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Encouraged by a cell phone


To all of you that use the cell phone light like I do, I just want to say this.  For me, as I was walking through my dark house trying to get to my bedroom, it was truly an exercise in faith. I could only see the light at my feet. I had to trust that even though I could only see three feet in front of me, if I kept following this light, I would get there.

It reminded me of a scripture in the bible, Psalm 119:105 "The word is a lamp unto my feet and a light into my pathway." Back in those days when people would travel through the night, they would use little lamps that were attached to their feet. The lamp only gave them enough light to see just a few steps in front of them.  As long as they kept moving, they could find their way. If they stopped moving, so did the light.

This moved me because this is how I have lived my entire life. I have always walked by faith. Sometimes there was only a little light, a little hope that kept me moving.  There were so many times that I didn’t know how I was going to make it. So many times I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from, if my hope would be realized or if my dreams would come true. But no matter how dark it got, I kept moving.  That is one of the keys to making your dreams come true. JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

If you’d allow me to, I’d like to challenge you to do more of that this year. Live by faith! No matter what you see happening around you, no matter how dark it may be, follow the lamp at your feet that God provides to us all, no matter who we are.  A small step is still a step forward.

At the top of every year, I stop and go away to reflect. I will usually take out my journal and read over some of the past years and look at all the things God brought me through, no matter how dark the times. What rereading my journal taught me is that there was always a lamp at my feet. I think if you look at your life, you’ll see a lamp too. :-)  If you don’t, look closer. I promise you it's there!

If you’re struggling in any way, financially, school, business, relationships, children, sickness, heartache, I so believe that God will be a light unto your pathway. IF YOU LET HIM!!  Stop looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and look at the light at your feet and you’ll get there.

I hope you remember this every time you use your cell to light a path.  God Bless you in 2012! You can make this your best year yet, through faith.

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  • Christine baltimore

    In my mind im just saying God if you want this to be it will be. You inspire me so much and i thank the Lord for making you such a public figure so that young people like me can admire you. Currently i dont know what God has in store for my life and im soo lost that i dont even know where to go. I almost feel like i dont know how to even dream anymore. i dont know what my talents are or what im even good at but this message really touched me because im now putting it all in Gods hands. This is the hardest moment in my life not knowing where i will end up in some years but i will walk by faith. Im really grateful right now for this message. i dont want anything from you but your prayers. I just want you to pray for me and for to ask God to just help me through this rough journey cause i really cant do it alone. God bless you and multiply your blessings.

  • Alexander Fortunate

    I thank God for you, I know that one I will be able to meet you in person or do a show with you I speak that, in Jesus name. Now I just have to keep moving forward God Bless.



  • marco barnes portsmouth virginia

    Mr Perry, my name is Marco Barnes and I am a 25 years old college student who has struggle for the past two years of my life. I drop out college three times! And this year was the longest that I stay in school for. I'm in school to become a personal trainer. I been training people for five years know just to get practice and people say that I am really good at what I do. But these past two years been alot of stress in my life. I been in two car accidents one of them for a dui. Since the second accident my fiance has been very bad. I can't afford my cell phone no more, and it been hurting me socially wise. My dreams of becoming the best personal trainer is at my grasp but every time I get closer to my dreams something bad all ways come up. Right know I work at a YMCA here in Virginia as a youth counsler and a gym teacher for the children. I don't make alot of money there and its hurting me because I can't afford to pay all my bills. I know I should get a second job our another job but I put in five years at the YMCA and the children look up to me there. And if I get a second job it will effect me and school and I am only on semester left to graduation. I know I shouldn't drop out but I can't afford to pay all my bills. I'm trying to stay strong and keep moving on in the right direction. But tell you the truth it not easy. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

  • Candice Hawkins New Orleans

    One word.....AMEN!!!!!

  • ihuoma california


  • Larry Dominic lynn ma

    Thank you tyler, I am a struggling creative and talented black man, a God fearing and a dreamer. This year i have managed to save enough to buy a dslr 7d canon camera, my journey is finally here. my dream of becoming a great director and a great story teller is only a few far away doors. I have had a rough past growing up in Africa, Tanzania.... now that i am here, I know I am new and have a tough road ahead not knowing anyone in films here. . . but I still believe that the Almighty God has set my path in the right direction. I know that someday I will be blessed to direct a film with you. I just visited your website and I noticed I can upload my films and stories. I promise I will send you a video as soon as I save for the rest of the equipment and start filming. I hope you are doing well and that everyone in your family is ok God bless you abundantly your friend Larry Dominic

  • Laquicha Harrison Washington DC

    This message has brought tears to my eyes, Tyler Perry you are an incredible person. I just wish, hope and pray that one day my son can finally get to meet you, I will hold on to my faith because that's all I have. I have an incredible story and my son have question for me that I have no answers to, but I'm quite sure you are the one that can help me with answering his questions. It was GOD that lead me to you and I pray that you get in touch with me so I can share my story with you. Happy New Years peace, love and GOD Bless You.

  • G. Bryan Toronto, ON

    Let me start by saying "THANK YOU" for being you. For being real. For being so humble. Mr. Perry, I take my hat off to you for your courage to do what you needed to do for yourself in the face of adversity. I know all too well what challenges life can bring you and even experience some as I write this but you point out that as long as we let God into our lives we will find our way. I am trying, truly trying, to follow that light that leads my path and though sometimes I am discouraged I refuse to give up. Thank you so much for not forgetting others and for sending such positivity and encouragement to complete strangers. In your own way, you uplift me and help me see that no matter what obstacles I face, I CAN and WILL rise above the difficulties I face today. God bless you now and always. May you have a HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL 2012! Cheers. Gloria

  • marjorie finks las vegas nevada

    there is no words to put,but no mater were you been it is were you are now.God has bless me through you so i no i can better my life,i have been beating just so my kids can have a father in there life.but now i am a strong black woman.deaf in one ear,broken jaw.but with the grace of God i am still standing.so i got all your movies not booth leg.thank God for a true man like you .no money or anything can place my life with my girls im 52 and i have 5 grandbabies.my eyes have seen my desire on my enemies, i give praise to u,coming from been a homeless man to been God powerful man just to show the world if you can do it then anybody else can,i love to write.i wrote about homeless man, been abuse woman.your tongue, thank you mr perry now i find myself putting things down on paper.God bless you.but it is more about you i never ask for a hand out cause i wont my girls to learn how to make it in this world.much love

  • Charli Fort Scott KS

    Love this testimony and encouragement! You are so incredible and its obvious that you are blessed by God!

  • ShaNee Jeffers Alpharetta, Ga

    That is a very true statement... I tell that to others as well ....Thank you for sharing. Your message is very uplifting...:-D

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