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Encouraged by a cell phone


To all of you that use the cell phone light like I do, I just want to say this.  For me, as I was walking through my dark house trying to get to my bedroom, it was truly an exercise in faith. I could only see the light at my feet. I had to trust that even though I could only see three feet in front of me, if I kept following this light, I would get there.

It reminded me of a scripture in the bible, Psalm 119:105 "The word is a lamp unto my feet and a light into my pathway." Back in those days when people would travel through the night, they would use little lamps that were attached to their feet. The lamp only gave them enough light to see just a few steps in front of them.  As long as they kept moving, they could find their way. If they stopped moving, so did the light.

This moved me because this is how I have lived my entire life. I have always walked by faith. Sometimes there was only a little light, a little hope that kept me moving.  There were so many times that I didn’t know how I was going to make it. So many times I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from, if my hope would be realized or if my dreams would come true. But no matter how dark it got, I kept moving.  That is one of the keys to making your dreams come true. JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

If you’d allow me to, I’d like to challenge you to do more of that this year. Live by faith! No matter what you see happening around you, no matter how dark it may be, follow the lamp at your feet that God provides to us all, no matter who we are.  A small step is still a step forward.

At the top of every year, I stop and go away to reflect. I will usually take out my journal and read over some of the past years and look at all the things God brought me through, no matter how dark the times. What rereading my journal taught me is that there was always a lamp at my feet. I think if you look at your life, you’ll see a lamp too. :-)  If you don’t, look closer. I promise you it's there!

If you’re struggling in any way, financially, school, business, relationships, children, sickness, heartache, I so believe that God will be a light unto your pathway. IF YOU LET HIM!!  Stop looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and look at the light at your feet and you’ll get there.

I hope you remember this every time you use your cell to light a path.  God Bless you in 2012! You can make this your best year yet, through faith.

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  • Autumn Atlanta ga

    Dear:Tyler I just wanted to say thanks letting us know that we can make it no matter what. Day's like this you just have to read or hear something to up lift you.work well done, I remember when you came to Detroit for the first time and my first play was clink clink you were great then and your awesome now. I would love to be in one of your plays can you look me up on YouTube my name is Indiamom03 I know you will love it.

  • Shoni J Lafayette, La

    Thanks for inspiring me. You are truely a blessing;-)

  • pamela rankin Lewisville

    Hey ,Tyler,I was talking to my Mom and nephew about you today,Before they took my mom back to see if her artery had harden,really had her laughing lord's willing nothing happen we will probably see you in Feb. We witness a miracle today and just had to jot down a few line's to tell you about it.We took Mom over to Davis hospital today the nurse said she would be in with the doctor for at least four hours so me and my sister's in Christ went to grab a b*** to eat,but when we got back the lady in the emergency room asked us were we with the Dalton family, I told her yes mam that's my Mom and Sandra and Ethel's aunt they had already put mom in room 332 and we hadn't even been gone over an hour,so we went up to the room I called my nephew on the way and told him they had already put mom in a room because he's attending college he asked me to keep him posted as every thing happen,We got to the room mom said i'm hungry I was going to go to get her something to eat but the nurse said she couldn't have it yet that they had sent after her a tray of food that she could have .I asked Moma what had happen she said the doctor said he didn't no what had happen but the artery that was clogged was no longer clogged.when the nurse came in to check mom's vital's I told her to tell Doctor Allen, Jesus is what happen my mom is at home and I am so thankful for all the prayer's that went up on her behalf. Love You much and pray the lord keeps blessing you.

  • Angela Washington, D.C.

    Hello I really enjoyed reading your message for it hit home at a time I needed it. I have been going through a difficult time right now and your words brought some light to the end of this tunnel. I will let God be my leading light instead of me fumbling and trying to find my way. Very encouraging words. May God continue to Bless You. Thanks,

  • Barbara Garrett Camden NJ

    Do you really read every email that be sent to you? I'm just straight up with my question., but don't think i don't have love for you it's just that i don't take no bull.....

  • Diamondness Leland, N.C.

    Tyler, Thanks for being so in tune with God that he could use you to speak to his people through such an example of a cell phone which all of us have no matter the financial levels. We all can have faith as well. I guess that is why so many in the bible traveled together the more lamps upon feet of a group creates a massive light. The word IS a lamp unto our feet and it was written on the journals of these men and women of olds hearts. Same message and a different time. Maybe that is why we are told to be kind to the stranger or neighbor as well. Thanks for walking with us ! You are such an impact now just wait to see how big that light is with the one God has ordain to walk with you. Three steps becomes six! lol. Thanks again for the challenge to show God we love him in another way that will defeat the enemy. Diamondness

  • Carolyn K.Wagner Gunn City,Mo.64747

    Thank you for sharing this with me. I will do my best to keep the faith.

  • Audrey Dallas, Texas

    Saturday was my birthday, I turned 25. My 25 years has not been as great as I would have liked them to be, but reading this really put a smile on my heart and soul. I truly thank God for using you to talk to me. . . from twitter and your website. It is a blessing that many others do not have. Keep up the good work! :-) Thank you so much and may God bless you.

  • Josephine Uganda

    Thanks for the post. Read it a few days ago but it did not encourage and fit in my spirit then like it did today. That's what our divine walk with the Lord should be like everyday...relying on Him everyday, every hour through His life and energy-giving Word. Psalms 119:114 You are my hiding place...i hope in your Word. Where can we run to Oh Lord apart from you our God? You are my hiding place, i run to you. You are our shield oh God, you will protect us. You are our strength oh God when we feel we can't go on ... In those times when things are so heavy on us, too heavy that we think we might fall with the load.

  • Lydia Gardena,California

    Mr Tyler Perry, I just wanted to tell you, thank you for sharing that thought of faith and so truth. I have been facing so much the past year. I didn't know if I was going to make it. I'll tried to make this as short as possible. I lost my father in 10/07/2010 during this time my youngest child who is special need; we were back and forth to the hospital with at that time ongoing episodes of seizures, at times she was having them back to back. Shortly after facing those serious things, I was hit again with my job letting me go. I tried working for an employment agency hoping to be put on full time (they were paying well) but due to me having constantly leave work to attend to my special need nine year old, they then had to let me go. Well in having to file for unemployment, it took awhile hoping to maintain while waiting, I was then having to leave my apartment and go from house to house to my car, then back to house to house, it was a roller coaster. At this point I couldn't understand why my life was changing so drastically, not mention my family 3 days after my father passed turned away from me(so now I am really feeling all alone). As you can see it has been hard for this divorced mother of 2 beautiful girls 10 and 9 years old. Bottom line Mr Perry, I was suppose to look at this message, I was just speaking to my Lord and Savior while sitting on my stairs in my apartment (yes, God made a way,still wonder how the bills are going to get paid from day to day,but thank God for having a roof over our head a fresh start) and I said: "Lord, I need you to speak to me, and I need direction, I'm tired and I don't know what to do,searched the web and did this and that. But decided to just see what was happening with your show and what not. Well I was suppose to stumble across this word from God through you to me. God sure knows when and how to answer you not on your time but his time, even if the message wasn't listed today,but God knew I was going to look at it this day, the day I so needed to hear from him. those exact words,word for word. Thank you so much. sorry so long. praying for you and you pray for me.

  • Brenda Buffalo, NY

    Tyler, this was a very uplifting post for me to read. I lost my Dad to cancer last month and being a "Daddy's Girl" and his baby I am taking it very hard, and I find that there is not much to be joyful about especially in a new year that just seems to be filled with nothing but sadness. I know my Dad is resting with Jesus and not in any pain or discomfort anymore and for that I truly thank God for I saw him suffer so much all of last year. Your email was a reminder that I have to go on and keep looking up, to the only one who can heal my heart and restore my joy. Thank you for all you do and may God continue to bless and keep you!

  • rita helmick tulsa ok

    Hey Tyler, yep I do that every night

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