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Hey Everybody,

I am so moved that so many of you were touched by the story of my old apartment. And that's the reason I had to share it.

I know what it did for me to sit there and be thankful. I'm glad it did something for you too. I know so many people want to give up. All I can tell you is that if I had stopped at that moment, I wouldn't be talking to you now. So keep moving. See yourself doing better and it will come to you. What ever a man sows that shall he reap. Sow good and good will come to you. Do something kind for someone and watch it be returned to you.

There was a part about this apartment that I didn't tell you though. I remember that it was in that place that I learned to be thankful. After being homeless, I was glad that I had a place no matter what it looked like. It was mine and I thanked God for it. I've got to tell you that there is so much power in being thankful.

I truly believe that God honors people who are thankful with a little. What He knows is that if you're that thankful for the small things,then with the big ones you'll really be thankful. I'll stop there, but there is so much that happened to me in that little place, and I know that you are probably at work reading this ('bout to get in trouble SMILE) but I'm writing a book and I'm going to put all this stuff in. I don't know when I'll finish it but I know it's going to bless you.

Just a short note today, I wanted you to see the trailer for my new movie coming out September 12th. That's a cool day. You know why? It's just before my birthday. But anyway here's the trailer:


Now don't forget to let me know what you think. I'll be checking out the message board later on.



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  • HI

    I love you!

  • M.H

    On August 29th I'm auditioning but they said September 12th at first. Oh well this will be very interesting. Pray for me please. I'll let you know how it went,okay? Later:)

  • Leah Marie Portland Oregon

    I have not a clue how you entered my frame of thought, maybe it was a conversation that occured over the weekend that had me defending you as if I knew you personally.. I always viewed you as a heaven bound spirit with a loving caring nature. With a testimony that required true faith.. I remember a time in your beginning when you talked at the end of a play and you urged the audience to support you, and you talked about the place unto which you are today.. Not in heart and spirit yet in presence. I am where you were in that time and space.. I have and amazing testimony that begin with a litle girls fear.. that influenced my fathers murder in angola when I was yet eight years old.. (A SEASON, A REASON, A LIFETIME) Whats your purpose? leave it and be gone :)

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