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Guard Your Heart and Mind

If you can get this, this will change your life… I was out taking my morning run. I love how still it is when I’m running. I can hear clearly and really commune with God. I wanted to share this with you. It’s a lesson I had to learn.

One of the keys to success is to be able to guard your heart. Now, usually when someone says guard your heart they are talking about keeping yourself from heartbreak. Although that is important (as long as you don’t go overboard... but that’s another conversation) that isn’t what I’m talking about. When we are born into this world we enter with such a pure heart but as we grow older situations, circumstances and people tend to make us change. Now I know it is nearly impossible to keep a childlike innocence in our hearts all of our lives, especially after people have betrayed, lied, mistreated and downright been the devil. Trust me when I tell you, I have seen it all. I have been there big time. If you’re like me you’ve been there too. But if this is your situation I want you to know two very important things about those moments of heartbreak. Number one, learn the lesson in it. See how it will work together for your good, because it will. Once you do, it’s easier to forgive and move on. Secondly, and this is just as important as the first one, you must not let that person or people change your heart. What do I mean by that? Well, if you are a giver and someone you have given to misuses your gift, don’t stop giving… just give to someone else. If you are a person that loves people and someone you love hates you, don’t stop loving… love someone else. Eventually, you will find people who appreciate your kindness and your love. Remember this, lots of people have been conditioned to not be able to accept purity of heart. They can’t take it in. Most times it’s not even their fault. It’s just what has happened to them on their journey in life. But don’t let them turn you into one of them. There will be a lot of people in your life who will not appreciate your pureness of heart. If they hurt you don’t stop being you… just be you with someone else.

Why is this so important? Because God blesses you according to what is in your heart. If you are being kind, giving, loving and sharing because it is in your heart and you are not looking for anything in return, then that is a heart that God wants to bless. If you change who you are because you’ve been hurt, then you’ve changed the thing that God wants to bless you according to, and that is your heart. The people who hurt you are not worth that. You can lose everything that you have, but don’t let anybody change your heart.


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  • Anne Kamukazi Kampala, Uganda.

    Wow, this is so true. i was fighting with something like this. i was trying to forgive and let go of some people and what they did to me and the devil he is a liar. he told me i was foolish and stupid for being so open, trusting, loving and all that because i am one of those people where it is everything or nothing at all with me. i go all out when i love, when i give, when i trust. anyway when i was struggling with all this and thinking i was so stupid to even believe in people and what they said, i heard the voice of the Lord in my heart.. he said to me " you don't have a problem. just because u have met people that haven't appreciated you or the gift of your heart doesn't mean you have a problem. one day you will meet people who do but just don't let the devil in and get bitter." That was like the best message ever and iam glad i didn't turn dark or bitter or cold. i am still a giver and a lover..I have HOPE above all.

  • jb Chicago, Illinois

    Mr. Perry I understand where you are coming from, your message. It's true I agree with it 100% and have always live by it. There are certain people you can deal with on a certain level. A lesson I had to learn was, I can't expect for others to be like me. It took some time but, I got it. I learned that you have a choice you can choose to be around people and except them for who they are good, good and bad. What I mean is their values , way of life, and thinking. What are they to me, if it's not good for me then I leave them along or keep them at a long distance. But here's the problem my family. Whom I have always love and supported, no matter what. Whatever I could do , I did it. Today I feel like I've been ran over by a train, kicked to the ground. My mother passed away five months ago today, because I was the one who was always there for her, in all ways just as I was for them, they looked at me and said I think I am a special child and that's not true. I did what I could do , I wish I could have done more for my mother. I don't feel she received half of what she truly deserve. They helped every blue moon. I have been shut out of everything including the house she wanted me to live in. That's okay what the Lord has for me no one can take away and whats not for me I asked the Lord to keep me away and I won't question. I would have love to have something of my mother's, besides the night gown I took her to the hospital in it would have been nice. Others got something even things I bought. What I wanted really is no longer here my mommy and for my children to be able to just be around her things for awhile, it would have made them feel much better. But to be lied on, talked about, shut out. Let's not forget blame for her death because I followed her wishes and not theirs. They are forgiven and I still have love and pray for them everyday. But I will never forget what they think of me. You know how they truly feel. It hurts but I feel that nothing compares to the loss of my mother. When I get better at missing her, I don't think that there is nothing I can't deal with

  • Donna Baltimore

    I see that this was originally posted in early September. Just another example of how awesome God is and how timeless his messages are. I was looking at Matthew 12:33-37 today and the verses which talks about good trees bearing good fruit and bad trees bearing bad fruit caught my eye. My thoughts were taken to the idea that we have to decide how we will respond to the situations in our life. Whether we will behave in a good way or bad way. No matter what the circumstances are the final decision on how we will behave will alway be our to make. God bless you Brother Tyler and all those who follow and seek to encourage you and your readers.

  • sabrina coleman Aurora.IL

    That is good and true about the heart. I will be at the movie with bells on Oct 19

  • Claudia Jackson-Dillard Sacramento, CA

    Hey Tyler: Just want to chat for a minute and give you some insight into who I am. Okay? First of all, I am a Christian and I have been with the Lord forty years and I'm not tired yet. Like you I have lived through some tough times in my life and like you I have overcome. I am 73 years of age and I am going to school to get a degree in psychology. For the past thirty-eight years I have been working for the Lord and secularly. I have raised two generations back to back and taken care of my elders. I have sheltered homeless people and witnessesed the hypocrisy of some of the "church" people. I have lived through the second world war and the civil rights movements. I am a Bible teacher, lay-counselor and a Christian advisor. My life is and haas been busy and full. I love the Madea movies. And I love the way you teach people how to live right and how to respect authority through Madea's escapades. God is blessing us each and every day but some of us don't recognize that it is Him who gets all of the gloru and praise. You bring that home in a subtle way that is discerned only if a person knows the Lord for his or herself. Keep up the good work and I know that you will be blessed in your new venture project with Oprah Winfrey. I'll be watching and cheering you on along with all of your other fans. Very Sincerely, Claudia "Mother Claudia" Jackson-Dillard Sacramento, CA

  • Jan JonDow KENTUCKY

    Thank you for "GUARD YOUR HEART AND MIND". I have struggled with this only in this relationship for the past 20 years of my life and I don't regret it as I write you Mr. Perry, I have never met you I have only seen you on TV and in your (Why DID I GET MARRIED AND THE SECOND WHY DID I GET MARRIED). As you play your role you reminded me so much of my self I enjoy laughter but I really enjoyed your feelings and I felt the same way you felt as you played the role in both parts. I would LOVE to just talk with you but I know you are to busy, I could really use a littlel encouragment. I am a CHRISTIAN and I BELIEVE IN GOD and I know GOD is going to bring me out of this bad relationship for the past 20 years. Their is one thing I do know GOD DID NOT BRING ME THIS FAR TO LEAVE ME. PEACE AND CONTINUE HAPPINESS FOR YOU Mr. Perry. I truely enjoy your moveies.

  • Norma Welch Houma La.

    Thanks. Love the article......Never loose site of who you are. Being who GOD intended you to be.

  • Ann St Louis

    Your post while a month ago, really hit home as my daughter and I talked this evening about her relationship and even if you love someone fully and give everything, if this person never gives a similar effort, you must be willing to leave and find a person that will not only "take " but give as well.

  • Diana

    Thank you for these words of wisdom.

  • amanda baker,la

    thank you for posting this, i have been mistreated molested,hurt,i also have cut my self numerous of times so i wouldn't think about the pain i been going through and this really helped me and inspired me i am very suicidal and i have had my own family turn their backs on me they have hurt me so bad i felt alone,this has made me cry when i read it and i love it sooo much,inspired my soul..

    • Tosin UK #1750984

      Halleluyah. Thank God for this. May you feel His arms of love wrapped around you always and may you always hear Him say 'Amanda, I love you'. Thank God and Thank you Tyler for this!

  • Anna Arkansas

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Christabel Ghana

    Thanks!! i have been in some situation that i gave my all out but end up getting hurt.Normally when its happens , i tell myself i will not give out again and i think about it and notice that it was not me but it was rather unfortunate that, i met the wrong people who couldn't know what they had been bless with.Some even try going to the point where they don't only want to break your heart but your spirit too.I always remind myself that THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT.I was in one of such situation when i watch your movie "The preacher's kid" i remember this always when ever people try to till me i can't make it "AM WHAT MY FATHER SAYS I AM" I do believe if our Father knows we can't, He will not even begin it in us.

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