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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Every year since I've been successful my mother would ask me this question, “What do you want for Christmas? You are so hard to shop for.” I really didn't want her to give me anything but she insisted.

I knew it was driving her crazy trying to figure out what to get for me, so about eight years ago I told her that all I wanted were flannel PJs. So every year for about four years she would go to Wal-Mart and buy me some flannel PJs. Every Christmas I would smile. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the tops were so short that the sleeves where almost to my elbow and the bottoms were well above my ankle. I would just thank her and smile. She was so happy. Needless to say, over the years I collected a nice group of PJs that were all too small. I have a drawer full of them.

I was getting ready for work this morning and I came across a pair of them. I smiled so hard. It made me remember her smile when she gave them to me. It made my heart warm. I thought about how much she loved Christmas. I thought about how much she loved me. I thought about... well, I just thought about her.

This year, as we enter into the holiday season and some of you are worried about what to buy or if you can afford to buy anything, I want you to remember this story. My mother’s gift came from the heart and a gift that comes from the heart is more valuable than the most expensive thing in this world. She died four years ago and those PJs are still giving me joy. I think I'm going to sleep in them tonight . High waters and all...

I thought about sending you a picture of me in them but I'm afraid of what the blogs will write... LOL. I can see it now, "Tyler Perry has gone crazy, look at what he sleeps in.”

I hope you have the best holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. God bless.

A Madea Christmas opens in movie theaters December 13th. I'll see you at the movies.

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  • Proverbs31Woman Texas

    That's true about gifts from the heart. My attitude is "Thanks for thinking of me," and it's more than what I had. That's my grandmother. My mother is different, the price of the gift determines how much you really love her and what it is. It has to be something that she wanted, or she'll just tell you to give her money. She really takes all of the joy of giving her a gift. But, she's 71 so my gift is that she's still alive. We're not close, but It would suck to be an orphan. There's still something nice about knowing I can hear her voice if I want to. My grandmother is still around also. She's 91. My grandfather died at 96 last year, and his sister died a few years back she was 89. If God say so, I'll be here and have a few more years with my mother. My great grandma lived to be 95. It hurts to know my grandma is nearing that age. Anyway, cherish those that are alive. Tomorrow isn't promised.

  • Morongwa South Africa

    #Madiba Mandela RIP

  • Barbara Terrill Stillwater, OK

    I lost my mother October 7th. When I went through her belongings I found things that I had given to her as a child tucked neatly away in her drawers. I can still smell her perfume on the clothes that she wore. That smell and those lovely memories I will treasure forever and add to the things from my children and grandchildren that I have tucked neatly away for them to find someday.

  • Figen Deveci Sylvester GA

    IT is very touching. and beautiful unconditional love. to each other you and. your mom..mr Tyler word of visdom for me? i am far a way from my home..it have beeng 25 year havent seeng my sister.holidays coming again as usual. i only could dream to do the such a sweet things with my sister.( s** was a best big sister / mother to me) but my thing is.. not asking from you money or help like some pple do.. i am only asking word of visdom if you can please. how can i get over these holiday blues? THANK you. i love ya MEDEA .

  • petra czech republic

    Dear Tyler thank you for the strory ,is puttin a smille on my face and same time ben little sad.i think you should make some picture with your pjs on and dont think of what the people will say .bless you have wonderfull christmas

  • Tanika LaFortune Washington, DC

    Good Night, Tyler, I really need help. PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL.

  • Betty Perkins Albany Georgia

    Hello Mr Perry. I'm not sure if you will ever read this post but I hope that you do. i need to say im a disabled person and i have 6 grandkids ages 12yr. (2) 10yr, (2) 8yr and a 5 yr old for the last couple of christmas i havent had very much to give them. Im a person on a fix income dont have extra moneys at all to do nothing with bearly enough at times to survive from 1 month to the next 1. My grands have asked me for ipads this year im so upset because i cant and want be able to give either one of them one. i have been praying so hard the last few months for away to make this happen and there is noway once again for me to make it happen. They are getting bigger i no the ipads will help them with school work and all. I dont no how to ask you but if there is anyway you can help me please help me make it happen for them. I no you dont no me but im a very big fan of yours you was the one that i feel like the Lord put in my spirit to ask im not so sure why he put you in my spirit to ask for help but please this is not a joke or no kind of scheme. i just want my grandbabies to say for 1 yr there nana got them something that they all wanted as well as could use in lots of producted ways. please let me no if you can help me . I live here in Albany Georgia would love to meet you some also. 3 of these babies lives with me please help me if you can. Thanks for taking the time to read this post

  • Tanika LaFortune Washington, DC

    Hello, Tyler, I desperately need your help. This have been my worst year that I can remember. I know Christmas will be no better. I spend my days and nights crying. Please please call me.

  • Florence Falls-Smith West Point, Ms

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, I need you to listen.

  • Lashawn Dobbs Branford, CT

    That is touching. We put too much thought into material things. We should be grateful for another day to love on our families and celebrate with them. I am sorry for your loss. It's amazing that even when our loved ones are gone we still have those special memories that make us SMILE. May you have an awesome Christmas and New Year. God Bless, Lashawn Dobbs ♥

  • Mary T Thankful for a beautiful mother.

    Hi Tyler, how are you doing. I pray your Thanksgiving was rewarding. I visited my family and friends in Denver, Colorado. It was by God's design. Even thou it was one of my hardest times without my mother being here. I never knew how much pain One could feel when your mother passes. My mom when she was living would always say when your mother gone all is gone. She meant that closeness, sweet kind gental, loving, understanding, getting your son out of jail. Taking your daughter/son in even thou their well over 30 kind of LOVE. You know Tyler a mother Love is unconditional. Some might have a different testimony. But my mom was just what I shared plus a whole lot more. I miss caring for her and when she look up at me when her body started slowing down she would look at me in my eyes. Her way of seeing if she was going to be meet with true genuine meaniful love like she gave us. See Tyler this is one reason she didnt want to go to a nursing home and why we would'nt allow her to. I lovef taking care of my mother with every ounce of kindness, love and patience that help make life better in one of the most precious moments in her life. When your fragile and really can't do much for yourself and have to depend upon someone else. Tyler I remember how much you encouraged us. Want to tell you with God directing you. How much a true loving, kind positive, make you want to paint the moon impact you leave on everyone. God Always. I pray your day is full of all you give us Thank you. : )

    • Cheryl Marshall, Tx #1895478

      I laughed so hard when I read that lil story about your mom Christmas gift and it reminded me of me. My mom did the same thing to me. I've never been big on my mom giving me gifts, especially, expensive gifts. She always wanted to give something though. So one year she asked and I said boxers. Every year since, she gives me a pack of boxers. Every time, I make a big sense like she has given me a million bucks and it doesn't matter where we at. She a bit shy but to see the smile on her face, u could never forget and it makes my day to know that she does what she do every year just because that's what I've asked for. Gotta love her

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Tyler :-) :-) Have A Bless Thanksgiving ! Tyler, did Madea finish cooking her Churkey? LOL! Hope you are getting a "Southhern Cooked Meal" :-) :-) Enjoy Your Day! Ms Proverbs :-)

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