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I'm so glad that thousands of you have decided to come out and see the live DVD taping of my two new plays, AUNT BAM'S PLACE and I DON'T WANT TO DO WRONG.  Ms. Ella (Cassi Davis) is going to be in rare form in AUNT BAM'S PLACE on Tuesday and Wednesday then on Friday and Saturday, Palmer Williams Jr. (Floyd) and a new find of mine, Ms. Patrice Lovely are going to make you laugh until you hurt in I DON'T WANT TO DO WRONG. I'm telling you, they couldn't even get through the table read, they were laughing so hard. Again only $25, at the Cobb Energy Centre in Atlanta, Georgia on August 30th-31st & September 2nd-3rd.  This will be the most fun you and I probably have had in a while. Come laugh with us.

Had to tell you this.

I saw a movie called, THE HELP that opens this Friday. I must say, I really enjoyed it! I love looking back and seeing how far we've come. And the performances in this film are stellar. Ms. Cicely Tyson was exceptionally Cicely. Viola Davis, this woman is remarkable. Octavia Spencer, she was like watching joy rise on the screen.

You know I don't recommend a lot of movies, so this one has to be special, right? Well it is! Go see it if you can this weekend. THE HELP!

I really enjoyed it.

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  • Tangia Merchant Fort Worth,TX.

    Hi, Mr. Perry but I have seen the movie The Help and it was very good .Me and my family thought that you produced the movie and that it was one of yours.Please forgive us for thinking that,the movie does have the Perry spin on it. Again thank you for your inspirtional messages that you send ,that lets us feel like we are a part of what you are doing and when we send you email and you answer them we feel great about your honesty and dedication to your listeners and followers. Again keep up the good work.

  • Alrene "Renielove" Bpt CT

    Hi Tyler, I hope you do read my post at sometime. I just want to take the time as u do so many times to say thank you. Thank you for being so personal with us, In doing so u r touching ur fans beyond the screen and stage. I admire your drive and sucess. When I got the email about the two plays I did something I've never done b4, I took time off from work flew to Atl alone rented a car and hotel just so I could see the plays. I invited my girlfriend and her 2 girls to join me for "Auntie Bam's place" and saw "I dont want to do wrong" by myself. The only thing was missing was ur acutal presence. I thought I would get da chance to see U after coming all the way there, but I still enjoyed myself and the plays hit all the right spots accross the board. I love to act and if i ever get the chance to work with or for you it would be a dream come true. I also did some on camera interview during the play's break. You should see it lol. ha ha "i'm the one sayin I need a job". O ps; there is someone asking for money for me to send a resume to auditon for you, I didn't send it because I didnt trust it and I work to hard for it ya kno. Anyways keep up the great work u are BLessed. I look forward to hearing from you. I will tell u more about the email i got regarding the resume and audition.

  • Tamara Taylor Richmond, Va 23231

    I just want to say to you Tyler that you are such as inspiration to me. I am now coming to realize that God is working in my life and I have to let go and Let God. Your life is a testimony to me that if you believe it you can achieve it. May God keep raining His anointing upon your life!!!! <3

  • Beverly Travis Chicago IL.

    Keep up the good work.God bless you.

  • Marilyn Castro Altamonte Springs, FL

    My boyfriend and I went to Atlanta and saw the play, I Don't Want to Do Wrong. We had an absolutely fantastic time. The play was wonderfully done and made us laugh so hard till we had tears flowing down our faces. Next time we're in Atlanta we want to tour the Studio. I've written before but just in case you didn't get a chance to read, I just want to take the time to say, "thank you" for using your gift to inspire and lift people out of depression. I was going thru a divorce and deep depression set in. I stopped smiling, laughing and became a recluse. One of my spiritual leaders recommended I see "Diary of A Mad Black Woman" because it was somewhat similar to what I was going through. After watching this movie, I was delivered and became whole again. Now I can't stop laughing and smiling and am the happiest I've been in 30+ years! If we ever meet in person, I think you'll be amazed at my testimony. Gracias mi hermano (thanks my brother)! Continual blessings!!!

  • ceja Riverdale,ga 30274

    Good Morning Tyler, I was looking at a few of your inspiratioal videos. I am greatful that God has lead you in the path you have taken, through his strong presence. I was reading prior to your videos an email that a friend had sent that wast two pages long that talked about our race greed, ignorance, and a few others choice words that alledgely describe our race. Even though the text was harsh the rational that was given was valid. Examples were given to validate each word and this distured me, God then told me to check my email and there you were encouraging me to do better and keeping me on the pedestal that God has placed his children. We as a race should step out the box, experiment , take risk and most of all trust Our Father. ,Our past is what lead us to our present but no matter what, God only knows the future. Thank You for keeping Faith, Hope and Love alive.

  • Rhonda Fowler-Austin Texas

    I want to know when will you come to Texas and make a movie or play here? We have a beautiful city. You have so many Fans here. As a matter of fact my family calls me Madea Jr. That is so funny!!!!!!! Anyway I JUST LOVE YOU and THANK YOU and Madea for being an Inspiration in my life.

    • HELEN CANNON Fairfield, California #1556688

      Mr T.P., I just wanted to let you know how very very proud I am of you. I love your plays, your movies, and because of all that you've been through in your childhood and life, I love you as a mother would, I love you as a sister, I love you as a brother, and mostly I love you because you allowed God to use you to become the man you are today. Recently, I had a dream about you, from out of no where, I can't go into detail, but suffice it to say, that it was such a good dream, that when I woke up and the dream wasn't finished, I turned over, went back to sleep, and picked up where I left off....LOL and it's not exactly what you're thinking, but when I finally got out of bed, that day was on of the best days I've had in years.....You bring a lot of joy in to the lives of many people, continue doing what you do best and may God continue to bless and keep you. Your sister, your friend, Helen

  • Noel Bellflower, CA

    Amen to all the moments so far, Tyler keep'em coming !!! God Blessing continue to be upon your life.

  • Dione Dallas

    Hello Brother Tyler, OMG your inspirational corner is heartfelt. I mean I am sitting here listening to you, I had know idea that I was gonna take notes. I grabbed a pen a wrote " forgiveness is not for them it is to free you" Oh brother this is good news!!! I just realized I stand convicted. Thank you!! God is definitely using you--

    • Patrice Hackworth Redondo Beach, CA 90278 #1557804

      I enjoyed your Inspirational Corner, you confirmed and uplifted me and I am so proud of you. Just to know that God is there with you, no matter how high He allows you to go, the Jesus your Mother instilled in you will never leave you. You sound like you have been growing stronger and stronger in the Lord, you sound like a preacher - but let the Lord lead you in that area. Excellent!! Keep them coming.

  • Deborah Upshur Converse, TX

    The description of your home, I could invision the fine art work, touch the fine fabics. Its beautiful. I just want to become your FRIEND. Nothing more, to just talk to you, see your home and then return by to Converse. I'm over weight, Black, Retired, will be 15 nest year in LEAP Years, became a first time Mom at 55. When I married at 21 all I wanted was 2 little girls. Divorced, retired, met a lady who told me about Foster children. God knew I was ready at 55. They are now 5 & 6. My ex who lives down the street, they call him daddy. I have been truly blessed. Love all of your plays and movies. Bless you, stay safe and continue Gods. will.

  • Cynthia Bremerton WA

    Hello Mr. Perry, I just wanted to say I truly enjoyed your inspirational corner. The short clips gave me something to run with...I let a friend listen to them she was grateful as well for the meaningful advice and the part of you that you shared with us. Thanks for keeping it real and helping others to do the same. I look forward to hearing more from you soon. I pray that God continues to bless you and allow you to be a blessing to others. May the LORD wrap a blanket of protection around you and the journey that He has for you. You are an inspiration to many and a light to the world...continue your race...Love and Much Respect, Cynthia

  • Ime Lagos, Nigeria

    Hi Mr. Perry, Just wanted to say "thank you" so much for the excellent works you have been producing. Your plays and movies have become our family favorites and we eagerly wait for each new release. Sometimes, we just sit together and "re-watch" all the old episodes...Madea's Happy family is a hit...my niece goes on and on with "the popo gonna be knocking at youur door""!!! Thank you again, keep up the good work and the good Lord bless you richly, amen!!

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