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I'm so glad that thousands of you have decided to come out and see the live DVD taping of my two new plays, AUNT BAM'S PLACE and I DON'T WANT TO DO WRONG.  Ms. Ella (Cassi Davis) is going to be in rare form in AUNT BAM'S PLACE on Tuesday and Wednesday then on Friday and Saturday, Palmer Williams Jr. (Floyd) and a new find of mine, Ms. Patrice Lovely are going to make you laugh until you hurt in I DON'T WANT TO DO WRONG. I'm telling you, they couldn't even get through the table read, they were laughing so hard. Again only $25, at the Cobb Energy Centre in Atlanta, Georgia on August 30th-31st & September 2nd-3rd.  This will be the most fun you and I probably have had in a while. Come laugh with us.

Had to tell you this.

I saw a movie called, THE HELP that opens this Friday. I must say, I really enjoyed it! I love looking back and seeing how far we've come. And the performances in this film are stellar. Ms. Cicely Tyson was exceptionally Cicely. Viola Davis, this woman is remarkable. Octavia Spencer, she was like watching joy rise on the screen.

You know I don't recommend a lot of movies, so this one has to be special, right? Well it is! Go see it if you can this weekend. THE HELP!

I really enjoyed it.

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  • sharon blunt cincinnati,ohio

    tyler,you are a blessed soul,i love that you are doing the lord work,god has big plans for you'keep up the good work,love every thing about you god bless.

  • Dinise Dover Delaware 19901

    Tyler I have been either trying to get into your plays orget you to produce tthe ones God has given me. I f you are interested please give me a call or send me a message on my face book page. God has inspired me with a few plays just need you to get time to reach me. Time to pay it forward. In Jesus Name . Tme to reach the people in a stronger way. Dinise Custis

  • Teresa Richie Nebraska

    Dear Tyler, A couple years ago I was in FL so saw you were coming to Jax. Well, you KNOW I was there!!! You made me laugh until my stomach hurt! And just to see you in person was almost a dream to me! Yeah, I was the crazy white woman who shouted out " I love you, Tyler"! Well, I do. LOL Keep on doing what you do best! Make people laugh but also give out a great message! Can't wait to see "For Better or Worse"!!!! Godspeed, Teresa

  • Gwen Gilchrist-Knight Charlotte NC

    Tyler, reading your Inspirational videos and watching all of your movies, you have been a blessing to me. Thank you brother and thank you Jesus most of all for Tyler!

  • Ayo trinidad and tobago

    First, want to thank you for being so so inspirational. I love the inspirational videos. They keep me going when things seem like they are not working out. They strengthen and encourage me and I am sure, many others out there. The movie "The Help" was indeed a really good one. My sister had recommended I read the book, which I did. It may be even better than the movie (It was that good). I am African, and have always felt a strong connection to African Americans and their history so the theme of the movie and book caught my interest. We have come a long way (and down the right road). Kudos to you, Tyler for all the wonderful stuff you put out for us, especially the moral message to our young ones. May God continue to bless you with wisdom and the will to continue to give.

  • Maria Clarence Sydney. Australia.

    Happy moments to you Tyler, i listened to all that was said about yourself from childhood to this time and found it very touching, although i was brought up knowing about Jesus, i think that i was never influenced by my parents to push forward for my dreams however their is a part of me that kept me going since i have grown and had to deal with my own self "NEVER GIVE UP" some day soon you gonna live your dream even if it's one day before you die!! Through Jesus i have and is making the best of my life in this city, having done some travelling and now that i live in this part of the world i can attest to most of what you said, do continue to shine and relay those inspirational messages in helping to make such a wonderful difference!! God Bless! & have a great one! Maria.

  • Ro Tn

    All I can say is thanks you are truly a man of many talents, I watched your inspirational corner for the first time today and it seems like we had a heart to heart conversation and then you shared it with everyone, since retiring from the military my life in civilian world has been full of blessings my wife and I have finally found a church that we can call a home church and together with your inspirations i can truly say that understand what all these blessings really mean. Sir, continue what you are doing because I believe you were place on this planet as one of the generals in the Lords Army. As we say in the military when we agree with something "WHOA".

  • Blessed Man Pensacola, Florida 32514

    TYLER, I just finished checking out the Inspirational Coroner that you sent out to all of us. Young man you are still doing what God wanted you to do, inspiring the lives of others, and you are doing it. I am an old man, but that was some very wisdomed (lol) pieces you put together. May God continue blessing you. THE BLESSED MAN

  • Tonya Towns Mclin atlanta

    Hi Taylor Hope this Message reach you in the Best of Wealth I support you In all u do. I am watching and a big Fan may keep in perfect peace. Can madman

  • brenda houston tx

    I would love to visit and watch you work.

  • Esther Philadelphia, PA

    Hi Tyler, I just want to start by saying Thank God for using you, and thank you for being a willing vessel. You have been such an inspiration to me. I am a 58 female, who for the first time in my life have found myself in the unemployment crisis. I was working for the School District and unfortunately like so many others have been laid off. Everyone wanted to know why I didn't seem upset and I told them because I know God has my back. I worked for a University for 25 years until the day God said to me "That's not where I want you"! Your gift is working with children and that's where I want you to be. Going out on faith I quit my job and was hired by the School District immediately. So I do not believe that God blessed this little project girl from North Philly to get a Masters Degree, uprooted my career to leave me now. Yes, it does cause a financial burden but I know that He doesn't close a door without having a window for you. So, I listen to your inspirational comments and I say to myself, "If he did it for Tyler, he surely will do it for me". And so I wait......Please just pray for me that I will not stumble in my faith because I know Jesus loves me; but I am only human. Thank you again for being you.

  • AYESHA SIMMONS georgia


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