying connected to all of you. I love seeing your faces, hearing you laugh and seeing you enjoy yourselves. It gives me great joy. Even though it's a lot of work, I really don't mind doing it. Because of that, what I do is make sure that the promoter sets a reasonable ticket price and the prices are $25, $45 and $65. Even though I set these prices so that they are affordable, fees are added that are out of my control and the price of the tickets can almost double. Add to that, when you go online looking for tickets, IN LOTS OF CASES, you are being led to a bootlegger and you don't even know it. There are a lot of ticket bootleggers and scalpers that buy lots of shows and sell them to the public for double, sometimes triple the price. I've been dealing with this for years but now with the internet I've never seen it this bad.

Also, there are some horrible people who are pretending to be me or representing me on Facebook and charging people money to do a meet and greet on the tour. They are telling people that they are me or working for me and charging them $150 for a meet and greet after the play.  DON'T FALL FOR THIS!! That's not me.

This is so frustrating! Why are people so evil? Why can't people just get legitimate jobs and stop trying to do the wrong thing all the time? If they put the same amount of energy into doing the right thing as they do in doing the wrong thing they could make it. It's so sad.

To all of you who have bought tickets and made plans to be there I am so sorry. I really am but my hands are tied.

This was the last live Madea tour and I'm super sorry that you won't get to see it live. All refunds should be given back to you.

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  • Anna Marie New Orleans

    Dear Mr. Perry say it isn't so. I just purchased 4 tickets in New Orleans. I needed 2 laugh w/everything I have going on. I pray u don't let the Haters get u down. Love and miss u and ur crew, ur Talent is Awesome!!!!!

  • Bonita Queens, NY

    "IF YOU QUIT OR GIVE UP THEN YOU DON'T DESERVE IT!! Process that" Hi Tyler Sad to hear about the tour, just wanted to send one of your messages back, I hope it will all work out. LOVE YA

  • claire florida

    i am sooo sad. I understand is reasoning completely but I cant help but be disappointed. I too had tickets near the stage to see his play when he came to miami and I was so looking forward to it. To all those wicked people out there u make me sick u really do. 4 words, GET A D*** JOB!!

  • adrian orlando, fl

    im so upset with this and i even got a special pricing through ticketmaster where i was on the floor, near the stage right after my anniversary, and me and my girlfriend are huge tyler perry fans, we have every play and movie on dvd. i understand his reasoning but this is upsetting, we were looking forward to this

  • Michelle Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

    Boo! Hiss! I even had a weight loss plan so I could fit in the d*** plane seats. Purchase flight insurance? Of course not, why would I need that?... So, I guess I'm going to take husband to Savannah to simply enjoy the "southern-ness." Suddenly having all this free time on my hands, I ask: want to get together for coffee? Sad this didn't work out. Will continue to be a perpetual Perry fan. In Canada, we have respectful scalpers who sell outside the event venues for only the face-value price on the tickets. Just sayin'. (And so kidding.) Peace out.

  • Diane Keller Jamaica, New York

    Dear Mr. Perry, May GOD continue to Bless you for the wonderful person that you are. It is a shame the way people take advantage of others instead of appreciating the good gifts that GOD bestows on us. I can only pray for people like that because unfortunately, they will have to answer to the Lord on judgement day and what can they say?? Thank you for being the kindhearted person that you are, "MADEA" will be missed. God

  • tom Las Vegas

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My Gooodness NNNNOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo...Please reconsider!

  • Marie (Baton Rouge, LA) United States

    I'm so upset, that this play has been cancelled. We have plan a girl's weekend! People STOP trying to block someone else's blessings you are blocking your own. you may benefit for a minute but it will come back on you. Tyler have you or will you put it video. We have all your movies and plays. Thanks for keeping us laughing!

  • cbcoleman Albany,GA

    Its sad that your blessings have to be hated on, because you are a blessing to us all. Everybody in this world has a blessing but are to impatient to wait or see what it is, so why not try to break another man's down. I respect and honor your decision, but I am saddened to hear we are at a lose. Little do people no so are they, if god is for you, there is nothing out here that can ever stand up against you! If they don't see that they better recognize! You are a Blessing thank you!

  • Tabatha Pankey Hope Mills, NC

    Hello Mr. Perry, I have enjoyed all of your work thus far in the theater and on television. I have not been able to attend one of your shows live with Madea present. I was so looking forward to this moment and as always a date night with my husband :) I understand decision making can be hard sometimes; however, I respect that you had to make the one that was best for you and your team. God will take care of those that does not show his love to others so I encourage you not to be concerned with that; but press on toward the mark my brother and keep walking in your gift because it is encouraging. All our love from the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area.

  • Yoli Denver

    It truly is ashamed that this type of action can take away from so many human beings bit of happiness and laughter. And what is sadder for me is that I will never get to see MADEA on tour... And sad for the cast members from the onset of MADEA.

  • Crystal K Scott-Lewis Augusta Ga

    Tyler please do not do this. Your plays are the only pleasure I have in my life other than my immediate family. I cannot afford to go and see the plays live so I wait in anticipation everytime one comes out on DVD and run to the stores because I'm too impatient to wait and buy them from the website (sorry!) I' ve never been able to afford to go to a live play due to one reason or another. I was coming rain or shine this time because I felt this would be my last opportunity! Tyler please dont do this! You dont understand that a lot of us need these these plays you produce, It's the only time I can escape from reality into your world and forget about whatever problems I may be facing and I face a problem in my life on a regular. I live vicariously through these actors and actresses fantasizing that one day I may have the opportunity to be in a Tyler Perry play! I share you since of humor in the plays and the movies and I am just blown away with your talent. To me you are AMAZING! I know that there is probably nothing I say that will change your mind about doing the play. But this play is the best thing happening the the Augsta area this year ! I love you Tyler PLEASE reconsider!

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