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Encouraged by a cell phone


To all of you that use the cell phone light like I do, I just want to say this.  For me, as I was walking through my dark house trying to get to my bedroom, it was truly an exercise in faith. I could only see the light at my feet. I had to trust that even though I could only see three feet in front of me, if I kept following this light, I would get there.

It reminded me of a scripture in the bible, Psalm 119:105 "The word is a lamp unto my feet and a light into my pathway." Back in those days when people would travel through the night, they would use little lamps that were attached to their feet. The lamp only gave them enough light to see just a few steps in front of them.  As long as they kept moving, they could find their way. If they stopped moving, so did the light.

This moved me because this is how I have lived my entire life. I have always walked by faith. Sometimes there was only a little light, a little hope that kept me moving.  There were so many times that I didn’t know how I was going to make it. So many times I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from, if my hope would be realized or if my dreams would come true. But no matter how dark it got, I kept moving.  That is one of the keys to making your dreams come true. JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

If you’d allow me to, I’d like to challenge you to do more of that this year. Live by faith! No matter what you see happening around you, no matter how dark it may be, follow the lamp at your feet that God provides to us all, no matter who we are.  A small step is still a step forward.

At the top of every year, I stop and go away to reflect. I will usually take out my journal and read over some of the past years and look at all the things God brought me through, no matter how dark the times. What rereading my journal taught me is that there was always a lamp at my feet. I think if you look at your life, you’ll see a lamp too. :-)  If you don’t, look closer. I promise you it's there!

If you’re struggling in any way, financially, school, business, relationships, children, sickness, heartache, I so believe that God will be a light unto your pathway. IF YOU LET HIM!!  Stop looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and look at the light at your feet and you’ll get there.

I hope you remember this every time you use your cell to light a path.  God Bless you in 2012! You can make this your best year yet, through faith.

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  • Selena Moorehead Eastvale. CA

    Mr. Perry, thanks so much for sharing - just like when I'm hungry and eventually have a meal that hits the spot, your email has truly hit the spot for me. I don't tweet much at all, but signed up to follow others and had to follow you. What an inspiration and a blessing you are! I hadn't been on twitter lately and thought I'd check last night and saw this. It touched me so much because exactly a year ago today, my daughter (18 years old) passed away from Bacterial Meningitis very quickly and unexpectedly while she was home from college on winter break (she was only able to complete 1st semester of her Freshmen year on an academic/athletic scholarship for softball). God is definitely getting me and my family through this storm because like you, we walk by faith - it's the only way. My daughter (and I) love every play/movie we've seen of yours and would watch over and over as if we hadn't seen it before - you are simply amazing. I accept your challenge, Mr. Perry, and will keep on moving on! Please pray for us and continued success on raising funds for a scholarship in her name (Janelle Moorehead) from her college. I wish the best for you and pray that you continue to bless and entertain us all in 2012!

  • Lashanda Miami,fl

    After living with postpartum depression I learned that no matter what we go through we are never alone,you gotta trust that God is with you and have faith cause the devil is a liar and he will always try to stop your faith,keep strong and he will light your path

  • Minister Pia Angela United States

    Amen my brother I needed to hear that. You are always on time!!

  • Pamela J Lee Augusta, GA

    Psalm 27:1, David eloquently states that, "The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?" Psalm 27:1, according to ole Mr. Johnson down the street, "The Lord is my light, He's got my front and my back. So, I ain't scared of you. Now get back, Jack!"

  • latonia jester United States

    I think that was the most en lighting thought that I've read so far this year step out on faith and fol your feet and what God has put in your heart I a so far fro the past and when I try to reread my journals it just makes me laugh at how much I have changed through the faith of God my chapters has change completely and now I know he knows what truly in my heart destination the stars that dwell among us. Thank you, Mr. Perry, I needed that. Latonia Jester

  • Betselot South Africa

    hey don't think am crazy too but i normally walk through the dark touching that and touching this until i reach to my bed and you made me to realise that after the knocking all around we will get to where we want and God will always be there through out the knocks.

  • Ignatius Magudya South Africa


  • Terri Kirkland


  • Monica South Africa

    If u made it then I'll make it. Your testimony is what I live on each and every day as we speak it's very dark in my life but there's still small hope that helps me move towards my Dream. To crack a joke this morning i came 2 work with two slices of bread as my lunch that's the only food i have for this day i don't know where will my next meal come from but i know i won't sleep hungry. Keep the good work God entrusted u, we love u....

  • Mary Wade Mobie,Alabama

    Tyler that was beautiful. I found out yesterday That two of my cousins passed away in 2009. I found out not from family but from the wife of a friend I had found on line after many many years. I was feeling lonely and sad. Feeling like no one cares. Then I read your post and realize that I have been searching and looking at the light at the end of the tunnel instead of the light at my feet to guide me. Tyler, yes I accept your challenge to follow the light at my feet to light my path. One thing I had on my list of things I want to do this year, the first one was to give my problems to God and not take them back. By always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel I have missed a lot of my life. I will follow the light at my feet and watch the path I an taking. My prayer for you is a happy healthy wealthy. 2012. Thank you for entertaining and inspiring us. God bless and keep you from harm.

  • Nothando Glenda South Africa

    I believe God sends Angels to meet us on our paths and say just what we need to hear to make through the day. I'm not suicidal but I can't help thinking I would be better off dead. I'm in a relationship its been 8yrs we have been customarily married for the last 4yrs we are planning our white wedding for December 2012 yet we can't spend a day without fighting . I don't know what to do we fight over stupid things that are not worth fighting over. Its like tgis spiriyt of destruction has taken over my home . We were a praying family but of late its not going good. Last night my four year old son said let's pray and he just walked out of the room we had been arguing before I don't know whether I should take this as a sign that we should go our separete ways or I should fight to keep my family together I want to fight but I'm loosing hope at an alarming rate. We will apologise to each other only to fight again your message has given me some hope I pray its enough for us to pull through this thank you

    • boyo Durban,SA #1616322

      devil is a liar!!!

  • Cecilia Atlanta, Georgia

    Wow Tyler...what an awesome testimony. Thanks. I accept your challenge. Faith is an area that I really need to focus on! Thank you for sharing. Wishing you the best and most prosperous 2012! Cecilia

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