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Have You Ever Been Cheated On? Have You Ever Cheated or Thought About It?

OK, so one time I had an accident in my car. I was so upset. I had the car towed to the shop and had it repaired. They tried their best to make it like new again. They fixed the damage and repainted the area where the car had been hit. But no matter how they tried to match the paint to the original color, they couldn’t. So every day after that, when I would go to the car, I would always notice that the paint didn’t match. Every time I got into the car I would see that area where the paint was different and it would always remind me of the wreck. And even though the car had been repaired it never rode or drove the same again. 

Later, I found out that because the car had been damaged it was worth less than it was before the damage. I thought about this the other day when I was thinking about people who cheat in relationships. When someone cheats, or you have been cheated on, the relationship is never the same. Sure, you can stay together, work on it and repair it, but every time you take a hard look at your relationship you will be reminded of it. I know many of you reading this understand what I’m talking about. The relationship was once so amazing and new and now has lost its value. You have tried to move on but it’s difficult to trust again. I get it, I SO GET IT!

That’s why I wrote Temptation, my new movie that opens this Friday. I WANT YOU TO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND! In this movie I talk about being tempted, I talk about how to forgive, I talk about how to move on from it, and I also talk about how sometimes the decisions you make when you decide to cheat can stay with you for the rest of your life. This movie is powerful. I showed it to several hundred pastors, then had them over to my house to talk about it and the sentiment was the same. This movie has the power to save relationships. So please go see it this weekend if you can. Bring your husband or your wife, your girlfriends and boyfriends, single's ministries and church groups. The subject matter is too strong for kids but it’s perfect for young adults and older. I can’t wait for you to see it. TEMPTATION OPENS EVERYWHERE THIS FRIDAY. 

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  • Candice B. Georgia

    Hi, Tyler! Just went to see the new movie, "TEMPTATION". You did a wonderful job.....again! Thanks for sharing with us the many wonderful gifts that God has given you! I enjoy the movies, the message, the music and most importantly.....the MINISTRY! I pray that you continue to stand strong, be encouraged, enlightened and empowered to do what the Lord has commissioned you to do. God bless you!

  • STELLA O Houston

    Just got threw watching you on KELLY AND MICHAEL ..Temptationsss(recorded yesterday). I am so proud that you still remain true with all the success, really means alot that the love for people shows through your movies. This movies touches me deeply because it gives the A,B and C story; the whole pie. Temptations are always there and it fully shows what women also go through in relationships, its a two way street. I wonder is you have been asked this question. Tyler why men can't be like you??? You pay attention , the little things matter. Patience is a virtue. trust Thank you STELLA O

  • Debbie Fruits Cleveland, Ohio

    Good morning Tyler, I saw Temptation last night with two of my sisters. We all loved it! You are so anointed in your writing, your messages. My journey has been hell! So many times I wanted to give up, but I thank God for speaking to me through you. I often listen to your "Inspirational Videos" They encourage me, gives me strenght to carry on and not give up! You saved my life Mr. Perry! I thank God for you! I have a question Mr. Perry! In Temptation one of the messages depicts what happens when one no longer acknowledges God, rejects Him in her life! My question is what does a Christian do when she's been running to her "spiritual family" and "earthly family" for help during her entire Christian walk, and they constantly rejects her and her ministry God has given her? God wants us "all" to hear "The Good News" in their eyes I guess "except the Deaf". Much Love! God Bless Tyler!

  • DA Chicago, IL

    Amazing! This movie has an intricate plot that reveals the struggles of the human spirit. It exposes our basic needs to belong, to feel, to be loved. These complex characters dance in the shadows of self doubt, denial, sense of entitlement and ambition. Their will is tested, their souls are tainted and their spirits are broken in so many pieces they have to be reborn to understand and accept the lessons given. If you watched this movie, recommend it to everyone you know since we can all relate to at least one character. Then, hold your mate a little tighter, a little closer and listen to what he or she has to say, even if it is the 87th time you heard that story. Basically, don’t leave any windows open, because the devil can sneak in! In essence, the plot deals with The Golden Rule. Although it transforms into The Ash Rule, by people treating others according to what they want to get from them instead of how they would like to be treated. At times I laughed. At times I shared the audience’s gasps of disbelief, and at the end I cried. But, for the most part I learned. Isn’t that what enriches the human experience? Our ability to learn, apply and evolve is what keeps hope alive. One important thing I took from the plot was the underlying issue of how our background mold us into the person we are and affects our decision making process. Our parents or lack thereof, the way we were raised, the place we are from in terms of what’s available to us during our formative years, our life experience in relation to the challenges presented. Our decisions are guided by these elements, from deciding to have that third slice of birthday cake, to making a fatal mistake that can cost us everything like Judith. TP, Thank you once again. P.S. Harley really looked like Lucifer.



  • AJ KC, MO

    Hey Tyler, I just got back from seeing your movie temptation. It was such a great story, just as the play was I had seen here. I'm glad you are doing so well, making all of these wonderful stories that breathe life on the big screen. You have been a blessing to the entertainment industry and to countless others, and to people that you do know and people that you don't even know like me, lol. The movie really was ministry, it opens your eyes from an audience perspective of how people are tempted by the devil in so many ways. I was Judith, in real life. Luckily, my story didn't end the way hers did, but the beginning was very similar. This movie was cathartic for me to watch. It reminded me of how much I could have lost, the things I have took for granted, and how much I appreciate now what God has done and continues to do for me. I have been very blessed, I have people in my life I wouldn't trade for all the money in the world, but even now years after my Judith days, the devil still finds ways to try and end me. Like my pastor says, the devil never will cease to try to lie, steal, kill and destroy. Your movie explained for me and I'm sure many others how the devil will make sin look so tempting and good. He will make it look like you need it and make you justify reasons for even allowing yourself to indulge in it... and after you do you soon will realize how bad it was for you, and how it will eventually destroy you till your dead. The devil resents people becase we are made in the image of christ, so it is only natural for him to try to kill us. Again, I thank you for this movie and the message it brings, thank you for the live chats, everything you do for your fans, your mother I know couldn't be more proud. I pray you continue to be successful, always watch for the devil trying to do those four things in your life, and I pray you have more roots in the years to come to hold you up. I hope to be a root in your life with encouragement. I love you and will always support you, it doesn't matter if we don't know each other personally. Just know you have someone in Kansas City named Angel Johnson who does. Have a goodnight brother, continue with your ministries and thanks.

  • Jaysen Wilkes Barre PA

    Just want to say thank you man well done and Calvin played his b*** off. Just got in from seeing it my wifey took me so in turn taking some friends on Sunday good job.


    I don't even know where to start. Temptation on a scale of 1-10 I'm giving it a 20. It blew my mind how great the characters were. I didn't realize until the end that the counselor was Judith not not a story she was telling about her sister. It broke my heart when her husband found her in the tub all beat up. I knew Brandy's ex was who Judith was dating I got a funny feeling after he appeared in the drug store & she was scared to death. When Brandy told Judith's husband she was HIV positive & she called her ex's name I knew it was all over for Judith. You skills are like fine wine you keep getting better with time. I didn't want the movie to end. Kim was so funny she had the entire audience cracking up.

  • Destiny USA

    Hello Mr. Perry, I appreciate you writing this and I can't wait to see Temption movie. I have a question for you please: Is it acceptable for a woman who claims faithfulness to God and her man to pose in the nude for public viewing if she is engaged and her fiance is of christian values?What about if she posed partially nude before she got deeply involved and commotted to him, but she still keeps it up on her website for all the world to see but it is in her view as art and she wants her fiance to think of it as art? Does it really mean that she isn't fully respecting the confines of their intimacy privacy and that she is not considering his desire to maingain some semblance of privacy or keeping something for just she Nd her man to have because the world is and has been viewing her precious jewels qithout discretion? Is the cheating and subtle inconsideration for being modest even through her beauty in plain sight? And how does any conviction of christian thinking or view of Jesus have any real role to play in this?

  • Acworth

    My husband and I just saw Temptation, and ABSOLUTELY loved it. The story line was so incredible, detailed, and gave such a thorough description of how easily something that appears so innocent can overtake someone and literally ruin their life. Ah...Tyler you are so awesome, really. Your movies just get gooder and gooder (I don't think "gooder" is a real word), but that's the only way to describe the movie. My 15 year old daughter is going to see it with me next. The movie is a learning tool for the young and old. Thank YOU, again!

  • Joyce Moore Mt Vernon IL

    Wow, this movie was great! I went to the 1st showing! I am speechless... Mr. TP you did it again. I love this movie and the message it entails. I only pray that married couples will consider the risk of having an affair and will be attentive to their spouses needs, wants, desires, dreams and encourage each other in pursuing their divine destiny. Your message is loud, clear and appreciated.

  • Stacey

    Wow!!! This movie is going to be a great eye opener and teacher to all couples! I know you are not touring right now, how can we get a chance to meet you? Much love, God bless!

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