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This Is For Frustrated Dreamers

I was driving in to work this morning and I started thinking about all the days I dreaded going to work. I was so sick of it… the job, my boss, the people I worked with, the traffic… I would wake up angry every morning. I didn’t want to deal with the crap of the job, but I was forced to go. I had been homeless, I was broke, living paycheck to hopefully the next paycheck. I couldn’t take a day off for fear I would get fired. I was just frustrated. I thought I hated my life and the job.

It was so aggravating because God had placed all these dreams and hopes in my soul and mind and I had no idea how they were going to come to pass. To have a dream of being something better and living better than the way I was at that moment and to not see a way of getting there felt like death to me. I thought, “Dear God, why would you give me so much hope and not make a way?” But what I learned through prayer was, with no path in front of you and no road map… this is where true faith begins. With faith I realized that I wasn’t frustrated with my life or the job, I was frustrated because I was a person who had dreams for myself, a person who had visions for my life and I wasn’t living it. Have you ever been there, where you felt so strongly that there was more to this life than what you see in front of you?

One of the most difficult things about being a dreamer is the fear that the dream will never happen. I’m here as a living witness to tell you your dreams can come true. You can’t give up. And I am here to let you know that everything can work together for your good. The time that you are spending on that job that you think is a dead end is not. You’re being prepared just like I was. I was a shoeshine boy, I worked as a bill collector, a used car salesman, in housekeeping in a hotel, and they all were preparation for where I am now.

What do these things have to do with where I am now? I’m glad you asked. I am able to use skills that I learned. I shined shoes, so I know how to shine my shoes if I need them to look nice. Selling used cars was a great way to learn how to close a deal. Bill collecting taught me great negotiation skills. Working at that 5-star hotel taught me a lot about travel. Every experience in your life is here to teach you something.

Today, while you’re at work, don’t be frustrated. Look around you and ask God what are you there to learn and how will it be a part of your future dream. Honor that job, do the best you can at it, because God will bless you for honoring something that belongs to another. 

I hope this inspires you today. If you need a little more inspiration then watch my first sit-down interview in years with Oprah on Oprah's Next Chapter. It airs this Sunday on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network at 9/8c. I talk a little about not giving up. I know it will move you.

Here’s a prayer for today: “God help me hold on, help me to get to what I dream of, help me to honor where I am today so that I can appreciate where I will be tomorrow. In Jesus' name.”

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  • NoirREnoir Kansas City, Missouri

    That thought was right on time for myself and my daughter. Her job and the politics around it are getting to her. I used your words to encourage her to continue and do her best and to remember her dreams. Stay strong I told her and that GOd had bigger plans than just this and she is being prepared, but also must be ready to leave, stop fighting God and if it's time to move on....follow and good will follow you. This applyied to me and my desires. As old as I am, I still dream BIG. Through all adversities I hold fast to my dreams and belief in God. So, in conclusion, thanks for the words and the thoughts were uplifting !!!!!

  • not gonna say. just a fan. Houston

    crying. moved beyond words.

  • Krystal Green Atlanta, GA -

    Hi Tyler, I don't know how you wrote the "frustrated dreamer" piece today. God must have dealt with you somehow to post such a writing. I got threatened on my job today. Any other mistake and I'm fired. The lady in charge called me "incompetent" in front of my colleagues. I am so tired of being treated badly. I am so tired of being a "doormat." It's that one step forward, two steps back thing. Nothing I do is good enough for anything. I feel like such a failure. I'm not called to be somebody's "suzie secretary" anymore. I just graduated with my masters in divinity from ITC, but I haven't found a new job yet. Please pray for me that I can transition to a career where I can pursue my dreams.


    Its amazing how God always gives you just what you need. Thanks Mr. Perry, you have no idea how much I needed to read that today.

  • Ruthanne Snell Carrollton. GA

    First, I would like to thank you Mr. Tyler, for being a man of God, and honoring God in your life and through your work. You have a very big heart, and do a lot of work for God, (charitable contributions and such) that many people don't know about. Those in Hollywood should look at your life, and how richly God has blessed your loyalty to him and your hard work to get to where you are today. In the past, I have worked many different retail and fast food jobs. As in your life, every job experience was a stepping stone down the path, to where one day I, utilizing my previous experiences, was able to own my own business. I had that business for several years, but when the economy tanked, I couldn't keep my business afloat, and I closed it. That chapter is behind me. I was back to working the fast food jobs, to support myself and my daughter while she was in high school and college (she is a LPN today and went to college debt free!), now I am in retail again. I had a dream for owning a business of my own, and God gave me that business, although it was 18 years in the making. Another dream I have is to write children's stories. Stories that impact childrens lives. Both Christian books and books that would be considered acceptable to secular markets. I would like to be able to take this gift God has given me, and be able to use me, to witness to others, who might never have the opportunity to meet me in person, but may meet the Lord, through His using me as his instrument through my writing. While working the retail job, I am currently embarking on my writing path. I have written several books, and now I am looking at the publishing process, and looking for God's guidance and discernment. I am looking to share the proceeds from my Christian books with my church. We are building a new church santuary to accommodate our growing church family. The church portion will go directly into the building fund. When you read this message, if you could, please take a moment and lift up a prayer to our God on my behalf, for knowledge and discernment for me in this process. I strive daily to be salt and light unto Him. Thank you sir. ***Ruthanne Snell, Carrollton, GA

  • Ethel (South Africa) South Africa

    Thank you for the inspiring message, this is exactly how I fee right now.

  • Hattie Chicago, IL

    Indeed, timely. You haven't a clue Mr. Perry what I experience just this morning on this job. And in all capacities I feel exactly how you felt then. The only difference is you are living your dream and I am not. I have made so many poor choices and I feel my time to realize my dream is just about over; I will be 50 yrs this year. I hope to write you one day and say, "I'm living my dream". But for now, all I can do is celebrate people like you that has made things happen. It just seems so far away now that its almost pretty much out of reach, null and void. Thank you Mr. Perry for sharing today. As timely as it was, its just good to know that somebody feels you... Carry on Mr. Perry.

  • Garcia Michigan

    TIMELY! WOW! I'm so glad no one can see me cry, lol. The struggle can be sooo overwhelming BUT, the reward sooo sweet. You must know that God Cares and his able! In a couple of months, on August 17, 2013, I get to live a dream. I wrote and will produce my first play called "God Cares". For more information go to www.gcgarcia.com. THANK YOU Mr. Perry for the prayer, never giving up and being an inspiration.

  • Mary Harrisburg, PA

    Wow, this is where I am now. Thank you for the inspirational words because I have been feeling stuck at the moment. Blessings to you!

  • Dee M California

    I really thank God for you Tyler. This is exactly how I felt today, I felt like giving up because those dreams have not come to pass and everything feels like it's been going totally opposite of my dreams. Thank you for encouraging me once again to continue on and not give up.

  • JT

    Thanks Tyler for your encouraging words. They meant a lot. God Bless you.

  • Waneda Jackson Austell Ga

    Ahhhhh, Drneweams! They make life tolerable. Some are fulfilled while others you just have to be realistic. It makes me sad to think of my aspirations when I was a child. A"What if" right? Now I have begun to build new dreams and I am excited. I am also realistic. I just keep trying to move ahead and pray that whatever lies ahead is positive because Lord knows I have been through enough.

    • Waneda Jackson Austell Ga #1831120

      Oops! Dreams! (typo) I often stop to think " what if what I want is not ordained by God? What if He have another path for me"??? I set nothing in stone but I call my dreams contingency plans. Lol "What if"? :)

    • Waneda Jackson Austell Ga #1831129

      OOPS!Dreams! I often ask myself " What if what I want is not ordained by God? What if my destiny does not lie in my dreams"? I never set anything in stone (Proverbs 16:9). I am not ashamed to admit I am a servant. My contingency plans are my dreams. Lol #whatiforwhat'snext