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Guard Your Heart and Mind

If you can get this, this will change your life… I was out taking my morning run. I love how still it is when I’m running. I can hear clearly and really commune with God. I wanted to share this with you. It’s a lesson I had to learn.

One of the keys to success is to be able to guard your heart. Now, usually when someone says guard your heart they are talking about keeping yourself from heartbreak. Although that is important (as long as you don’t go overboard... but that’s another conversation) that isn’t what I’m talking about. When we are born into this world we enter with such a pure heart but as we grow older situations, circumstances and people tend to make us change. Now I know it is nearly impossible to keep a childlike innocence in our hearts all of our lives, especially after people have betrayed, lied, mistreated and downright been the devil. Trust me when I tell you, I have seen it all. I have been there big time. If you’re like me you’ve been there too. But if this is your situation I want you to know two very important things about those moments of heartbreak. Number one, learn the lesson in it. See how it will work together for your good, because it will. Once you do, it’s easier to forgive and move on. Secondly, and this is just as important as the first one, you must not let that person or people change your heart. What do I mean by that? Well, if you are a giver and someone you have given to misuses your gift, don’t stop giving… just give to someone else. If you are a person that loves people and someone you love hates you, don’t stop loving… love someone else. Eventually, you will find people who appreciate your kindness and your love. Remember this, lots of people have been conditioned to not be able to accept purity of heart. They can’t take it in. Most times it’s not even their fault. It’s just what has happened to them on their journey in life. But don’t let them turn you into one of them. There will be a lot of people in your life who will not appreciate your pureness of heart. If they hurt you don’t stop being you… just be you with someone else.

Why is this so important? Because God blesses you according to what is in your heart. If you are being kind, giving, loving and sharing because it is in your heart and you are not looking for anything in return, then that is a heart that God wants to bless. If you change who you are because you’ve been hurt, then you’ve changed the thing that God wants to bless you according to, and that is your heart. The people who hurt you are not worth that. You can lose everything that you have, but don’t let anybody change your heart.


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  • Uloma Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa

    Thank you so much Tyler. This came at the right time

  • Mali Chicago

    This is amazing and extremely relevant to a situation that I am currently in. I really needed to read this.

  • Tonet

    Wow! I needed this what "ahaa moment"

  • Colleen Danbury

    Happy Birthday Tyler Perry I hope you have an awesome day.GOD BLESS YOU

  • melisa

    In the last year i have lost my husband to a mistress, my home to the bank, my animals to strangers, my child to the man who betrayed and i will not let it change my heart

    • Colleen Danbury #1740397

      I don'tknow you, but GOD BLESS YOU. And I will pray for you. The LORD will bring you through this.

  • Grace Asquith New York

    Hi Tyler, Thank you so much for a great reminder that we continue must continue to do what is in our hearts regardless of what people do or say about us. It is difficult but all we can do is try to be good to others. I have to say that I have someone in my family who has not spoken to me for many years. I have tried sending birthday cards, messages, phone calls and beeps to that old time beeper. When that did not work I visited the job where I began to give this person a hug they turned away and asked why are you here. This is very hurtful but I continue to pray that God will change his heart because I love him very much despite the situation. Thanks Tyler Grace Asquith

  • Joni White United States

    I Loved this comment and advise. Thank you. Keep teaching good news and encourage people to hug with the heart, love others and do no harm. God bless you I love you. I hope I can go to work with you.

  • pocia south africa

    To be quite honest, i did not understand, but i really loved the last part about God blessing you, i read the first part but i was lazy, but i got it here and there, thank you for taking the time to inform us Aunt Madea, where's brown and cora by the way. :-)

  • Glenda Michigan

    Thank you! Your messages are always right on time.

  • Noretha Brown laurinburg, North Carolina

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww......tyler my GOD you are so right.I have lost so much time feeling and thinking like I was not worthy1 to be loved.After, I did a self examination I realize that you can't get a better ME.I am the bomb! When I love I love for real and it wasn't me, they wasn't capable of loving me.Everybody in your life play a certain role,and loving may not be it,maybe their role is to just cut your grass.You see what I'm saying.So hey, their lost right! So thanks again for the Heart to Heart. Love you,( Forreal). Blessings

  • NATALIE Tallahassee, Fl

    So True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

  • vgb Indianapolia

    Thank you so much for those words of encouragement. No matter what I try to do to be close to my sister nothing seems to work. I love her very much but all I seem to get is kicked in the face. I am so tired. I feel that one day maybe one day we will be close maybe one day. Thank You Tyler.

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