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Here We Go!

You know I'm counting on you tonight, right? I want you to watch my new shows tonight and tomorrow night on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network at 9/8c. The Haves And The Have Nots tonight and Love Thy Neighbor tomorrow night. I will be on Facebook, Twitter and my message board tonight and tomorrow night hanging on your every word. Let's chat tonight.

Love y'all.

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  • patrina Fontenette New Orleans, La

    Thank you for the invite. I am looking for the local time and Channel here in New Orleans. Cox Cable is the provider. Luv Ya!!!! Its always a pleasure to support all of your endeavors. Keep in my Prays. God Bless.

  • Kgomotso Johannesburg, South Africa

    Hi Tyler, Thanks for the beautiful work that you do , you have been a. Teacher to me from the 1st movie I saw to the resent ones I've seen , your an inspiratio to us. You give hope to those who have lost it. May God bless you and continue doing what you do .

  • Vincent Townes Spartanburg, SC

    Tyler I'm gonna watch those shows.....hey are any new "FOR BETTER OR WORSE" episodes coming back on...come on I know you have some new updates for the BEST SHOW o relationships & I could use it since Tori & I aren't together anymore.

    • michael detroit #1834512

      What up Vince. Season 3 of for better or worse is coming on OWN this fall. Believe me I know cause I wanna know what happens with Jo and Les.

  • Catina Goldsborough Bridgeton, New Jersey

    Hi Tyler (Abraham), You can definitely count on me to do my part in supporting you, as well as gathering others for the cause...lol! I love you too, sweetheart!!! With love and continuous prayer, Tina (your Jersey family and friend)

  • JoAnn Lindsay ca

    Out in LA for doctors appt won't be home in time to watch but I have my DVR set so I can enjoy when I get home . So excited for you and I am so looking forward o seeming both of these programs.

  • Lakesha Townsend Los Angeles

    Please read my book "Kesha Straight no chasers"

  • Patrice Bahamas

    No doubt your shows will be great. They are an inspiration to me as a play writer. I would love an opportunity to one day sit at your feet and learn from you! Blessings

  • Lakesha Los Angeles

    Hi Tyler I want to give you the honor to read my book"Kesha Straight no chasers" available @Amazon.com. My very 1st book ,I stepped outta to the box to tell my story.It wasn't easy dealing with family sensitivity but I manage to pull through.This book will touch many hearts as far as I can reach.My book speak passionately about My idol Whitney Houston,and how we met.You must read if you loved her like I did.Thats all I ask if you read my book.

  • Lillian Detroit Michigan

    Will give you feed back!

  • Donna Langston Desoto Texas

    My Comment is, If you need an extra in any of the new Sit Comes, I am the RIGHT PERSON THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR Mr. Tyler. I'm happy for the new actors that you are giving a Blessed chance and I hope soon the we can connect. I want you to see my natural acting skills. If you notice I always tweet you and hoping when the time is RIGHT, that you will give me A CHANCE TO PROVE MY ACTING SKILLS. I AM PATIENT AND FEEL IT IS COMING NEAR. I already ask God for this desire that he gave to me to come FOURTH and to stay HUMBLE WHEN IT COMES. And to give back once it does manifest. I like you and have a great amount of respect for you and the BUSINESS! I will watch because I like your work and I like actors and I study actors demeanor and they moves and their voice pitch on certain scenes. I'm excited for them and you and the new fans that you will get from watching The Have and The Have Not! Talk with you soon Tyler.

  • Dana J** ATLANTA

    From what ive seen I know its ginna be hot Mr. Perry and once again thank you for allowing me to be an extra in your previous movies ive done 2 now im trynna get a principle role in either a play of yours or a tv show of yours or both but congrats

  • Kami Rockford, IL

    Of course! Can't wait!

The Haves and The Have Nots - Tuesdays at 9/8c on OWN